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Mobile app Development Frameworks 2024

There are plenty of mobile applications available and getting advanced day by day. We use mobile applications for every need throughout the day such as food,travel,fitness etc. But how are these well constructed apps created? That's where we use a mobile application development framework which acts as a guide to create a feature packed and easy to use mobile applications. Let’s traverse across the benefits and examples of mobile frameworks and tools in mobile application development to shape a perfect mobile app for your business ! 

What is a mobile application framework?

The mobile application development framework is a blueprint we use to create the best mobile design for smartphones. There’s always a procedure behind great creations ! Similar to that , every favorite mobile app of your’s has a framework behind it ! The mobile applications development framework acts as a mobile app developing guide. Frameworks give us an idea to create responsive and presentable mobile apps. There’s a lot of free top frameworks for mobile application development available out there to create an app that's great in both functionality and design. 

Why are mobile application development frameworks important? 

Mobile application development frameworks are important as it reduces app building time and speeds up the process. It encloses pre-built components and templates which can be accessed easily rather than developing from scratch. It offers tools for mobile applications with no code. It also gives us access to cross-platform app development which is an add on to create a versatile mobile application. Access to plugins and libraries widens up opportunities to include more features. App development frameworks and tools in mobile application development are must for better output. 

Types of mobile application development frameworks: 

Before seeing the types of mobile application development frameworks, let’s talk about types of mobile apps available.

Native apps: 

These apps are customized creations for specific platforms for business to drive their targeted traffic. Mobile app development frameworks help us to minimize the efforts during the process of mobile app development. 

Web apps: 

Web apps are designed to be  easily accessible from any browsing platforms without any installation. Mostly used for apps like travel and shopping. It uses a web based app development framework. 

Hybrid apps: 

A hybrid app is a blend of both native and hybrid apps together. These apps can be accessed via the web as well as an app. Hybrid mobile app development is one of the best ways to develop an app that increases the user count. Choosing native vs hybrid apps for your business can be a little hard but select the right one for you ! 

Now let’s get back on track! What are the types of mobile application development frameworks? 

When it comes to app development frameworks, there are two types : 

Native Mobile Application Framework 

Cross-platform Mobile Application Framework 

Native mobile application framework : 

Again, These apps are customized mobile applications developed for specific platforms like Android,IOS and Windows. This app development has languages like javascript frameworks for Android and languages like Swift for IOS. This is the best way if you want to create an app restricted to one platform. 

Cross-platform mobile application framework : 

This framework lets you use a single codebase and can deploy on multiple platforms which is not time consuming. These apps are also called hybrid apps. As the name says it can work as both an Android and IOS app at the same time. Hybrid app development is an uncomplicated way of developing an app. 

Top 10 best tools frameworks and tools in mobile application development : 

Now,Let’s look into some of the top frameworks for mobile application development! 

1. Flutter - This is managed by google is an open source framework used for hybrid mobile app development. Helps to create an aesthetically pleasing app with great functionality. 

  • High-quality UI’s
  • Great performance 
  • Hot reload feature

2. React Native - This was developed and maintained by Facebook and helps in cross-platform app development. This is a go-to choice for most of the developers.

  • Reusable components 
  • Third-party plugins 
  • Front end applications 

3. SwiftUI - Developed and maintained by Apple is an excellent mobile application framework.  It allows developers to build mobile apps for IOS.macOS,watchOS, and tvOS. 

  • Built in components 
  • Declarative UI syntax 
  • Exclusive to Apple platforms 

4. Xamarin - Owned by Microsoft used to create native-like apps and high performing apps for Android,IOS,macOS,tvOS, etc by using .NET AND C# languages for programming.

  • Reusable codebase
  • Robust IDE
  • Extensive components marketplace 

5. Ionic - Developed by Apache Cordova and Angular. Helps to build hybrid mobile app development such as both Android and IOS apps. Includes significant features such as filters,forms and navigation menus etc. 

  • Robust and featurefull native apps 
  • Rich UI components 
  • Cordova plugin support 

6. jQuery Mobile - This is an ideal option for hybrid mobile app development. Creates apps which can be compatible with many devices such as a mobile, table and many more.

  • Available in two varieties- customizable and stable framework. 
  • HTML-5 based foundation 
  • Limited size 

7. React Native - -created and maintained by facebook is an open source framework for mobile application development. It mainly helps in hybrid app development for IOS and Android. Best in javascript libraries for increasing user interface. 

