How to integrate business listings directly with Yext

Published Date 17 August 2018
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How to integrate business listings directly with Yext

Yext is one of the biggest leaders in Digital Location Management Software. Yext provides an excellent citation management and is basically designed for managing location related information of an organization such as the name of the organization, address, phone number, email id of the organization, contact person, contact person’s phone number, etc. on multiple directory websites. In today’s world, this citation plays a very important role in the success of a business. Almost all website development services company in Bangalore is now associated with Yext.

Why is it vital to integrate business listing with Yext?

Google has been the Number 1 search engine in the world and undoubtedly it can be said that there is no other search engine in the world which can beat Google.  With more and more individual’s ‘googling’ on whatever they need to know, Google itself has now become a verb where more than 3.5 billion people search on Google per day. Google has come up with a free tool called Google My Business. It helps the organization to manage their local listing on Google search, Google Maps and on Google Ads. Yext, the largest data provider is now integrated with Google and has been playing a very vital role in feeding information directly into the Google search engine.

This creates a new platform for business to publish the vital information such as name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website link, etc. on the most popular platform of the world i.e., Google search, Google Maps and on Google Ads. With this important direct integration of Yext with Google, every business has now got an ideal opportunity to publicize their presence and other vital information over Google business listing. With Yext support Google also has more control over the business listing. Thus, Yext plays a very vital role in enhancing the customer experience by not only controlling Google’s business list and their appearance on customer’s search but also by delivering more precise and complete information to the customers.  This is the reason why almost all website designing services in Bangalore encourages their customers to integrate their business listing with Yext.

Steps for integrating Business listings with Yext

In today’s competitive world it is very important to integrate the business list directly with Yext. Let’s find out all the steps that Yext follows to make sure that the business listing is updated and accurate and providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Making a list of important business directories:

Since the business information of a particular organization can be found on hundreds of search engine and business directories Yext first make a vital decision on which business directories the business listing of a particular organization will be published.

Choosing Keywords:

It is very essential to choose a relevant keyword for a particular business. Yext made a decision what keyword and keyword phrase will be the most beneficial. They basically focus on the long tail keyword which has more potential for driving more traffic to the website of the organization.

Adding keyword in the title:

Once some keywords are found Yext add the most important keyword in the title as well as the business description. This will help to optimize the ranking in the Google Search.

Choosing appropriate categories:

Choosing an appropriate category is very important that can generate more traffic for the organization. Yext takes care of this and makes sure that the business is included incorrect categories.

Updating the business website as homepage:

Yext will not only help the organization to allow the user to visit their website easily but it will also help to serve as another inbound link that can hugely help your business. This inbound link helps the organization to enhance the ranking in the search engine and improve the search engine optimization.

Adding enhancement content:

It is very essential to have relevant and quality content in the website otherwise even if the organization gets the traffic it will be no use as the visitor will not spend enough time on the website. As such Yext makes sure that there is the content are appropriate, relevant and helpful for the users. For better enhancement of the content, certain videos and images and a detailed description of the business are usually added.

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