How To optimize your product pages for SEO

Published Date 12 April 2018
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How To optimize your product pages for SEO

Apart from optimizing the product pages of your ecommerce website for user experience, you also need to ensure the pages are good for search engines. In reality product pages of ecommerce websites are responsible for offering sales, thus income. There are a still more than a handful of ecomm business owners who believe in shortcut to success. They mostly try to achieve short term success by simply copying and pasting product descriptions. But this never works its better to follow a proper path. An Ecommerce SEO company in Bangalore can help you with all your SEO requirements for your new ecommerce business. 

Know the basics of product page optimization:

Don’t you think that a product page is also an important page even though it does not contain any content or little content? Let’s know the basics then.

Take a look at some of the best practices and you need to consider these very important ones:

Follow the usual SEO knowledge:

Prior any optimization it’s very essential to know the search terms buyers are using. This is why keywords are considered as most important and you cannot go a step further without keyword research. Your aim is to make the products available online so knowing the favorite search terms will help a lot. There are different researches tools available both free and paid. The war is to be within the first five or first three searches on Google. 

Here are a few more tips:

  • Make the title attractive and include the product name 
  • It is mandatory to include a compact product description
  • Add a catchy meta description
  • Add images and those must contain ALT text
  • The header must be descriptive
  • Please do not copy any content from other sites
  • Do good linking and use rich snippets
  • Focus on showing product price, description and reviews in search results

Usage of data:

When it comes to marketing, your hands are literally tied without data use. Therefore go ahead and use data and you can do so much. It aids in understanding the customers so that you can understand your customers really well. Do you have a tracking system on your site? If not get it now because statistics play an important role. You will be able to view products that sell more, that sell less but seen many times and other product related stats. You will also be able to track promotional banners and can decide which one would be suitable for the homepage. These are just a few instances and you can do so much more. Keep in mind that your audience will vary depending on what you sell. 

Be consistent:

Your ecommerce website should be very consistent, everything content and the design. Incase your site has a humorous tone; it should be evident consistently throughout the website. 

Some branding tips are: 

  • Its crucial to sell products of high quality
  • Select your target audience very cautiously
  • Product distribution is a matter of selection
  • The design elements should match the image of the brand
  • Its important to reach out to the influencers
  • Proper marketing is crucial
  • Hire a copywriter for writing product descriptions

Do whatever needed to maintain consistency. 

Have provision for product reviews:

It’s a good thing when you allow your customers to rate your products or leave a feedback on the same. You have to prepare yourself for good and bad and its even better if there are mixed reviews as it will increase the credibility. Accept the fact that reviews are important and allow that on your site. If your product is good, most people would talk positive about it. 

Add superior quality images or videos:

It’s appealing if your product images are of high quality, customers are definitely easily convinced. Attach different high quality photos of the same product from various angles. There is no point in ignoring videos, these days videos are more compelling than anything. Majority customers like to watch videos prior to purchasing. 


Apart from these, enhance the speed of your page, try giving product suggestions, have space for customizing products and definitely a call-to-action is a must. Your product page deserves attention in order to flourish on the web and on search engines. These are the best ways by which you can improve the ranking and visibility on search engines. Finally, do some research and experiments to bring out more effective results. There are many Ecommerce SEO services in Bangalore, approach the best one. 

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