7 Shocking Facts about the Future of Web Development Told by an Expert
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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7 Shocking Facts about the Future of Web Development Told by an Expert

Trend prediction is always difficult, and even more so when it is to talk about the future of Web Development. This is because of the fact that this arena is an ever-changing one and the daily advances make predictability even weaker. But even then, Nexevo are here to talk about 7 of the most shocking facts about the future of Web Development as per the statement of experts. 

7 things that can be rendered as the future of the Web Development

  • Emergence of better Artificial Intelligence – No we are not talking about the basic ones but the ones which respond to the user and the user environment in the most proactive manner. With the help of better web development, it is being rendered that the standard of artificial intelligence can be elevated and they will be more helpful for the people in general. The best website development companies in Bangalore are working on the same. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) will surface- This is very much like the artificial intelligence and better. Top Web Development Company in Bangalore has stated that this is one of the futuristic trends of the Web development platform. It is all about connecting an individual to all the objects of daily use so that more and more utility can be gained from the same. It can range from trivial stuff to even cloud connecting cars and that is the most astonishing factor of the lot. 
  • Rise of the older elements- Take the example of Python, which was a software language and can be traced back to the 1991. Since it is flexible and easy to use, this might resurface as the future of the further web developments. All the major social networking sites already use Python in an extensive manner. Web development will only inculcate it in its core. 
  • Self building websites- How cool is that? Shocked? Well, this is what can be done with the help of web development. Some of the web development services in Bangalore claim about the fact that there will be a time when the websites will be able to build themselves and the hosting can be done in a hassle free manner. There are a lot of businessmen who want their business to go online and yet have no idea how to build a website. This is definitely going to be a plus point for them. 
  • The use of Passwords and pins will be eliminated hereafter- No more remembering passwords! Sounds unbelievable? Well, the revolution has already started with the fingerprint sensor technique and is progressing with the GPS and accelerometer data. With this, you can literally feel it if someone else has the possession of your device. The more advanced the web development becomes, the faster the elimination process will be. 
  • Information Logistics- With the use of ample API (application programming interfaces), you will be able to share numerous content indifferent of the platform- which was an unbelievable thing to do earlier on. 
  • Progress of the digital marketing- The revolution has started way before but there is still some time left before reaching the culmination point. Gradually, every trivial thing is bound to be digitalized and every transaction will be occurring online. 
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