Important decisions you must make while redesigning a website

Published Date 03 November 2017
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Important decisions you must make while redesigning a website

It is difficult to admit that your website is not performing because you spent a lot of money and efforts in designing your website. Doing the same again might seem daunting but it might be an absolute necessity. A website that attracts no visitors is a failing thing and you need to mend it. A look at the signs that your website needs a redesigning:

  • Low conversion rate
  • No leads or drop in sales
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • You don’t think it looks good
  • No Google ranking
  • You are far behind your competitors
  • Old CMS

There are so many companies offering Web Designing in Bangalore so you need not worry in case your website is under-performing. If you are contemplating whether you need a website design or not, here are a few points that would help you to decide:

Is the home page over saturated?

Swamping user experience with too much content on the home page is not favorable. It is not a good idea to load the home page with maximum information to sell our services or products. The home page content must be very crisp, concise and supported by graphics because audiences should be attracted in just a few seconds. Your landing pages should have relevant details that the readers find useful. In this case you should get a redesign from a reputed Best Web Designing in Bangalore. 

A responsive design is a necessity

It is now very true that majority visitors hitting your website are on mobile devices and this is going to increase day by day. A responsive design is the need of the hour. This type can accommodate all users irrespective of the platform they are using. A responsive website renders flawless user-experience on all devices, be it mobile, tablets, laptop or desktops. It is time to implement so that you survive the competition. Talk to experts offering Web Design Company in Bangalore. 

Slow website is a turn off

When it comes to digital presence, the speed of your website plays an important role. A slow website is not properly developed and you must talk to the expert designers to trace the flaws. Users expect miracles to happen with just a click so if your site is not that sporty, you will get more visitors hitting the back button. Check out the speed and if it is not that great, think of a redesign. 

Be clear about your accomplishments

Probably you desire a rebrand or a revamp but it is important to mention what you desire to achieve and your estimates. Have a fresh and clear strategy in front of you. A content upgrade might take hours or few days but an entire rebranding could be a matter of weeks or months. Once you have sorted, hire a top website Design Company in Bangalore. 

Final note

Website redesigning is a very powerful tool for your online business; the website is the main communication tool. Hire a designing team that would use a strategic approach to design a website so that you get brand visibility and more ROI.




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