How to Design a Both Users and Search Engine Friendly Website?
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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How to Design a Both Users and Search Engine Friendly Website?

There are many several things that have to remember at the time of design a both Users and Engine Friendly Website like site colors, button designs, animations, copy, messaging, user flow, search engine optimization, fonts, photos and video, page performance. There are lots of things which sacrificing by the too much of the user experience for the sake of appeasing the robots that crawl your site and determine to rank on SERPs at the time of designing search engine. Visitors want to spend less time on site or to leave the site before performing an action such as submitting a lead form. Ironically enough, search engines like Google then factor in metrics like session duration, bounce rate, and average pages per session to determine whether your website is worth ranking. 

Now in this article, we are going to discuss how to design a both user and search engine friendly website, Responsive Website Design Company Bangalore, Mobilewebsite development company Bangalore and SEO Company Bangalore.

Some points for design an User friendly Website

  1. Make a responsive site
  2. Place logo in the top left on the site
  3. Add contact information for any query
  4. Add products
  5. Accept orders
  6. Easy content
  7. Include search functionality
  8. Add social media icons on site

Important points for Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

  1. Add text on site for Images, Flash and Video
  2. Confirmation of HTML Code
  3. Make a Relevant Title Tags
  4. Use Straight HTML Navigation Links 
  5. Eliminate the copied apparent Content 
  6. Remove the Hidden Text for search engine friendly website

Responsive Web Design Company in Bangalore

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Mobile website development and SEO Company, Bangalore

Nowadays Mobile website development and SEO Company usage are growing at a higher rate. You need mobile web design company who can create an attractive mobile website with a click to call feature and with the help of this, you can reach to your customer. And if we talk about the SEO Company, Company should be capable of bringing better user experience to the website when hiring SEO. The right SEO company should create trust among the users when they provide better user experience, that leads to generating more leads or conversions for business. So, The world is going mobile and for mobile website development and SEO Company, you can go online and search in Bangalore side. You will get the best Mobile website development and SEO Company in Bangalore.

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