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Do you run a Logistic Agency and looking for the best ways to draw maximum number of visitors and want them to be converted into more potential customers? Then a customized website would be the first right step for you. Read on more to know why.

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What is Logistic Agency

Logistic Agencies are business enterprises who deal with items to be reached to certain places at a specific time. In other words, they transport goods from one place to another for different purposes.

Many of them are associated with supply chains, like large retail stores or warehouses. A Logistical Agency can work with a wide range of other business types starting from printing to vehicle companies. They are also seen working for disaster relief groups and serving the Armed forces.

Advantages of customized web designs over Templates:

Here is a comparative view of A Customized Designed website and a Template Designed one.

Template Designed Website:

A Template website is mostly a collection of prebuilt linked pages. In these types of websites, the pages would have only a limited capacity of choice for things like colors and fonts and the lay-out would be generally unchangeable.

Custom Designed Website:

In Customized Website the pages could be managed as per your requirement and there is no limitation on your choices for the color, the font or the design, that you want to add or modify.

So here are the reasons why every logistics agency needs a custom website design


Template web designs would have a very limited set of functionalities and you would be left with little or no scope for any further changes or modification. Whereas in customized design you can keep adding or changing the look, pattern and functionality to your website as when you need them. As a Logistical Agency, the requirement of more number of functionality is evident. But you might not need them all at one go. If you choose a customized web design, the option of expanding your website functionality remains as your business expands.


Template websites are prebuilt designs that are available for all. If you choose one of them, you would find many other websites that have the same look and appearance and there won’t be any scope to differentiate yours from the crowd. As each Logistic Agency needs their own way of presenting themselves, it can be possible only through a customized web design.

Cost Effectivite

Though apparently a Template Designed Website might allure you because of its low price, ultimately you end up paying more as it doesn’t serve you any purpose. On the other hand, a Customized Web design can showcase the right picture of your Agency and as you grow in it, the web design can accommodate every feature to help you out in your tasks by digitizing the records as per your own standards.

Summing Up:

To round up, a Customized Web Design would always be beneficial as it would be tailored as per your taste and needs to give you a stand-alone position from your rivals.

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Trend prediction is always difficult, and even more so when it is to talk about the future of Web Development. This is because of the fact that this arena is an ever-changing one and the daily advances make predictability even weaker. But even then, Nexevo are here to talk about 7 of the most shocking facts about the future of Web Development as per the statement of experts. 

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7 things that can be rendered as the future of the Web Development

  • Emergence of better Artificial Intelligence – No we are not talking about the basic ones but the ones which respond to the user and the user environment in the most proactive manner. With the help of better web development, it is being rendered that the standard of artificial intelligence can be elevated and they will be more helpful for the people in general. The best website development companies in Bangalore are working on the same. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) will surface- This is very much like the artificial intelligence and better. Top Web Development Company in Bangalore has stated that this is one of the futuristic trends of the Web development platform. It is all about connecting an individual to all the objects of daily use so that more and more utility can be gained from the same. It can range from trivial stuff to even cloud connecting cars and that is the most astonishing factor of the lot. 
  • Rise of the older elements- Take the example of Python, which was a software language and can be traced back to the 1991. Since it is flexible and easy to use, this might resurface as the future of the further web developments. All the major social networking sites already use Python in an extensive manner. Web development will only inculcate it in its core. 
  • Self building websites- How cool is that? Shocked? Well, this is what can be done with the help of web development. Some of the web development services in Bangalore claim about the fact that there will be a time when the websites will be able to build themselves and the hosting can be done in a hassle free manner. There are a lot of businessmen who want their business to go online and yet have no idea how to build a website. This is definitely going to be a plus point for them. 
  • The use of Passwords and pins will be eliminated hereafter- No more remembering passwords! Sounds unbelievable? Well, the revolution has already started with the fingerprint sensor technique and is progressing with the GPS and accelerometer data. With this, you can literally feel it if someone else has the possession of your device. The more advanced the web development becomes, the faster the elimination process will be. 
  • Information Logistics- With the use of ample API (application programming interfaces), you will be able to share numerous content indifferent of the platform- which was an unbelievable thing to do earlier on. 
  • Progress of the digital marketing- The revolution has started way before but there is still some time left before reaching the culmination point. Gradually, every trivial thing is bound to be digitalized and every transaction will be occurring online. 


