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A professional graphic design is crucial for any online business to succeed because what matters the post is positivity. There is no question of ignoring graphic design as it can be a very important step in setting up and maintaining the brand value. This is what companies offering web design services in Bangalore have been doing. So, here is taking a look at the 7 best reasons why your business requires a professional graphic design.

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1. Brand Recognition

A compelling logo speaks a lot about your company and maintains the brand image. The design should be attractive, functional and professional as if crafted for the target audience. With the help of graphics, your brand should offer a quick connection to the amazing products and services you offer. Along with recognition, brand consistency can also be acquired with great graphics. 

2. Unity in Company

Building a company requires identity and your employees should be committed to the brand. A compelling graphic design means more web pages, publications, journals and more, this elevates the identity of the organization. A proper graphic design gives more sense of commitment among the employees. It’s all a matter of confidence because a logo gives competence, integrity, leadership and conversion. Employees are always attracted to confidence which makes a strong sales team. 

3. Lucid Communication

A graphic design is useful for communication and positivity. Graphical images must send a positive note to the visitors and customers. The design should be clear, crisp and must render the right message. Visual ads can help in better communication of ideas. You don’t even need words if you communicate well via designs. Effective graphic design produces a lot of engagement for the audiences. 

4. Value for Money

Its worth spending on graphic design because customers are more lured towards the logo and other images. Create a budget so that you do not end up overspending. If the question is why your business needs a graphic design? It’s simply because you get value for the money spent. A brand is no thing without good graphics because images speak louder than words. 

5. Professionalism 

The first impression is the last impression and this is even truer in the realm of online business. People do not have so much of time to see one particular thing time and again or understand tougher meaning. Compelling graphics is always presentable and helps in maintaining professionalism. Cheap designs means a cheap company, it gives loads of negativity. A good logo will take fraction of seconds to render positive message, thus increase the level of professionalism. 

6. Graphic Design is Result Oriented

Graphic design is not only about making things pretty but also about the rate of conversion. A meaningful design can compel and entice customers to take quick and right action. It can be through anything, a website, brochure or a leaflet. 

7. Substantial Marketing 

Print media is here to stay even if the web gains total popularity. Print media will not be buried under the ground as it’s a vital part of marketing. What is a business without posters, leaflets, brochures, publications and other printed stuffs? The tangibility of this media form makes it extremely credible and people can well relate. Print media and graphic design goes hand in hand. 

If you had the doubt about investing in graphic design, its all clear now. Its now your turn to look for a web design service company in Bangalore


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Mobile first is a current trend; this is the reason why most of the companies are struggling to develop mobile-friendly websites. The term mobile first is all about being able to use a website on a mobile device seamlessly. It’s true that most of the time it is not possible to create a mirror image of the desktop version while developing mobile ones. But a mobile site aims to meet every essential function so that the mobile users get all important information in a concise way. A Website Development Company in Bangalore can offer the right mobile solution for your existing website. 

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Tips to make your website development with mobile friendly

  • Optimizing for touch screens
    • The method of interaction is a vast difference between desktop and mobile device. People are more used to swiping, zooming in and out with fingertips on mobiles. Simply implementing responsiveness is not sufficient for a perfect user experience. It’s also important to optimize the site for touch screens as well and for this proper navigation is very important.
  • Compress CSS, HTML and Images
    • The loading time is a big factor while optimizing a website for smaller screen. The visitors should not get frustrated by the amount of time need to wait for page loading. A mobile website means that the page will load within a second. Compress the high-resolution images to save mobile data, compress the CSS and HTML as well.
  • A better theme
    • For Wordpress websites, you just need to upgrade the theme to make your website mobile friendly. So, its time you replace your old theme with a new one. You might also use a plugin for optimizing your site for smaller screens but this method is not very much recommended. 
  • Choosing the right fonts
    • Tiny fonts are painful to the eyes and zooming in time and again is problematic. This spoils the entire user experience to use the perfect font that matches the screen size.

