The Secret For how voice search will change the future of seo Revealed in 5 Simple Steps
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Voice Search will Change SEO, SEO Companies in Bangalore

5 ways in which voice search with change SEO

In last 2 to 3 days a rapid growth in the use search has been noticed and why not? This voice search itself is quite easy, convenient and effective that allows anyone to search while travelling or on the go and is regarded quite a cool thing. So according to SEO experts voice search feature is here to stay and will not vanish anytime soon. It is safe to say that voice search will change SEO and to comply with this tech voice search technology SEO experts and marketers are modifying their strategies to suit the voice search.

Nexevo Technologies which is one of the most reputed SEO Company in Bangalore is trying to give few tips to make you well prepared to embrace this change.

Using natural speech patterns

We need to remember one thing that speaking and typing are entirely different things as most people don’t speak the way they usually type. Like while typing we tend to use shorthand to save time but that’s not the case when we speak. Because of these dissimilarities between typing and speaking, it is becoming more important for voice search and SEO experts to catch on users’ natural speech patterns. One useful tool to do this is Rank tracker which lets you type different keywords along with wildcards to help you develop specific language that reflects the natural speech patterns of voice search users in a better way.

More importance of smartphone

An extensive global research suggests that more than half of search queries come from phones around the world. So it shows how much important smartphone has become. As a result, SEO experts need to build their strategy around mobile instead of a computer. The first thing to be done before going into the details of the voice search trend is to take Google’s mobile-friendly test, which will determine the rank of your page on a mobile platform and whether your page is mobile friendly or not. Thus, after checking with this tool you can proceed accordingly. Another useful tool in this category is Website auditor which comes with content analysis feature to suit your needs.

Contents should possess a conversational tone.

Voice search and its rise spell the end for traditional contents for your website matching exact keywords. In order to embrace these change SEO marketers should give emphasis to contents written in a more conversational tone to suit the needs of the voice searchers. Google has pointed out some important micro moments based on their urgencies that a SEO expert should understand. These are I want to do moment, I want to know moment, I want to go moment and I want to buy moment. Urgency is the common factor in those above mentioned micro moments that should be understood to develop your contents.

Location based search

Location plays a vital role in most of the searches. So, setting up your website for local search becomes more important especially when you own a local run business.

Giving more emphasis on reviews

The number of reviews is getting more important with every passing day. So, try to encourage your customers to leave reviews on your website whether it is positive or negative to enhance the ranking of your site to users who voice search frequently. According to experts, these are the ways to be prepared when the voice search will change the future of SEO.

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