The Secrets of Google’s Ranking Factors in 2022
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Search Engine Optimization community is growing rapidly. However, there is no any perfect solution available with the SEO gurus about Google's Search algorithms, and they always look for new ways to find out the best from the updated algorithms of Google. If you are looking for SEO companies in Bangalore, you'll get plenty of them who could handle SEO of your website. Following Ranking Factors will give you a better idea of how SEO is done.

Google’s Ranking Factors in 2018 

Check the quality of your website Content:

Before looking for any SEO Service Provider in Bangalore, you need to have proper knowledge about the Content of your website. A successful blog or a website requires quality content to match with the updated algorithms of Google. Longer blog posts gain more popularity. You need to publish the quality content on your site.

Know the Power of Domain

Exact Keyword in the domain name pulls out more traffic from the web. However, there is no any proof of having the same. The algorithm keeps on changing, and we have no clue left.

A score of your Website links

With the help of backlinks, your website can gain more organic traffic. When your website has a considerable number of backlinks, you'll surely get good traffic on your site. People who search on the web can visit your site by clicking on to the links available on other blogs. This is the power of Backlinks which is very essential for the blogs. Backlinks are directly associated with the updates of Google Algorithms.

Mobile traffic

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. These days, most websites design concerning mobile devices. Most websites are now compatible with Smartphones, and you'll have a much familiar UI of the websites while accessible them through smartphones.

The impact of Anchor Text

Anchor Text in contents of your website works as Keywords which help your traffic to attract more visitors. The Anchor Text or backlinks with Anchor Text convey Google what's inside that page and what the page is all about. Most SEOs recommend to use Anchor Text, and this is how your website will make the Google Algorithms understand your web pages contents.

Page Speed

The speed of your website decides the future of it. If your website loads faster, it will undoubtedly receive high traffic, and this is how the Page Speed will work out for you. Websites with slower page don't rank well and can't gain more traffic compared to a site which loads faster. There are special tools available in the market which helps your site and the web pages load faster. You can make use of these tools to power up the website speed.

Understanding the Schema Code

Most people worry about ranking their website higher on Google search results. However, they don't understand the very concept of attracting more visitors through Google. With proper Schema Code, Google will follow your website's contents, phone numbers, reviews, etc. This way, small business who have listed on Google can attract the local audiences and this way, their business will go up.  

Know the Power of Brand

If your brand is quite popular, it will provide valuable inputs to the algorithms of Google. Branded searches generate more web traffic, and it will impress more users. Many social media networks also attract users and the links served by the social media networks will create more traffic at the end. This is the power of social signaling and the power of Brand.  

Overall User Interface of the Website

User Interface of the website decides the future of your blog or business. When a site has a user-friendly user interface, it will convey a right message to Google's algorithm. Eventually, your blog or website will start gaining more traffic. When the users like the overall UI, the same people will come to your site again and again. So yes, your website's User Interface should be easy to use and more user-friendly.  

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