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Search enging optimization has been one of the most misunderstood and misread terms in the era of marketing. SEO is not recommended for your business it is essential for your growth of business in this growing period of technology and online business. SEO creates a solid market platform for small, mid-sized and even for the large business.

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SEO is a viable marketing option which will generate leads and good potential customers and increase your business growth. Many of the studies have also shown that SEO is one of the better option of ROI in comparison of other traditional forms of marketing like Banner and TV ads. SEO marketing is not a magic for increasing the business but it will create business visibility globally, Brand value, High ROI, Web Traffic and more. Which is ultimately generate some revenue for your business. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of SEO for your business.

SEO increase your business presence globally and increase brand value: 

  • When any people looks out of for your product online obviously you want to appear high in the search engine rankings as possible and you want them to click through website. There is certain amount of value if your site is appearing high in SERP for the terms directly related to your product or service. Most people don’t just search once and click on website and done with it, they would search ad click on some websites and might edit their search terms and search again and then click on websites. 
  • It means that if your site visibility continuously appearing in all search result chances are very good that people will click through your website and you can get some potential customers. AS you have been appearing in different terms of SERP that will increase the trust of searcher and increase your brand value. Which is most important for your business growth.  

SEO generates your business Traffic:

  • It is very true traffic will not get money for you. But if you rather have shop in the middle of any popular building like time square all those people which are passing through that building won’t make money for you and chances are that only quiet few of them will become your customer so you still have to make your best effort for selling your product.
  • But in SEO the people which are visiting your site is almost qualified leads they were looking for business like you and they found you, so it shows they have a need or interest in your product or service which increase the chance of getting some revenue for business.



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If you have been running a SEO organization or company you have to keep your customer happy and satisfied for that you have to provide them a quality product and excellent customer service. It has been so difficult to retain the client as they are freakier and not get please with work quickly. Luckily, if you keep them excited, you will enjoy higher profits and your clients will return again and again. At the same moment, they also get recommend your services to other customers.

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The competition is too high in the market so you have to come up with the best idea to become different from your competitors. In most of the case of SEO professional’s client retention is harder than client acquisition. Client retention can indirectly impact client acquisition. If you are having the low retention rate of the customer there are many chances of dissatisfaction of customer and they are not happy with your services. Unsatisfied clients will tell bad things about your company or you as a consultant to the people they know.

There are so many companies in Bangalore who will get your client retention with best of their SEO service. Bangalore is the biggest IT Hub in India and undoubtedly it has so much professional talent and experience people of team to complete out this work. Just like Nexevo technologies one of the Best SEO Company in Bangalore.  There are so many basic things that we have to take care of for getting retention of our customer. Below are some of the points which help you out to understand how you can make retention of customer online with SEO.

  • Educate your client
  • Describe Process
  • Prepare and strategy document of SEO and send it to client with time duration of work completion.
  • Clear out the goals for future work
  • Constant updates
  • Honesty with client about the work
  • Work delivery on time or possibly before time with good result.
  • Which will create your positive impression in customer mind.
  • Tweak your campaigns
  • Study competitors website and get the idea of work.

This are some of the basic step you should remember for client retention. But the work deliver by the professional companies would be very effective so you can hired the best of the SEO Company like Nexevo and get your online customer retention.

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The year 2016 was all about Google’s Material Design and Responsive Design. Now it’s only a month left for the New Year to arrive with that high curiosities are bound to arise on what’s next is in store? On the other side the news came out in market that according to report of Smart Insights there would be 8.58% tablet devices account for most of the e-commerce sales. There has been a direct co-relation between an e-commerce website and web designing. In the tough competition of business around the world there is no sense for making a website which does not perform well and sustain in the market. Because at the end of the all is matters is how much revenue we earn from our site.

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Reality is that consumers today not gone a look out for more information on website, today they prefer to see visual explanation and make their decision which is easy to understand and time saving. A website with the latest designing trends gets clicks easily from customers. The company who provides service of Ecommerce Website development in Bangalore always follow the latest trend and techniques for making E-commerce sites and deliver best customer satisfaction.

E-commerce that you have to look out for 2017?

Trend 1: Mobile Design to look forward:

Now it’s not about adaptive or responsive design it’s all about making easier access on mobile website. Websites will start using hamburger menus by occupying the complete width of the screen. The dominance of buttons, icons, and images of large size is going to increase.

Trend 2: Growth in demand of Material Design:

In 2017 the material design is going to soar. No doubt websites and e-commerce web development are going to benefit from it.