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A Responsive Web Design is the technique that is suggestive of the fact that both the development and the design should be able to respond to the behavior as well as the environment of the specific user. This is the next-gen application that is going to boost your SEO to a great extent. But there are some aspects of the responsive web design in Web Designing Bangalore which are unknown and this write-up is all about revealing them so that the next time you are making use of responsive web design, you are actually aware of the benefits that it is going to yield. 

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Some secrets about the Responsive Web Design creation:

  • Intricate detailing about image creation- If you are creating an image, think about its final presentation in the devices other than the one in which you are creating the image. Thus you have to create it so that they are compatible for each and every device. 
  • Make an ideal use of the light- No one wants a glaring presentation ample enough to dazzle their eyes. So ensure the usage of light is balanced and is alluring. 
  • Develop precise content- People do not read a lengthy content so say what you have to in a compact manner without missing out on any major points. Also don’t forget to increase the readability of the same. 
  • Make futuristic designs- Think out of the box and create something unconventional so that the visitors can be lured towards your website and you can have better traffic. Do a general behavioral analysis to find out how you can do the web designing. 

Some secretive SEO benefits of the website via Responsive Web Designing according to Web Design Companies in Bangalore that no one talks about-

  • It improves the visibility of your website- An ideal responsive Web Design is rendered as the basic element in order to increase traffic with elevated visibility. This is because the easier it is to navigate through the website, the better will it be the traffic reviews. Customer journey is definitely elucidated with the help of responsive web design. 
  • The page loading speed is faster- It is necessary for a page to load fast so as to gain a high rank among the search engine results. A responsive web design assures that no matter what device is being used. 
  • It lessens the Bounce Rate- In case you do not know what that is, it is the time in which the visitors retreat from your website. If your web designing is not done in the perfect manner, then this Bounce Rate may go high. Do NOT let that happen. 
  • Check plagiarism as far as possible- Visitors go through a number of websites everyday and they do not appreciate duplication of content at all. So it is for you to keep in check that the content that is being posted on your site is not only Search Engine Optimized but also free from any sort of plagiarism at all. 
  • Planning for the mobile users- If you want increased traffic, then you will definitely have to think about the mobile users at the same time. This is because the major portion of the traffic comes from portable devices so ensure that it is mobile user friendly. 

In a nutshell, it is always a heads up to know in a great detail about the Responsive Web Design.

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5 ways in which voice search with change SEO

In last 2 to 3 days a rapid growth in the use search has been noticed and why not? This voice search itself is quite easy, convenient and effective that allows anyone to search while travelling or on the go and is regarded quite a cool thing. So according to SEO experts voice search feature is here to stay and will not vanish anytime soon. It is safe to say that voice search will change SEO and to comply with this tech voice search technology SEO experts and marketers are modifying their strategies to suit the voice search.

Voice Search will Change SEO, SEO Companies in Bangalore

Nexevo Technologies which is one of the most reputed SEO Company in Bangalore is trying to give few tips to make you well prepared to embrace this change.

Using natural speech patterns

We need to remember one thing that speaking and typing are entirely different things as most people don’t speak the way they usually type. Like while typing we tend to use shorthand to save time but that’s not the case when we speak. Because of these dissimilarities between typing and speaking, it is becoming more important for voice search and SEO experts to catch on users’ natural speech patterns. One useful tool to do this is Rank tracker which lets you type different keywords along with wildcards to help you develop specific language that reflects the natural speech patterns of voice search users in a better way.

