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Like many of the small business owners you also believe that your business won’t get benefit from having a website or thinking that it will get overhead of your budget or maybe you think you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers but these all are misconceptions. In this 21st century the trend has been changed people get small to bigger think from online which is easy to get in reasonable cost and saves time. If you are also and start-up and looking to capture the market & grow your business you need to have online presence through website and SEO. In India SEO Company in Bangalore the city which is called as an IT HUB of India they are likely to implement these strategy for growing online business. These are the 10 Reasons which shows why you need website and SEO for growth of your business. In India SEO Company in Bangalore which 

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Gain credibility in business with proper website and optimization.

Today people search on the internet for product and services they need. So you need a website to make your product visibility or else your potential customer will go to your competitor’s side which provide that service with online presence. So you need a website which is user friendly and well optimized which is having good user experience website and let consider all the factors which is acknowledge by search engine.

A website saves you money and SEO earns the money.

As a small business owner you might thought that you won't able to afford a professional website which might cost up to 150$ or more but not in all case you can start it from small site such as 40 to 50$ and get your online visibility and do SEO for your business which will get some good business output for your business by generating online leads which can be turned in your potential customer and generate revenue for your business. Especially Website Development Company in Bangalore helps in making your website look professional with highly optimized SEO.

It will enable you to keep customer informed

If you want to introduce any new product or service you can update it on website by writing blogs or email- marketing and it will make your customers informed about the changes or updation in your business cycle.

A website and SEO makes possible to target a wider customer

Whether you provide the service or selling products your website needs alternative location to sell them if you are retailer then ecommerce website is a great place to make visible your product or service to wider market and with good optimization chances of appearing your sites high is more.

It is always accessible

A website is available to both your regular and potential customers 24/7/365 providing them with the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed.


A professional looking Web site can always level the playing field for smaller companies trying to compete against larger enterprises with high optimized SEO and grasp a good online reputation.

Ranking in local search directly leads to increased visits and sales

If you are running a local business and having E-commerce website for it. If you run a local business optimizing your site for local search is absolutely critical. More and more consumers are using local search queries to identify local businesses and to find locations, hours and directions. 

Reached to more customer 

With online presence your product or service is just not limited to your shop you can be in New York but your customer might be from Scotland.

Get the website top in Google

If you have made your online presence of your business now it’s time to get it on top air. Properly optimizing your site and content are key to achieving top rankings and therefore any degree of search visibility. And it can get you on top in Google search rankings.

Top Customer service

When customers can log onto your Web site and easily find the information they want-when they want it-their satisfaction increases.


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Christmas is a joyful season for everyone families and friends come home and get reunion and their most awaited wish gets fulfil. Many of the people as per company perspective gets Christmas bonus so they can enjoy the season of Christmas happily with their loved ones and make purchase of products to give gifts to their families and friends. The important question for ecommerce business person is that how to create online store and ensure that this holiday will also be joyful for your business. Because most of small and mid-sized retailers make 20% to 40% of annual revenue during this period. Many of the Website Designing Company in Bangalore mainly focus to provide the service of creating online store during this period and attract more customers which will help to grow your business and generate some good profit for your business. 

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The best tips to create online store at season of Christmas and get more customers and generate business.

  • The first and most important thing is during Christmas holiday is your online store should match the colour and spirit of Christmas which gives the good feel and look to the store of website and further you can modify the button and pictures for the occasion which attracts the more customer. 
  • You can also add a little extra to your parcels by adding some Christmas goodies (candies, postcards…).
  • Many of the Website Development Company Bangalore does the activity like they create the online store with some customizable tool which allows the changes in your web store easily and quickly you can also adopt the same strategy.  
  • Create a contest like consistently searching for a symbol or mascot among all your web-store pages which makes the customer to browse through whole your online pages and which makes them able to see all of your products and increase the chance of your sales.
  • The main focus should be given on the Call to Action Button (CTA). It  should be designed very well and eye catching and make with catchy title as Christmas sale or else once the person click on CTA it increase the chance of sales and create some business value. And the redirection link given to the CTA should open the relevant page. 
  • Check that your online store is secure SSL Certificate is current and there are no issues with your payment gateways and you should have display of Returns Policy on your web store.
  • During the holiday season most of the purchase are meant to be the gifts for friends and families. So you can provide an additional facility of writing personal message on their product package. And you can allow gift wrapping service which might be paid or free whichever is suitable.
  • Your contact details should be easily found on every page of your web store and make the use of advertising boxes and catchy images to display Christmas special product on home page and attract the more customer and try to tell your unique story to all of the visitors comes to your website in About Us page.

This is some of the important guidelines which can help you to create the good online store at season of Christmas and generate some good profit from your business try it now. 



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Redesign of a website would be like walking into the minefield in terms of search engine optimization. And the worst case scenario would be you could lose all your search engine ranking and have to start from scratch but it won’t happen as long as you perform the transition of redesign of website correctly. One of the most important things you have to remember is that search engine is the most important part for your targeted audience of new website. While making the changes in website you have to make sure you have made the changes in a way that it is user friendly for search engine and easy to understand which includes domain, site, links etc...Which will not effect on your previous ranking? Most of the Website Development Company in Bangalore keeps this in mind while applying changes in website or in updating.

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There are some basic things you should always remember while making the changes in website so that it won’t effect on your search engine result.

