Relationship between Organic Rankings and Social Shares
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Relationship between Organic Rankings and Social Shares

This is one of the most important and challenging aspects of everyone in the search engine optimization domain to understand the relationship between organic traffic and social shares.  But social shares are taken as a count while trying to rank website based on certain credibility. Google algorithm denies that social shares didn't consider to improve the organic search traffic but somehow social shares also considered to increase organic rankings based on different stipulations which aren't clearly mentioned any of the algorithms. So this aspect still remains as unpredictable to found the connection between social shares and SEO process. 

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How social media helps SEO?

Sometimes it takes considerable time to rank a content in search rankings which requires strong SEO works to achieve high search rankings. In this case, social media shares which have the high social engagement for content including likes and shares are direct helps to improve organic ranking of the content. Also, social media engagement completely depends on the presence of solid SEO works to create the brand awareness with the targeted audience. This indicates that social signals influence SEO in high organic rankings.

However, Google strongly mentions that social signals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks share counts never counted for rankings. Also, social shares really matter for ranking high organic ranking when a content has high engagement like visibility and impressions. So Google and social media play an impeccable role in achieving high organic rankings in the search engine results. Moreover, SEO and Facebook shares count completely different from each other.

Impacts of social shares over organic rankings

High Traffic

Social shares like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks helps to reach extensive traffic for the website content which also provides the possible way to reach the organic traffic to the site in short time.  So every SEO companies who work hard to rank a site also focus on the social shares in getting the destination in high-quality. Each social media visitor contributes to the site by sharing the content with friends which indirectly make them a legal promoter in the social media network. Generally, this activities helps to attain a massive amount of organic traffic.

Brand Awareness 

Social media shares create a huge impact on brands awareness which makes the SEO services job easier to high rank in specific time. Generally, every social media marketing services providers include a vast amount of social media shares along with the SEO process.

Targeted Audience

Using social media networks for promoting contents and posts could be a great idea to reach the targeted audience more than expected level. So this is a much important prospect to look after the social media shares to receive targeted audience attention to reach the estimated results with high organic traffic which also helps you to rank high in the search engine results through the SEO process. So the importance of social media in SEO is unavoidable in Google ranking factor.

It's evident that SEO social signals also play a crucial role in making higher rankings in search engine results. Each social share makes the impact in organic ranking which creates engagement for the posts and contents when directly shared from a Facebook, Twitter, interest, LinkedIn and more.


Digital marketing service providers always follow social media SEO tips to generate the organic ranking in search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. social media shares and SEO techniques always have the similar connection in generating the organic traffic to the websites. When comes to organic ranking factor, social share engagements taken as a count for high ranking.

Social shares in some way connect directly with the organic ranking element. But there is no direct algorithm has created about social shares influence in the organic ranking factors. Only social shares high engagement creates the impression in the Google organic ranking.

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