How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2022 (Updated Strategies)
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2022 (Updated Strategies)

It is 2018 and strategies keep on changing so back links are no exception. Link building is an old practice but it holds importance still now because of its one of the most effective SEO tactics. It’s also a very unique way to get organic search traffic. Major search engines use links to determine the trustworthiness of a website, thus you have to care how you earn it.

Creating Back-links 

Each link acts are a recommendation so if a website it pointing to many links, it holds greater credibility and it would rank high in search engines. There was a time when website owners tried using foul means to get back-links and from then on Google made its policy stricter and only the clean ones get through. Now, only ethical link building has a meaning and it’s impossible to steal or buy links using any other means. Even if you are about to hire a website designing and development company in Bangalore that offers digital marketing as well, it is good to know how things work. Read this post to know the smart ways to get free quality back-links for SEO. 

Here are the three best strategies to naturally get high-quality back-links and improve your online presence:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about offering content for free to another blog or website and in return an owner exchanges a link to his/her own website. You can place these links within the content body wisely or in the author bio of the content. This was and is still a very popular method to get quality back-links. One gets free content while the other collects link, fair enough.

Now people have taken advantage of this facility by supplying poor quality content which is actually of no use but they acquired a link by supplying such low-quality post. Google nothing such situation gave a strict warning about guest posts. A lot of serious website owners are still using this facility and the primary step is to find out proper sites to which you can submit contents. You can find sites within your niche that accept guest posts. You can also scope out the guest posts of your competitors to find options. You need to submit your post and if it passes the quality check then only it gets published and you acquire a link.

You might have heard of blog commenting and wondering whether it works or not? Yes, blog commenting can help to build quality back-links but no spamming anyone’s blog.

Skyscraper Content

Finding an awesome content in your space and then you out-awesome it, this process is known as sky scraping content. It’s a fruitful way to compile unique and useful content that will earn high-quality back-links to your site. You always create a content that is bigger if not better using more number of words, more useful points, and images. It’s your job to analyze the content you are sky-scraping. You can look for contents that are already doing well in your niche and sky scrape those. This is one of the clever ways to achieve quality back-links. Sky-scraping is all about searching for popular content and weaving the best copy of it maintaining the plagiarism rules and getting natural back-links and reaching out to people.

Building Broken Links

Almost all well-maintained and reputable websites suffer from broken links and every link on a website link to another page. Now that you are looking for build high-quality back-links, you must know that broken links contribute to poor user experience when the page redirects to a 404 error page. This makes crawling even difficult for the search engines and indexing the site. Broken link building is very useful, a great way to create back-links free for my website. This strategy is all about identifying broken links on websites and then giving a chance to mend the broken link with a proper link to a useful content. The content will definitely be on your website. This way the other site will have less broken links, visitors will find useful content and you will earn high-quality back-links free.


Press Release has become old-fashioned but some still use it to get quality back-links. Now you understand how important back-links are and it does not happen it a day, it’s a continuous process that needs experience and expertise. Any reputed SEO company in Bangalore has a team that can create back-links manually. They study your website, do a lot of research and create a high-quality back-link list which makes the task easier. Better back-links mean better SEO!!

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