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Now, a day’s most business whether it is big or small has its own website. Having a website is important but understanding the SEO and improving it is more important than having just a website. Basically, SEO is search engine optimization that should be an integral part of the growth strategy of any business. SEO is simply trying to get the best out of your website by getting it up higher as possible in Google and Bing search results.

Ten SEO Fundamentals, The Fundamental Guide To SEO In 2017

Below we will try to provide the fundamental guide to SEO In 2017

Monitoring your standings with the help of certain tools

Whether your SEO effort is bearing fruits or not can only be determined by constant monitoring of your websites rank and search standings. According to experts’ recommendation, there are certain vital SEO apps like Google toolbar, Alexa and more that will help you a lot to monitor your website ranking and with that you can determine whether your SEO effort is working or not.

Special attention to keywords

According to experts it is of absolute necessity to put appropriate keywords throughout your site starting from URLs to various contents, titles, image names and much more. So, try to be a bit of  strategic while using keywords or else you will be termed as a spammer for stuffing large amount of keywords.

Systematic integration of internal links

Nexevo Technologies recommend any site owner to systematically integrate internal links into his/her site which as a result will help to boost the traffic to a particular page. It is mostly recommended to link back your archives while creating contents for your webpage. Try to avoid excessive linking as it tends to frustrate the visitors.

Simple yet search friendly URLs

While naming the URL of your site try to make it search friendly by using simple yet proper keywords. According to SEO experts this can have a positive effect on the SEO ranking of your website.

Creating a proper sitemap.

According to experts of Nexevo technologies, which is one of the best SEO Company in Bangalore the fewer clicks needed to get to a page the better, it will be for the page. This can only be achieved if a proper site map is added to the other pages on your site.

Flash is too flashy for SEO

Flash might make your site look beautiful but has basically no SEO functions. So, according to Search Engine Journal, too much of Flash, frames and Ajax are not suitable for getting the best SEO results.

Lucid image descriptions

If your website is image centric try to make your image as descriptive as possible as according to experts the visible texts around the images holds importance for SEO.

Fresh contents

Contents are an integral part of any website. So to get the best out of your page, your contents should be fresh, original and should be updated periodically as per the market needs.

Sharing on social media

Try to share the links of your website across various leading social media platforms as it affects your SEO score in a positive manner.

Linking with other sites

The easiest way to direct more traffic to your website is to create a healthy relationship with other websites and nurture it as this will prove to be an integral part of the growth strategy of your business in the near future.

These are ten fundamental SEO tips for beginners as suggested by SEO experts.

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If you are looking/searching for the best CMS which are also SEO friendly, then you are at the perfect place in this regard.

WordPress is one of the best SEO friendly CMS out there on planet earth. More than 50% of bloggers are using WordPress for their content management systems. It is giving the best features for the SEO purpose of their blogs. Have a look at the below points that make WordPress best from others.

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It allows you to write human readable URL that is SEO friendly:

WordPress lets you write your desirable human readable URLs like “acne-widget.html.” They are very easy to read for the users. Not only it is easier for all the users to read, share and write but it is also convenient for the search engines to understand that it is unique page having the actual file name. WordPress is best for providing the human readable URLs for the SEO purpose. That’s why more than 50% of the bloggers use this platform. If you want to get/avail the services of best web design Company in Bangalore to create your website, then you have to contact here. 

WordPress is best for Page keywords that result in a better score of SEO:

You might have heard now that google is not putting weight, negative or positive in the keywords that you will define in your Meta tags. But all search engines haven’t abandoned them. So, you have to maintain your keywords for the better results. You have to set better keywords according to the content. WordPress is also allowing the page keyword facility for the better SEO service. You have to select this CMS for your site. Best website development companies in Bangalore also prefer WordPress over all other CMS platforms. 

The 301 Redirects is also allowed in WordPress:

If you are moving your content from one place to another within your site, then you have to take care of the fact that the users will come to the particular page with the new URL. Just redirecting or linking them to the particular new page is not enough. You have to set 301 redirects which will keep all the search engines informed of you any content changes. The ranking of the page will not be harmed. This redirect will take the users to the right and perfect place and will also inform to the search engines that new location is now the official URL from now to onwards. It will update the index, score, and weight from old URL to the new URL. The best web design company in Bangalore is using the platform of WordPress.

Breadcrumb navigation for analyzing your site:

Sometimes the SEO or your site will be affected by the manner in which all of your site pages are linked. The breadcrumb navigation will not help the bloggers but also will provide a particular structure to use while analyzing your site. Fortunately, this feature is also there on the WordPress platform. That’s why it is a most used platform in Website Development Bangalore. All of the best CMS including WordPress knows the importance of all above points and they are giving in their platforms. So, after reading this, if you are going to develop a website for your business, then you have to contact best web design Company in Bangalore that is available here for your help. 

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E-commerce is a very important sector of online marketing which is widely expanding and spreading. There are many pros and cons in this sector of online marketing. Today we are going to discuss The Future of E-commerce Website Development of Bangalore. The factors that pulled companies to come and settle in Bangalore, the reason behind their actions are to be discussed in details.

The Future Of Online Business Through Ecommerce Web Development

Once upon a time Michigan and San Francisco were the centers of Global web and software developers. But now Bangalore has emerged as a choice for the people in this field of marketing and supply. There is a good number of e-commerce website Development Company in Bangalore. Reputed ecommerce website design companies like Infosys, Capegmini , Wipro, TCS etc have set their roots in Bangalore. The government has brought many laws and legal rules for the e-commerce website design company in Bangalore which are settling in the city. There is a trend nowadays of certification of companies with various agencies. The government has made it compulsory to bring in an agency to check functionality and other aspects of the company. This move by the Karnataka government is the right one to check on DA and BA of the companies. To be a little different, a company should always project their functionality in a better way than the rest of the companies. Many small companies are there who render themselves as e-commerce Website Development Company in Bangalore.

