Is the IPL T20 Website Optimized SEO-friendly? Let's See Below

Published Date 01 April 2024
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Let's discover the SEO analysis of the IPL T20 website and whether the IPL T20 website is SEO-friendly or not

Is the IPL T20 Website Optimized SEO-friendly? An Overview Analysis

Hope everyone knows about IPLT20. This year IPL T20 started on 22nd March 2024. Every day approximately 1.6 crores of people watch the match on multiple devices.

Like everyone, I’m also a big fan of IPLT20. As an SEO expert, I arise with the curiosity to know whether the IPLT20 website is Optimized SEO-friendly or not.

So, I did some research and like to share it with you.

Without any further, let's jump in.

IPL T20 website SEO-friendly analysis

Let's have a deep overview of the IPL T20s website whether IPL T20 has optimized the website and find SEO friendly or not.

To conduct the SEO audit, I used Screaming Frog Spider.

Meta Title

The best SEO practice is not to have a duplicate in the meta title.

Meta Title Contains Duplicate

In IPL T20, some of the web pages contain duplicate meta titles.

The meta Title Character Limit is about 60 characters.

Let’s see whether IPL T20 has fulfilled the limitation.

Meta Title length Above 60 Character

From the above image, it is clear that some webpage has the meta title above 60 characters.

What about the missing Meta title? Let's check that too

Meta Title no missing

It sounds good that there is no missing title on the IPLT20 website.

Meta Description

From the below image, we can understand that IPL T20 has duplicate content over the meta description.

Meta Description Contains Duplicate- IPL T20 Website

The images below show no meta description of more than 155 characters.

Meta Keywords

Let's see whether IPL T20 has used meta keywords in the proper way

First, let's check if meta Keywords are missing or not.

And, here we go

Meta Keyword missing- IPL T20 Website

Yes, there are some missing meta keywords on the website

Here, in the above image, you can see meta keywords are missing.

There are some duplicate meta keywords present on the IPLT20 website, you can see that in the below image.

Meta Keyword Contain Duplicate- IPL T20 Website

We can see that there are multiple meta-keywords;

Page Loading Speed

I tried testing IPLT20’s website with the page speed test tool.

Let's see the page speed result in the desktop version

Page Speed Test Result In The Desktop Version- IPL T20 Website

Now let’s see the page speed result in the mobile version

Page Speed Test Result In The Mobile Version- IPL T20 Website

Shocked to see the result!!!, I too was shocked, the page speed in both the desktop and mobile versions has failed.

When the page speed test fails, it indicates that there is an issue with the loading time of the website.

Let's also see their performance diagnosis result in the mobile version

Page Speed Test Result IPL T20 performance mobile version- IPL T20 Website

The performance diagnosis results in the desktop version

Page Speed Test Result IPL T20 performance desktop version- IPL T20 Website

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

The IPL T20 is designed in a way that is responsive and mobile-friendly. Realizing the widespread usage of mobile phones IPL T20 organizers and broadcasters have made an effort to ensure that the fans of IPLT20 can access the match updates, live scores, highlights, and other related content on mobile and tablets

The below images are proof that the IPLT20 website is designed in such a way as to make the website access easier across various types, sizes, and dimensions of mobile devices and tablets.

responsive-and-mobile-friendly-dimension-400x535- IPL T20 Website

responsive-and-mobile-friendly-dimension-415x896- IPL T20 Website

responsive-and-mobile-friendly-dimension-820x1180- IPL T20 Website

URL Structure

The URL structure refers to the way web addresses are organized and displayed in a proper Structured format.

You can see the images, the URL is well-structured and easier to understand.

URL-structure-seo-friendly-1- IPL T20 Website

url-structure-seo-friendly-2- IPLT20 Website

Image Optimization

Image optimization is the process of reducing the image size without sacrificing the image quality and giving an alt tag to the images. Optimized images load faster on webpages and also help in improving the website performance and user experience.

Let's see, the IPL T20 website, how they have optimized the images.

Here, in the below image, we can see that the image alt text is missing.

image-optimization-alt-tag-missing- IPLT20 Website

In this image, we can see that there are images with more than 100 KB size.

Images over 100 KB- IPL T20 Website

Header tags are HTML elements used to define the heading and sub-heading within the web pages. They play an important role in structuring the content and improving both user experience and search engine optimization(SEO)

let‘s explore how IPLT20 has used header tags on the website.

From the below image, it is clear that some H1 tags are missing and also contain duplicate

missing H1 tag- IPLT20 Website

Duplicate H1 tag- IPLT20 Website

The below image shows that there is a duplicate contained in the H2 tag

Duplicate H2 tag- IPL T20 Website


The IPL T20 website has best used the purpose of robot.txt

Robot-txt-used- IPLT20 Website


The sitemap.xml is present in the IPLT20 website.

IPL T20 sitemap.xml present- IPLT20 Website

Google tags

Yes, the IPLT20 organizer is using Google tags such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics code on their website. check out the below image

The Google Analytic snippet

Google Analytic tag- IPL T20 Website

The Google Tag Manager Snippet

Google Tag Manager snippet- IPL T20 Website

The curiosity to know whether the IPL T20 is SEO-friendly or not was fun and informative, right?

A big yes,

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The Page Speed Test Result in the desktop version

Gdesktop-speed-test-passed- Nexevo Technologies

The Page Speed Test Result in the mobile version

mobile-speed-test-passed- Nexevo Technologies

The Diagnose Performance result in the desktop version

desktop-diagnose-performance- Nexevo Technologies

The Diagnose Performance result in the mobile version

mobile-diagnose-performance- Nexevo Technologies

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