  • Live reloading 
  • Offers native functionalities 
  • Real time coding updates 

8. Unity - Versatile and robust game development framework for creating quality rich 2D and 3D games. This is an hybrid app development platform streams in multiple platforms such as IOS,Android and Windows. 

  • AR and VR support 
  • Advanced 2D and 3D tools
  • Cross platform game development 

9. Adobe AIR - Used in hybrid mobile app development which can be streamed in platforms like Windows,macOS and Android. It allows us to access tools like Adobe Animate and ActionScript to create a quirky application. 

  • Supports advanced graphics
  • Consistent in cross platform deployment 
  • Multimedia content integration 

10. Phonegap - It’s a part of Apache Cordova that allows us to use cross platform mobile application development frameworks. It offers HTML,CSS and javascript programming languages. 

  • Allows plugins 
  • Offers access to underlying functions such as camera, GPS and microphone etc. 
  • Android,IOS and macOS 

Mobile application development frameworks benefits : 

Let’s go into the benefits of mobile application development frameworks and how they can be useful to uplift the features of an app! 

  • Single codebase for multiple platforms 
  • Minimizes time and efforts 
  • Performance alike native apps 
  • Consistent UI and UX patterns 
  • Faster performance 
  • Useful to create cross-platform app development. 
  • Can be deployed in platforms such as Windows, Android And IOS.  

Frameworks outline an app’s components in the right way with less effort ! all the pieces of an app aligns by using the best mobile application development frameworks ! 

Top 10 examples of mobile development frameworks:


Every movie buff’s favorite app has a blend of web interface and native application development framework.;

To give an enjoyable experience to the users! compatible with a wide range of platforms such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.


A most loved social media app Instagram has an architectural blend of native and cross-platform app development.

Some parts use a native framework and some parts have hybrid mobile app development.


Facebook, one of the major social media apps, was structured by a cross-platform mobile application development framework.

It also released its own hybrid app development framework in the year2015.


This app is everyone's choice to discover new ideas about anything.

This creative app is built up by a cross-platform mobile application development framework. helps a user to use the app on multiple platforms.

Shell energy app

This easy on-the-go app for travel lovers has an architecture of native mobile application development, which has unique responsive functionalities.

Uber eats

Always the best choice to grab a quick snack!

This user-friendly app was created by reach native which is a cross-platform mobile application development framework.


A top app for online businesses is a hybrid mobile application that was built up of a cross-platform mobile application development framework.

This increases user engagement and offers different functionalities.

Microsoft Outlook

A secure email app was made up of a hybrid mobile app development framework that helps users to access from multiple devices.


A user-friendly app to book a quick stay has a blend of technologies.

The app’s backend is made up of Ruby on Rails and Node.js and the frontend is made up of react native.


Quick and easy shopping app was by hybrid mobile app development framework can be accessed anywhere which has innovative features.

Most of the above mentioned famous apps are created by using a combination of technologies to provide responsive and easy to use features for the users!

To wrap up

In conclusion, a mobile app development framework is an essential part of giving better results and enhancing user satisfaction! There are a lot of app development frameworks on the internet to build your app innovatively with great functionalities. This reduces efforts and time to create wonders! Choose the right one that suits your business! Partnering with a Mobile app development company in Bangalore can help you select and implement the best framework tailored to your needs.

Still, have a doubt? call our panel of professionals for expert guidance.


1. What framework to use for mobile app development?

Native mobile application development frameworks and cross-platform mobile application frameworks are the two major types of frameworks used to develop a mobile app.

2. What is a framework in an Android application?

The Android development framework is a group of APIs that allows developers to create Android apps quickly with less effort. It offers pre-built templates that make the process easy without coding.

3. Which is the most used Android app development framework? 
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • React native
  • Adobe PhoneGap

Xamarin is one of the most used Android app development frameworks to create apps.

4. What are the best frameworks for mobile app development in Python?&

There are a bunch of Python frameworks available out there, but the go-to choice of many developers would be Kivy and BeeWare.

5. How is a mobile app development framework beneficial for your business?

Mobile app development frameworks benefit your business by:

  • Speeding up the process.
  • Reducing built time.
  • Supports multiple platforms like IOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Uses a single codebase to deploy and can be deployed on various platforms. 
  • Consistent UI and UX patterns.

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