Trend 3: Lazy Loading Speed with Long Scrolls:

The word lazy sounds to be disheartened but it will prove more beneficial also as more time loading a page give you chance to add more products. So instead of loading a completely new page, now a customer can see more products in one single page view.

Trend 4: Putting Hamburgers on Left side

The normal trend of keeping the hamburger menu on the right side is going to change. From 2017, onwards, you will see it on the left side. Wondering why? Well, according to the bootstrap framework, designers had put the navigation bar on the right side by default. From next year, one will see the hamburger menu on the left side. Even the search engine giant, Google has started following the trends.

Trend 5: GIFs, Cinema graphs, video clips and more:

All of us know those funny short clips which had occupied the internet all over and adding that GIFs are going to add life in that. This time it will come back as cinema graph.

Trend 6: Using Bright Colours:

In 2017, websites will focus more on the demographics of the audience. On the basis of websites which people of a specific age group access, e-commerce websites will tune the colour to match the choice and preferences of the website. 

Many things wait in the coming year. Most of Ecommerce Web Design Company Bangalore which is IT Hub of India will be looking forward it. 



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In era of today’s world the internet marketing has grasp a different terms and definition from what it had earlier before. The word marketing himself says all that it gives profit to many business companies, industries and other corporate sectors. Internet has its own benefits and now there value has been increased due to modern technology and its advance usage. Now a day it does not matter what is the margin of your company or how much big or small you are the work should done effectively.

Earlier the business was unreachable to many of the people. Less information led to slow and low productivity of the companies. The working was not sophisticated enough. So to gain some profit companies have brought certain changes in their working patterns. They started to prepare website which gives complete information to the customer. Besides, every small activity of business is now taking place online. Right from dealing with a client to transaction, all possible service is available on internet.

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Magento Website Design Company in Bangalore has given the new face to your online business which will have a positive impact on customer. E-Commerce is complicated – we all know that and sometimes we all make it more complicated than it needs to be (but that’s a topic for another day!). Magneto is fairly straightforward in the main in this structure. You can find lots of template for ecommerce which makes it professional and get started your website very quickly. 

In India there are so many Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore which are providing this services and get expand your business online.  E-commerce business means a process of purchasing and selling of the goods through online and using electronic means and this process is simple and easy to operate as this is safe from all unnecessary threats. Now companies prefer to go in this online dealing because of the introduction of digital marketing which helps you to generate the huge profit from online sales. And let’s grow the visibility of your business globally. 

Promoting websites and giving profit of smooth online business is the ultimate purpose of digital marketing. If you are new to this technology and don’t know how and from where to start then Magento Web Design Company in Bangalore will take all your worries and get all done for you and make a creative E-commerce website and let’s get started your business globally and generate a good revenue for your business.

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“Hey, did you check my website?”

“Yes, but it did not interest me much.”

These are words are probably forbidden for you if you have just get stepped to start your own website. Because the customer has become very efficient and educated and aware of things what work in the market so it gets tougher for the business to win overs their customer credibility. When you plan of designing a website it is extremely important for you to know how significant it is for your website to be captivating and attractive to customers. There are many ways to give the required appeal to your website however in order to generate minimum profit you can’t discount on the essentials. Let us see what factors should be incorporated to increase revenue through improved web designing. 

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Colour selection with good combination:

Using right colour combination for the website is one of the most important factors that should be consider as important while designing a website. The moment a reader opens your website, before content or images, colour is the primary factor that gets a reader’s attention. Colour combinations might vary according to the purpose of websites but they need to be used wisely in order to gain attention of the readers.

Text should be precise and more engaging:

Imagine you are in too much hurry to find something on internet and more important once you read there you find long paragraphs. How would you feel? Definitely you will go for alternate option. However you don’t let go your customer for alternate option. Make sure that you provide relevant content in order to engage their customers and it has given positive results.

Responsive Web design:

We all know how technology is capturing every sector of market. Use of the desktop and laptops are getting minimal with an increased usage of smart phones. Your website should be responsive supported and mobile friendly. According to one survey 57.55% people are using smart phones for browsing internet. The Responsive Web Design Company Bangalore is been professional service provider. Their aim is to keep your website mobile-friendly in order to increase traffic for your website. The more readers you would have, the more chances of generating revenue would be. So people prefer Responsive Web Development companies Bangalore for making their site mobile friendly.

Use of Media:

Put yourself under the shoes of the reader and then open your website. It’s the time that media is becoming powerful mode of marketing there are various websites, which have minimal content and all the relevant information is been provided in the form of relative images and videos. It is a very effective technique, which holds reader’s interest and hence increases sales.



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