Why you are consideration mobile friendly while making your website designing

Here are a few reasons why you need to get a mobile-friendly website development and design:

More mobile users:

Billions of people are using a mobile device for instant access, imagine it’s so easy. You can do everything from a mobile and can take it along with you easily wherever you go. People rely on tablets or phone for online shopping and the e-commerce is a big industry. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on business revenue.

Social media at its best

No, can you ignore social media? Mobile users have increased mostly due to social media. Your business might get a bad review on social sites for not being mobile-friendly. Social media is responsible for driving positive traffic to your business.

SEO ranking

A mobile-friendly and responsive website improves SEO ranking. Google is more concerned about positive user experience and this can’t be achieved without responsiveness. Google has a different algorithm for mobile websites that are more focused on click-back times and bounce rates. So, no taking risk with Mr Google.

Improved user experience and branding

A mobile-friendly and responsive website ensures better user experience. There are so many mobile users and this is a high-utility device these days. Imagine not being able to access a website! Without user experience, your online business is a flop.

Final words

Look for a talented Website Design Company in Bangalore because it’s a challenge when it comes to designing for the smaller screen. It’s all about rendering the optimum user experience. For best user experience on mobile as well as desktop devices, a mobile-friendly website design works best. You need not worry about any constraints while accessing via mobile, slow loading time and other challenges. Google will not penalize because your website will load rapidly on any device. Mobile-friendly websites are a basically light, you need to take out all unnecessary stuff and keep only when you need to display. It’s all about focusing on the users without fluffs. This helps your business to get online success; it’s an asset for your trade.

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Are you looking for  best website design and development company in Bangalore

If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we are discussing the complete guide that website design and development company in Bangalore experienced in real and that compliance with the Google algorithm in 2018. Hope this article will help you. So, let’s get started:

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The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is that one should be completely aware and have knowledge about the changes done by Google in its algorithms for 2018. To be aware is not only necessary, but one should think beyond it. One should be fully updated as on what Google is emphasizing more. As per the observation by website development company in Bangalore, Google is emphasizing more on the publishers who provide excellent results to its users quickly and efficiently. Also, the security system is the main focus of Google.


The Google made the declaration of its mobile version update last year. It means Google allows you to place your website originally as mobile version. It enables user to search its devices on mobile. As we know that the people are more mobile users. The trend is changing so frequently and that’s why the website designers should be fully prepared to overcome the challenges. Google is well aware of the changes in emerging markets and so you should. Pre- planning should be done by website developers to match it up with the changing trends of Google Algorithm.


According to experience of website design companies in Bangalore, users generally look for fast and better search results. Google is trying to work on the overall satisfaction of its users. Google demand publishers to deliver fast and rich content. It will ultimately lead to increase in traffic on the website. Even if Google is making profit out of this by increasing its page viewers, still it is beneficial for the website creators. Badges on search results are introduced for users to easily find what they want. The publishers can get benefit by showing their potentialities through grabbing attention of users and increase traffic on their website. 

To do this, there are various easy ways by which you can structure data on your website. The Wordpress users can easily find user-friendly plugin and others can use simple code markups to make your data more structured. 


Undoubtedly, Google is now focusing more on the website speed. The website developers should work on increasing its page speed to be competence with the other pages and to get up ranked in Google. The users are searching for more quick accessibility and search results and thus Google wants to meet the demands of the users and want publishers to fulfill its needs.

So, these are some guidelines the website developers should follow to comply with the Trends and Google Algorithm changes expected to be occur in 2018.

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With the evolution and growth of web technologies, more people find technical SEO appealing. Technical SEO has been gaining heavily on popularity of late. We have seen huge spike in interest in 2017. And we are going to see more of it in 2018. As we all know, web has become really complex compared to before. It has been scaling beyond our expectations. Since keeping up with it has become really hard, more people will start specializing in Technical SEO in coming days. You will find plenty of Good SEO Companies in Bangalore.

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More data

More data is being created. Processing large amount of information brings its own complications. We need to be better equipped to deal with the challenges. Clickstream is an exciting thing that has happened of late. Many SEO tool companies have been open to using click stream data. 

