10 Fundamentals to Understanding SEO Revealed By The Experts

Published Date 31 August 2017
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10 Fundamentals to Understanding SEO Revealed By The Experts

Now, a day’s most business whether it is big or small has its own website. Having a website is important but understanding the SEO and improving it is more important than having just a website. Basically, SEO is search engine optimization that should be an integral part of the growth strategy of any business. SEO is simply trying to get the best out of your website by getting it up higher as possible in Google and Bing search results.

Below we will try to provide the fundamental guide to SEO In 2022

Monitoring your standings with the help of certain tools

Whether your SEO effort is bearing fruits or not can only be determined by constant monitoring of your websites rank and search standings. According to experts’ recommendation, there are certain vital SEO apps like Google toolbar, Alexa and more that will help you a lot to monitor your website ranking and with that you can determine whether your SEO effort is working or not.

Special attention to keywords

According to experts it is of absolute necessity to put appropriate keywords throughout your site starting from URLs to various contents, titles, image names and much more. So, try to be a bit of  strategic while using keywords or else you will be termed as a spammer for stuffing large amount of keywords.

Systematic integration of internal links

Nexevo Technologies recommend any site owner to systematically integrate internal links into his/her site which as a result will help to boost the traffic to a particular page. It is mostly recommended to link back your archives while creating contents for your webpage. Try to avoid excessive linking as it tends to frustrate the visitors.

Simple yet search friendly URLs

While naming the URL of your site try to make it search friendly by using simple yet proper keywords. According to SEO experts this can have a positive effect on the SEO ranking of your website.

Creating a proper sitemap.

According to experts of Nexevo technologies, which is one of the best SEO Company in Bangalore the fewer clicks needed to get to a page the better, it will be for the page. This can only be achieved if a proper site map is added to the other pages on your site.

Flash is too flashy for SEO

Flash might make your site look beautiful but has basically no SEO functions. So, according to Search Engine Journal, too much of Flash, frames and Ajax are not suitable for getting the best SEO results.

Lucid image descriptions

If your website is image centric try to make your image as descriptive as possible as according to experts the visible texts around the images holds importance for SEO.

Fresh contents

Contents are an integral part of any website. So to get the best out of your page, your contents should be fresh, original and should be updated periodically as per the market needs.

Sharing on social media

Try to share the links of your website across various leading social media platforms as it affects your SEO score in a positive manner.

Linking with other sites

The easiest way to direct more traffic to your website is to create a healthy relationship with other websites and nurture it as this will prove to be an integral part of the growth strategy of your business in the near future.

These are ten fundamental SEO tips for beginners as suggested by SEO experts.

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