  • Responsive design - you have to ensure that site is responsive and support on all devices from your smart phone to your larger desktop monitor.
  • Allows the keyword within the address of your relevant page and always ensure the keyword you have promoted earlier which have good ranking on Google are not removed so you can get benefit of that traffic. 
  • Try to use easy image tagging with keyword 
  • Usage of the text labels make it more simple and efficient which enforce of important keywords with heading tags etc...
  • Try to create in build blogging tools which give you more comfort for posting regular content on your website. Most of the Website Development Services Bangalore provides this service which is very useful and effective. And also try to put the redirection link of different social media platforms which helps you to get more visibility on your social media pages.
  • You cannot forget that behind the scene coding has been already optimized for search engine.
  • Redesign of website means getting changes in the URL for the pages it’s important that you use 301 redirects to inform search engine that website content has been permanently moved to new location. This is how you can inform the search engine that the new or similar content it’s safe to assign the same rank to the new page. So while changing the page you should always take care of it.
  • One of the very important thing that you should always remember that transition from old website to new website if includes a change of domain name. Then you should breaking down the process into two separate steps. First move old site to new domain name setting the redirection 301 one-to-one after that you can launch new website with new domain with correct redirects.

Making changes in the website will not get you good result but applying the correct method and its implementation will give you good business value of your hard work. The steps explain ahead will definitely help you in remember of some important points which you should take in consider to get the benefit of the work you have done earlier.

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In recent years there has been introduction of so many great tools & services in the web development space. The high efficient Content management system (CMS) like WordPress, joomla, Drupal etc. allows the business professional to build their online presence easily and quickly. This is undoubtedly a great achievement however there is an unfortunate side effects that many webmasters don’t know how to make sure that their website is secure. All of the Website Development Company in India is also make sure that the security of website always consider as a high priority to make sure no one apply any bad tactics or make some unacceptable change. In this post I will share you some tips that all webmasters or owner of the business should follow to make their website secure. 

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Updates, Updates!

This is something that we won’t able to stress more enough at security. Countless website are compromised and go in scratch due to the outdated and insecure software used to run them. So it is important that you should use all update plugin and software or CMS version which is available and update it with their introduction of new updation. It is not good enough to update once a month or even once a week because bots are very likely to find a vulnerability before you patch it. Unless you are running a website firewall like Cloud Proxy, you need to update as soon as updates are released.

One Site = One Container

We know the temptation of a web hosting plans and why not to host more sites on a single server because this is one of the worst security practice to do and mistake which is commonly seen. Hosting too many sites in the same location creates a very large attack surface. So you should be careful and try to reduce of hosting numerous site on single server.

Change the Default CMS Settings!

In today’s time usage of CMS application is more and easy to use but then also it is horrible from a security perspective for the end users. The most common attacks on websites are automated and many of them are depend on the default setting which being used in CMS. So to get out from this problem you should change the default settings of CMS application at time of installation of CMS of your many of Web Design Company in India perform this strategy for maintaining security of website. It is usually easiest to change these default details when installing your CMS, but they can be changed later.


As like in the digital world you can lost all in a catastrophic event. We often made back-up enough but you will be saying thankful to yourself if you take some time to plan and find the best website back-up solutions for your website. Having back-up of your website is very important but storing them on the web server is a major security risk. These back-up contain unpatched version of CMS extension which are available publicly and give easy access to hacker for accessing your server. That’s why you need to plan best website back-up solution.


These are some of the common mistakes which can affect your website parameters. So you should try to avoid this mistake as much as you can and made your website safer and secure. So no one can harm it.

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We always try to place ourselves on top and are eagerly searching for ways to grow our organization. We try modern methods and try new experiments so that we can discover novel paths to success. And the most common way is by socializing about your company, this can help you a lot. So there arises a question by all the industrialists that whether an organization need an internal blog or not. 

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What is internal blog?

Many of you have an idea of what blog is and for those who want to know what it is, then a blog are an updated diary to express yourself, your thoughts and your experiences. Whereas an internal blog of a company is a way of expressing themselves in all the possible ways. Internal blog of a company are accessed only through intranet.

How internal blog helps in your company’s growth?

It’s a way of connecting to your customers and taking their reviews on the services or products your organization provides. It can also help in giving suitable information to your potential customers about what’s new going on in your organization. Following are the reasons why your organization needs an internal blog –

  • Organizations become more open to the customers.
  • Many people use blogs and using can internal blog can bring you in their notice.
  • It helps in increasing the involvement of all the employees.
  • It helps in open discussions from employees and new ideas come up as many employees who are uncomfortable in face to face discussions also shares their views. 
  • Things, discussions, reviews and everything stays in the blog even after the employee has left. It is one of the things which an employee can take away with them. 
  • Not only customers but the staff is also updated about each information and ongoing processes in the company through these blogs. 
  • Problems can be solved by collaboration of solutions and new ideas to that problem. 
  • It should reflect all the details about your company instead being only a collaborative forum. 
  • There are many people who are already using these blog platforms and using those platforms can easily help you get noticed in the eyes of potential customers. 
  • Instead of checking each employee in person or phone call, internal blog can help you in many ways. Your time is saved and that's a quite big deal. 

All these points help internal blog helps a lot in your organization and its growth. Nexevo Technologies is one such Web Designing Company in Bangalore who used internal blogs and grown a lot in this field. It has a lot of upsides and you can use it easily.


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