Even Google has been doing their bit. They have been sourcing more data from their users of late. We can take the example of Google My Business Q&A. We believe it is going to be used for voice search. There have been forecasts which gave significance to structured data. You will come across lot of reliable SEO Experts in Bangalore.

We believe that there will be a point where Google will not even need the structured data. We have seen Google giving more important to rich results and Knowledge Graph information. Google has been displaying the data from other websites, for instance lyrics, weather, answers on their page. We can clearly see where it is headed – Google is going to look at other websites like data sources.

Mobile, Security, Speed

Google is all set to roll out the mobile-first index. And that is going to bring a sea change in the way SEO has been functioning. Everyone will be forced to focus their energies on mobile experience. And it is going to be a turning point for Technical SEO is as well. This gives so many options for layout and content design.

And Google has made it clear that they will give significance to speed as well. Security is another big issue which everyone cares about. Google has been promoting HTTPS for a long time. In fact, today they show “Not Secure” next to a website without HTTPS.

Fractured Web and the Expansion

The kind of growth we see in the web development is scary at times. Technologies come and go all the time, with very few sustain. So, web is fractured compared to before. It is really a challenge to keep up!

Increase in Number of Tools

The number of tools at our disposal for everything is astounding! We are going to experience sea change. JavaScript and Service Workers have been creating lot of noise. Lot of SEO tools are going to emerge. Given we have so much data to process there will be attempts to implement machine learning.

Google will Offer Help.

Google is going to offer some help. Google wants to serve the users in the best possible way. Nexevo Techologies expect Google to be more forgiving towards technical SEO problems. But we have no idea how Google will implement their strategy. In fact, Google has been giving more data than we can handle. They offer lot of tools for technical SEO.


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Negative SEO Tactics in 2018: 

When it comes to digital marketing, your website can be affected by competitors so that their website gets more visibility than yours. This is the online war that goes for but how will you handle a situation like this? You have definitely heard of negative SEO, it has been in the industry since the beginning. These days there are improved procedures and the digital marketing experts have more knowledge in this. 

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Now did you hear of Black Hat SEO? Unethical techniques are used to damage search engine ranking mainly of the competitors. You must always be ready for the risky negative SEO whenever you are launching a company website. If your website has been attacked, there is no need to panic because you can look for an SEO Service Provider in Bangalore who is experienced in fixing these issues.  

Take a look at the Negative SEO Tactics:

Removing good-quality links.

This is a very popularly used tactic but it’s a bit less effective now due to Google algorithm’s leniency. The best way to stay safe is to audit backlinks using tools like Goole Search Console, SEMRush and Ahrefs. Inform Google if your website is attacked, it’s a must. 

Duplication of content.

Your content should be useful and unique souse the Copyscape tool to ensure whether the content is copied on your website or not. If you discover that websites are recreating a single page or more, get in touch with the webmaster. If this is not effective, report scraping website using the copyright infringement report of Google. 

Removing your website from Google.

If you feel your website is harmed and it needs to be done right, remove it from Google. While doing this you need to be a bit cautious so that your employees do not quit. It is very important to do an audit of your rankings and traffic using Google Analytics Tools. You can also check the ranking manually in a browser. Do not ever give the ownership of your website to a third-party. 


Do you know that hacking is done without keeping in mind Negative SEO? If Google finds out that your website has been hacked, searchers will get a message in the search results. To prevent such things keep the software up-to-date. Are you using HTTPS? If not then do this investment immediately. Adding to it, lock directory and file permissions and use strong passwords. 

Distributed Denial-of-service Attacks.

The aim is to crawl your website time and again with automatic crawlers so that it’s difficult for your customers to use and tough for Google to crawl. Finally, it goes offline for excessive server load. To prevent this from happening, keep a track of the speed of your site. If you find the speed slowing continuously without any technical faults, get in touch with your hosting company for server log review. If your website is crashing, block those harmful crawlers with .htaccess and robot.txt. 


Negative SEO is a big threat and many websites go through the same but you can actually prevent it easily. For all your digital marketing needs, hire a trustworthy and experienced SEO Service Company in Bangalore.


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