Why we care about Google Podcast results in search Engine?

Published Date 15 June 2019
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Podcast SEO is a type of audio program that is surfaced in the Google Search Engine on the basis of content. In Google Search Engine, the company will have to use machine learning for translating the various content of podcast into the search engine result. You will be able to expose podcast about SEO on various Google surfaces and products such as Google search on all types of browser, Google Podcasts app, Google home, Chrome for Android, Android Auto, etc.

There has been a substantial increase in SEO 101 podcast in recent years and it was found that 26 percent of Americans also listened to the podcast. As per the data from Infinite Dial it was found that in the US the monthly podcast has almost grown to 73 percent as compared to that of the data of 2014. In recent years Apple has come up with a total of 50 billion downloads and streams but Google has already made its mind to beat the record of Apple.

The main purpose of using the Google podcast is to look for more search engine exposure. For properly using podcast SEO 2019 properly it is also essential to utilizing podcast mark-up. In order to describe the podcast properly, it is essential to use authors, category, description, image as well as explicit tags.

How Google Podcast can help you? 

If you have an SEO 101 podcast then you will be able to access more than two trillion searches in Google per year. If you want to know SEO podcast unknown secrets of Internet marketing then you must know that it is seamless listening across devices due to which Google podcast has earned tremendous success. Thus Google podcast can listen across all devices.

Again Google podcast presents a selection of episode when any listener finds it in the Google Chrome browser on their mobile phones. When the listener listens to the podcast in the Google Chrome browser a prompt “add a podcast shortcut to your home screen” used to appear. If the listener taps on that pop up then the Podcast app will appear on their mobile device.

Google Podcast app comes up with a customized app that includes top podcasts, trending podcast, genre podcast as well as a personal podcast. All these kinds of the podcast are the best podcast for SEO. Thus with Google Podcast SEO people will be allowed to find the podcast that matches their interest and the user will be able to subscribe it with a few clicks.

Hence, Google podcast is considered to be the best podcast on SEO for any business and it can bring an unprecedented change for getting podcast in front of the audience. Thus the best podcast SEO has device interoperability and it will continue to roll out through various devices. It is also seen that many users use the podcast to learn SEO.

Advantages of Google Podcast

Nowadays SEO basics podcast come up with innovative technology and it ensures you to get the best of it. Hence with Google podcast, you can get the complete search result along with the description and audio player embedded in each episode. The following are some advantages that you can get from the Google podcast:

  • It comes up with a valid RSS feed which helps in describing the podcast. The RSS feed of Google podcast will have at least one episode.
  • This SEO driven podcast come up with a dedicated home page which mainly links to that RSS. In Google podcast, you will get some kind of homepage specification. In this process you will need some HTML coded lines such as the following: 
  • The content of RSS homepage is available to be crawled by Google bot. But while using the content makes sure that you do not require a login process. Apart from that, the homepage of RSS should not come up with a “no index” tag. 
  • SEO marketing podcast can appear in the Google Play and in this case you will require Google Play Music podcast RSS feed specification. 
  • Google podcast helps in optimizing the audio search. With Audio podcast SEO tips it becomes possible to enhance the voice assistant. 
  • You have to come up with some kind of podcast SEO tips and should know what kind of question or phrase will help your podcast to appear in the Google search engine. The podcast SEO keywords should be the most relevant which help you to get a higher rank in Google search engine.


This is how Google Podcast plays a significant role in Google Search Engine. If you still have not yet started your own podcast till now then it is the perfect time to contact a renowned Podcast SEO Company and launch it immediately to get the benefit of it. But before that, it is very important to understand some questions such as what are the questions which the audience of the Google search engine wanted to be answered.

It is important to notice that at the time of smaller and specific podcast most of the search engine including Google Search engine also takes place inside podcasting apps and it is seen that podcast ecosystem is a mainly built on an open and decentralized RSS feed system that has the ability to listen to podcast episode directly in Google search engine.  Google search engine acts as a middle man between the podcasters and their audience and it encourages the users for listening to the podcast even outside the app.

SEO podcast for beginners can be an in-depth podcast or a short-form podcast but it should answer all sort of common question of the audience. In other words, the podcast should answer the question briefly and clearly. Apart from that, it is also important to be totally planned for your podcast and make sure that you have a specific answer.

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