More importance of smartphone

An extensive global research suggests that more than half of search queries come from phones around the world. So it shows how much important smartphone has become. As a result, SEO experts need to build their strategy around mobile instead of a computer. The first thing to be done before going into the details of the voice search trend is to take Google’s mobile-friendly test, which will determine the rank of your page on a mobile platform and whether your page is mobile friendly or not. Thus, after checking with this tool you can proceed accordingly. Another useful tool in this category is Website auditor which comes with content analysis feature to suit your needs.

Contents should possess a conversational tone.

Voice search and its rise spell the end for traditional contents for your website matching exact keywords. In order to embrace these change SEO marketers should give emphasis to contents written in a more conversational tone to suit the needs of the voice searchers. Google has pointed out some important micro moments based on their urgencies that a SEO expert should understand. These are I want to do moment, I want to know moment, I want to go moment and I want to buy moment. Urgency is the common factor in those above mentioned micro moments that should be understood to develop your contents.

Location based search

Location plays a vital role in most of the searches. So, setting up your website for local search becomes more important especially when you own a local run business.

Giving more emphasis on reviews

The number of reviews is getting more important with every passing day. So, try to encourage your customers to leave reviews on your website whether it is positive or negative to enhance the ranking of your site to users who voice search frequently. According to experts, these are the ways to be prepared when the voice search will change the future of SEO.

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The technological boom that started in the early 2000s in the form of advancement of computer and information technology is on the rise rapidly and is steadily reaching its pinnacle in the form of cheap internet, smart phone, and computer. Nowadays a business whether it is small or big tends to create a website to reach more people thereby is an active strategy of the growth process of any business. But, the mere launching of a website is not enough; it should be structured in such a way that it becomes SEO friendly and attracts more traffic from all over the world or a particular location. So, SEO navigation optimization is very much necessary.

SEO Navigation Optimization, SEO Navigation Best Practices

Nexevo Technologies which is one of the most reputed SEO Service Companies in Bangalore is trying to guide you through some important facts about site navigation.

Universal navigation

When visitors visit any site, their first priority is to navigate swiftly and easily as no one has got plenty of time to indulge in these matters. So, to ease up the process of navigation, most website like Amazon, Flipkart have navigation strips with active and systematic links to some major sections of the particular site.

Certain tools are available in the market like Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is mostly recommended by SEO experts to build your universal navigation properly.

Drop down menus

Navigating a site is said to be incomplete without the dropdown menus. While structuring the drop down menus try to keep in mind few things like HTML script is a must for drop down menus as according to experts, Search engines can’t read any other script except HTML.

Try not to use too many links in the drop down menus as links are already given in the universal navigation page. Don’t make drop down menus compulsory and allow the users to navigate without using the drop down menus especially tablet user and windows 8 users.

Active filters

In case your website is product based and the number of products is more than 20 on a navigation page then filter is necessary so that visitors can read through their desired topic or service or products. While making filters, keep in mind to give the filter a specific order and the filter shouldn’t be in an indexed form.

Product pages

After the category pages come the systematic structuring of product pages. Always keep in mind that SEO experts suggest that navigation in product page is as important as navigating in a category page. While constructing the product page make sure that the visitor can navigate back and forth and can jump from one product page to another.

Vertical linking of product pages or breadcrumbs

When a site is well structured, breadcrumbs are not necessary as visitors tend to navigate in between the top navigation and content on a product page. Breadcrumbs are generally used to show the visitors the overall alignment of the product page in respect to the whole website.

Horizontal linking

Do you often hop around relevant products in Amazon or jump from one relevant videos to other in YouTube? If yes then remember that this is possible because those particular sites have horizontal linking that enables you to jump from one product page to another. So, while constructing a SEO friendly page, don’t forget to add horizontal linking. Lucid, descriptive images to be used in a site While creating a site it is the expert’s suggestion to use images with a proper description of it to attract more traffic to your site and makes your site SEO friendly.


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