You Must Avoid These Errors to Make Your UI Design Attractive

Published Date 27 November 2018
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You Must Avoid These Errors to Make Your UI Design Attractive

A website is an interface where different pages are kept in a case. The interface talks to the visitor or customer on behalf of the company so it is crucial for the web designer to make the browsing experience as pleasant as possible. The use of a user interface is to get the company’s product to the visitor or customer in the most elegant way possible. An effective way to achieve this is to think from the user perspective.

Inconsistent design  

The user interface is designed with the objective of giving that first good impression to the visitor on first look. If the user interface design is inconsistent, the visitor may fell annoying to browse through the site and move away to a competitor’s website. The objective of having a user interface, displaying business products to the customer will no longer be accomplished.  Professionals like Website Designing Agency in Bangalore will ensure similar actions and elements on the website look alike. Planning about features of the website will help you remain consistent with UI design.

Unintuitive Navigation

After you are done with removing clutter on the website, the rest of the elements on the site should be appropriately organized for right and easy navigation. Both the hierarchy and the navigation on the website should be intact. Lack of hierarchy on the website will not display your product information to the user correctly. On the hand lack of proper navigation on the site will not let the visitor stay on the web page for a long time.  Confusing navigation on the website will drive potential customers to competitors.

Poor colors 

As a website designer, you should have known that the colors of the user Interface also play a crucial role in creating the first impression to the visitor. Choosing vague colors is a bad decision for website design. Colors that are selected from without considering client’s brand and the audience will be a disaster. You should keep color blindness of the audience and follow some exclusive tips while choosing high contrast colors for website design. 

Overloaded content

Content is king. With the changing Google an algorithm, Content remains the main factor to drive potential traffic to the website, but anything overloaded can create harm. This fact is no an exception to the content on the site. Overloaded content on the website may either make the customer leave the website or get involved in reading the material leaving an effort to take a valid action. Both the results are frustrating leaves the objective of having a user interface behind. The website should be more of visuals and less of text to make it more appealing. 

Not responsive design  

Today’s internet accesses are no longer limited to PCs. There are a full range of gadgets through which the browser can visit the website. Making the user interface compatible with the PCs alone will make the potential users that browse through smartphones and other portable devices. When the user interface is compatible with PCs alone, the user on the smartphone will not be able to get the right view of the website or the product information stated there. This may lead to a loss of potential customers in the market.

Bad information architect 

Investing efforts to be creative in the design and stand out from the crowd is a good idea. Too much creativity may sometimes turn the situation upside down. Website Designers Bangalore will come to your assistance in this regard.  They assist you with the right balance in visual hierarchy and leave a long-lasting impression on the users and deliver more information to them.

Poor performance 

The poor performance of the website is due to slow loading time and glitches. If the animation on the site is too slow, it turns out to be one of the contributing factors for bad UI design. Slow loading websites tend to lose many potential customers. Trust factor of the website for the visitors goes down. More clicks you have for the customers to reach the purchase page, more are the chances of losing customers or their intentions to purchase.

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