The start up companies often struggles for projects especially in the case of e-commerce. One may also do door to door projects but the result can be zero. Often it has been documented that e-commerce website development is an extremely challenging job. Though over the years many companies have come still a lot of things need improvement. According to Mr. Micheal Ambroj, chairman of the Bangalore board of directors for the e-commerce Industry, there are many challenges, which are yet to be addressed online and offline.


  • Conventional style of marketing is still people’s favorite. There are various reasons behind it but the result is they are stuck in their comfort zone.
  • People are not prepared yet from their mind for online businesses with e-commerce web development.
  • There is a myth that OFFLINE PURCHASING offers better deals as you can bargain face to face with the seller. This is one of the reasons old timers are not in favor of online marketing. As a result, the companies are targeting only youth and a very big portion of the people are left out.
  • There are many things which are hard to sell online. Many things are there that needs accuracy from buyers’ point of view.

Various challenges are there in The Future of Online Businesses with E-commerce Web Development. We will see many changes in E-commerce Web Development Design Trends. Many reviews have been noticed where it is stated that in Bangalore filth is progressing with good quality work. But this theory was dismissed after investigating the claim thoroughly.  We are moving towards a better future where possible errors of web development will be completely eliminated and the production of quality work will be at its best.


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Hello, guys today in this article we are going to tell you about why you need local SEO and why local SEO is important for a business. Local SEO is very effective for any type of online business work. It helps to promote business's products and services to local customers at the minimum time, that's why it is called 'local' SEO. It allows you to set your business on search engines and other platforms of Digital marketing. 

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There is much importance of local search engine optimization in the market now. If you want to search any SEO services in Bangalore city and for every local company or business in Bangalore, there are so many SEO companies in Bangalore which can grow up your business and build success through the strategies of Local SEO. 

Here are the 7 Facts about why local SEO is important for a business below:

SEO is costly or not

Every business needs some investment, so in this way, SEO also need some investment and this investment with a high return. 

Reasons for SEO campaign might expensive:

  • Good research and content writing
  • New website with little or no SEO
  • Competitive keywords
  • Costs of establishing a brand and presence online
  • National ranking

Sharing and Link Building 

Another important of use of SEO is the making of potential partnerships between two business firms. It makes a connection amongst them and helps in social sharing purposes. In this procedure, it helps marketers to meet clients who can help you to develop your business. 

It helps other to find your website

Your website is the main point of your business contact and advertisements. Your website can easily connect with your audiences. It is important to use SEO to find your website to your audiences easily. SEO plays a vital role here. SEO gets your business found, loved, promote and noticed.

It will build trust 

SEO will make a strong and better trust at your website. It creates a marketing message that's in line with your business strategies. You can blindly trust on local SEO services and local SEO strategy. 

It attracts the new people or customers

If you really want to develop your business, then you should attract new customers as well.  You cannot take your business to the next level by existing customers.

Competition with the competitors

By the help of SEO, you can also beat your competitors and stay behind all your competitors. You have to work on your SEO daily and invest on SEO to overtake your competitors easily. 

Help in business extensions and create brand

Local SEO is targeting the audience in the area where business is established, you will get positive reviews or response from new customers too. This will create a unique brand of identity.

At lasts we hope that you liked our article if you really want any SEO services in Bangalore then you might contact SEO Companies in Bangalore which provides and services like above. If you have any query please make comments in the comment box. Thanks for visiting. 


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types of website navigation, website navigation menu

Digital marketing has boosted the power of the internet and provide a new path to the public for the internet. Almost everyone is surfing the internet and getting

a lot of information regarding their doubts. Currently, you can find anything on the internet with the help of websites. In simple words, we can say the internet is a sea of websites where every news or information is available.

While looking for information on websites, Navigation plays an important role to help us to find whatever we are looking for. If navigation of a website is good then it is beneficial for both users and owner. Most of the time, it is observed that website’s navigation is not planned properly which results in a lot of problems for users and owner.

If websites navigation is not clear, having a lot of confusing words then it is a bad indication for the owner. At that time, it is very difficult to rank on a search engine which ultimately results in the low audience for it. So we should always try to create attractive navigation for a perfect website. Even you can also take help from website design and Development Company in Bangalore. So let us move ahead towards few basic fundamentals for perfect website’s navigation.

  • Without proper planning, we can’t perform any task perfectly. While creating navigation of websites also, we should have a perfect planning in terms of our website’s content. A perfect planning is only possible when we put our self as a visitor to our website. Perfect planning is the root of successful work or task.
  • A clear and easy to understood navigation results in perfect website. Always try to make your website as much as clear for visitors so that they can find whatever they need. If this is possible on your website, then only you can say that I have created perfect navigation for website.
  • Try to make a concise navigation or menu of your website. For that, we have to limit the number of items in our navigation for better results of our website. If you provide few items to the visitor as a choice then it is easy to select for them. It will be helpful for them to find correct things whatever they are looking for otherwise they will divert from their path.
  • A great navigation of the website is only possible if we focus on information architecture. We should always try to make architecture as flat as possible. This will bring good results for you in many terms. Try to design navigation in such a way that visitor can get required information with in one or two clicks.
  • Last but not least, always try to design user-friendly navigation for your websites along with an easy and attractive language. Do not try to include much more confusion or difficult words otherwise visitor will not understand means of that which results in loss of visitor. For that, you can go for website design and development services in Bangalore. They will help to make perfect Website Navigation including all these points.


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