Checklist for Server Migration Test Cases

25 March 2024
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Ensure a smooth server migration with this handy checklist for test cases. Covering key aspects like data transfer, system compatibility, and backup verification, it helps guarantee a successful transition without glitches. Simplify the migration process and enhance the reliability of your server with this comprehensive checklist.

Checklist for Server Migration Test Cases


Embarking on a server migration journey? Ensuring a seamless transition demands a comprehensive checklist of server migration test cases. In this guide, we'll break down the essential steps to guarantee a smooth migration process. From data integrity checks to performance evaluations, this checklist covers it all. Let's navigate the intricacies of server migration together, ensuring your data's safe passage to its new digital home. Explore the must-have checkpoints for a successful server migration in this user-friendly guide.

Here is the checklist for Server Migration Test Cases:

  • Download the files from the current server (Database & Source File) and keep the backup with datewise
  • Check the file counts and sizes
  • Setup environment with Local System
  • Check the new server Configurations
  • Check the PHPMyAdmin version and Memory Limits
  • Upload the files on the new server
  • Create the database with the new server with strong credentials
  • Import the database on PHPMYADMIN
  • Change the CSS file path link with the new server URL
  • Change image files path to link with new server URL
  • Change all internal page links, menu links, sitemap links, etc.
  • Change the database credentials on the wp-config files
  • Change the URL redirections on .htaccess files
  • Update the permalinks on the backend
  • Check the mail functions and messages (If required)
  • Check all plugins are active or Inactive


In conclusion, ensuring a smooth server migration requires a meticulous approach. By adhering to a comprehensive checklist for server migration test cases, you safeguard against potential pitfalls. Thoroughly validating each step helps guarantee a seamless transition, minimizing downtime and mitigating risks. Keep your server at the heart of your operations secure and efficient. With a well-executed checklist, you pave the way for a successful migration, ensuring your server continues to be the reliable backbone of your digital infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a server migration test case checklist important?

It helps ensure a systematic and error-free migration process, reducing the risk of data loss, downtime, and other issues.

2. How can I determine the specific test cases for my server migration?

Analyze your server environment and identify critical components, dependencies, and potential risks to create tailored test cases.

3. Is it necessary to perform a risk analysis as part of the checklist?

Yes, a risk analysis helps identify potential issues and allows for proactive mitigation strategies in the server migration process.

4. How do I validate data integrity during server migration?

Include test cases for data backup and restoration, ensuring that data remains intact and accessible post-migration.

5. How can I validate the success of a server migration?

Success criteria should be defined in the checklist, including functionality, performance, and user acceptance.

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