10 Secrets Landing Page Ideas to Improve Your Conversion Rates
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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10 Secrets Landing Page Ideas to Improve Your Conversion Rates

The best way to enhance the performance of a PPC campaign or to maximize the ROI is to optimize the landing page. Over the last few years various web designing companies have been using some of landing page tips and tricks which has proved to be very consistently beneficial. Some of those essential secrets landing page ideas that can enhance your conversion rates are given as follows:

  1. Keeping the message between the landing page and ads consistent: The first thing that you need to do for improving the conversion rates is to make sure that there is no disconnection between the ads and landing page. If the landing can be matched perfectly with ads then it becomes possible to predict and provide a relevant user experience. This also helps in sending PPC traffic to either the home page of the website or its generic splash page.
  2. Changing the sign-up flow of landing page: Small optimization can only give you small results and so if you want some big result then it is necessary to make the big change. Changing the sign-up flow of a landing page is one such big modification that you do for getting the huge conversion. That is the reason why it is mostly seen that the top web design companies in Bangalore always tries to do such kind of big changes rather than just changing the color or font of the website.
  3. Testing the position of forms on the landing page: It is not enough to change the sign-up flow of your landing page but it also becomes important to test the position of the forms on the landing page. It is seen that a lot of web designing company concentrates on the landing page but only a few of them considers where the forms should be. The correct positioning of the form can put a major impact on the conversion rate.
  4. Making the landing page mobile friendly: With the increased popularity of the smartphone it becomes very essential to make the landing page of your website to be mobile-friendly. A lot of people will try to fill out the web form on the mobile device rather than using their laptop or desktop. Hence, it is seen that mobile ads are also very effective. Mobile ads can appeal to the desire of the customer to purchase something at that point in time. That means it becomes necessary to make the mobile landing page as well as their forms as easy as possible so that the customer can order the product without any difficulties.
  5. Crafting a killer call to action: Call to action plays a significant role in enhancing the conversion rate. It can actually make a difference between the bounce rate and the conversion rate. If your call to action is not so powerful then no matter how much your rest of the elements of the landing page maybe it will not be able to convert the visitor to your probable customer. That is the reason why the Best Web Design Agency Bangalore always gives huge importance to crafting a killer call to action.
  6. Using the voice of the customer: One important strategy to create a successful landing page is to use the voice of the customer. It is very important to remember that filling the landing page full of marketing buzzwords and terminologies will not help you to enhance your conversion rate rather it may backfire you as most of the audience will not be able to understand those buzzwords and terminologies. But instead if you can use the voice of the customer it will be more effective and will certainly result in higher conversion rates.
  7. Using power words on the landing page: Using the voice of the customer along with the powerful words can be very useful and can make your landing page unstoppable. Thus putting powerful words on the landing page is very important which can help you to convert your audience into your probable customers. Hence, you must try to find out which words will be more powerful and compelling to attract and convince the audience.
  8. Including video on the landing page: Inserting a powerful video on the landing page will be very important for showing a great result. Video becomes more essential when you need to convey a complex idea. Apart from that, video is also an excellent way of reinforcing the complete message as well as branding. 
  9. Using new Ad format: It is also important to use new ad format for the advertiser and it can increase the conversion rate without touching the landing page. There are several new ad formats and you have to choose which format will be the best for you. Using a new ad format will be more effective than the traditional funnel approach.
  10. Using call-only campaigns: Using a call-only campaign will certainly help you to include a clickable contact number as a part of the advertisement. That is why the top website development company in Bangalore always uses call-only campaigns. Call-only campaign actually helps in replacing the traditional URL which means that advertising will let the visitor call the business directly.

These are some essential landing page tweaks which will certainly help the company to enhance the conversion rate. The main objective of a great landing page is to enhance the conversion rates for reaching the growth goal of marketing and business. The landing page is not necessarily to be a home page. In fact, the landing page can be any page of the website which the visitor may find with the help of a search engine. People can find the home page with the help of word of mouth or social media. But you can find the landing page organically with the help of keywords as well as high ranking searching results. Hence using the above-mentioned becomes very essential to enhance the conversion rates.

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