How to make your website more accessible to visually impaired
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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How to make your website more accessible to visually impaired

All website owners primarily aim to gather as maximum guests as he can on his website. In order to do the same, one must need to understand the needs and demands of the audience. The one who gains from the opportunity wins over the other competitors who lack coordination with the users. There are a large number of potential audiences that want their needs to get fulfilled from your site and that's the point of time when the owner should grab the opportunity and make full of it. The potential users can be any category and your site should be welcoming all the visitors like website development companies in Bangalore do. Here, we are discussing the ways by which you can make your site accessible to various visually impaired people. Have a look:

Make the content size large

To make your website content accessible to visually impaired people, your text font size should be larger and bigger than normal so that they find it bit easier to look. It could be possible that some people prefer the content in extra zoom size. For that, you can give a zoom alternative on your site so that impaired people can zoom according to their choice and preference. However, you should try creating your layout in bigger font sizes and ensure that the layout doesn’t break.

Choose the color combination wisely

Color choice is the most important aspect of a website that makes the design of the website attractive. Website development in Bangalore suggests that color contrast should be chosen by considering the needs of every user. Your audience might include the people who are colorblind. Colorblindness can be caused due to any eye surgery or injury and the people who have this issue are not able to see some colors. However, it is difficult to offer them completely different color themes; but the simplest color combinations for the text can be used in order to reduce the confusion that may take place otherwise.

Offer a mobile version of the website

Today, every site has its mobile version as the population is switching from desktop to mobiles. If you have a mobile version of your site makes it accessible to the visually impaired people by creating the mobile layout for larger screens as well. This is because components of the mobile web are regularly rearranged and demand less to scale up and down. The more focus is on text rather than its counterparts. Therefore, it is much easier for the people who have obscured vision and issues with differentiation and shading. Offering them the mobile version on a larger screen can help them to a great extent.

Keyboard shortcut accessibility

There is a major problem that all visually impaired people face while running the website and that is navigation. Making everything accessible over the keys is one of the valuable help that you can give to your audience. Also, it would be helpful for normal users as well. Both the users can easily navigate the site by utilizing arrow keys and with a couple of speedy keystrokes. This also reduces the amount of strain and discomfort that eyes of the impaired individuals bear.  Elimination of use of cursor over the screen saves a lot of time and they would not need to spend a lot of time in front of the big monitor screens that creates discomfort for them. Therefore, the accessibility of everything over the keyboard is a great valuable addition that you can give to them.

Less use of programming techniques

There can be various visual impairments that a person is suffering from such as Retinitis Pimentos, Glaucoma, Retinopathy and cataracts etc. that can decline the contrast affectability. Due to this, the person’s ability to differentiate between the shades and dimension reduces. To offer them a satisfying visual experience you should create the layouts very simple with subtle angles and slight moves to make the interfaces spotless and unclog to the visually impaired individuals. One should avoid using techniques like JavaScript or CSS so that user can navigate the things easily and do not make use of highlights to increase the contrast.


So, these were some of the ways by which one can make their website accessible to visually impaired individuals.

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