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We all know that marketing is the essence of the business, and it is intended to boost up sales. However, the marketing process doesn't end where selling takes place instead go far beyond it. One of the most critical stages of running a business, in the long run, is the process of AdWords remarketing.

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Before discussing the need and advantages of remarketing, it is essential to know what remarketing means. Remarketing efforts are intended to display advertisements to your potential clients and audience who visited your website previously or have used your application before. It is the most viable procedure through which a business can remain associated with its potential audience and can build its brand awareness. Fortunately, there are numerous tools and strategies that you can use in the process of your AdWords remarketing settings.

Types of Remarketing Campaigns

Majorly there are three kinds of a remarketing campaign that one would want to run. These are:

A campaign that aims to target the audience that did not take any action on your website. Through remarketing, the organization tries to generate leads from the people who did not choose to land on your site.

Campaigns that aim to target the people who abandoned their purchase in between after checking out. Remarketing campaigns show them their desired products through advertisements so that they can complete their purchase.

Campaigns that aim to target people who haven't seen the page or products that you want them to see. In the AdWords dynamic remarketing, by creating creative content business targets this interest group.

Now, after knowing the remarketing process, the next question that arises is why one set up a remarketing campaign. What is the need for a remarketing campaign and how it can be useful for the organization? Here, we are going to discuss 11 attractive reasons that will make you think for a remarketing campaign. So let's begin:

Boost Conversion Rates

It has been discovered that more the clients see a promotional AdWords remarketing ads, more there are chances that conversion rate increases. In such a busy schedule, AdWords remarketing feed helps the customers to continue their purchase from where they have left. Moreover, it also creates your brand awareness among the clients hence make them acquainted with you.

Offers the Best Reach

Setting up a remarketing campaign, you can get the most value of your remarketing money. Google display network and Facebook are the two platforms that offer the best reach to your remarketing campaign. You may earn less per impression in the process as here you would not be competing for the keyword. However, it ultimately targets the audience who has visited your site previously.

Powerful for Brand Building

Display marketing is incredibly the most fantastic method through which one can build its brand image in front of its targeted audience. Moreover, one can inculcate more creativity to its AdWords remarketing banners that will attract your clients and ultimately boost up the sales.

Incredibly Powerful CRO Tool

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, which refers to a system that increases the number of visitors to a website which either converts into customers or make any desired action on the site. Remarketing does the same for you. It makes your customers flow from any point to others.

Higher Click-Through Rate

As remarketing merely targets the visitors that have already visited your website or abandoned their purchase in between. Therefore, remarketing advertisements have a much higher price per click. Also, with higher CTR, Google rewards you with a high-quality score.

Page and Site Selection

One of the significant advantages of set up Google remarketing campaign is that it gives you liberty for choosing a particular landing page of your website that you want to target. You can increase your conversion rate by selecting the page that shows the best performance and contribution to growing sales. AdWords remarketing search can help you a lot in increasing customers.

Appropriate for E-commerce Business

Remarketing campaign is best suitable for e-commerce websites as it allows the customers to continue their desired purchases. Utilizing Google remarketing AdWords, you further connect your landing page with the advertisements. AdWords Remarketing list also gives you a bit of leeway about your customers that may help you target them better.

Up-sell or Cross-sell

Remarketing also allows a business to make cross-selling or up-selling by creating a rundown of 'converted clients.' This is because there can be clients who are keen to buy the correlative products or services that your sites offer. There are various remarketing ads examples that you can see. Therefore, you can show them ads regarding additional or complementary products.

Increases your Marketing ROI

Remarketing increases customer loyalty and thus leads to recurring purchases. In case a client order bulk of products from your site, then make them know how can you make their further purchases more easy through your customer service. It will increase your return on investment quickly and efficiently.

Leverage on your Competitor's Customers

Remarketing also helps an organization to leverage on its competitor's customers. For instance, a client types a keyword query and landed on your competitor's page; then instead of taking it as a problem, you can make benefit out of it. You can target the audience who has visited those websites which are related to your product.

Helps in the Long R nbun

Every business intends to satisfy its customers with its offerings, and if you know what your customers need, then you can win over others very easily. By knowing your interest group, you can create content and products according to their wants and can increase your overall sales. Also, by following this, one can save their time by not wasting the efforts on an audience that is not potentially beneficial for the business.


So, these were some of the most attractive reasons one should consider for setting up a remarketing campaign of its business.

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The planning, development and management of content is known as Content Strategy which can be in written or in another form. It can be recognized as user experience design, and it also is drawn as information architecture, content management, business analysis, digital marketing, and technical communication.

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The Content Strategy describes planning as "the publication, creation, and governance of usable content". Content Strategy is basically a process that gets repeated again and again. The main motive of using the Strategy is website development project.

We found the main two types of Content Strategy Framework namely-

  • For selling Strategy of content into an organization
  • One for organizations  with a more experienced editorial model

A good Content Strategy Template means our team is

  • Efficient: we must know who is responsible for each and every step in the process and who take quick and right decisions.
  • Confident: we are able and empowered to take actions and quick decisions.
  • Always improving in: A technical and Digital Content Strategy always involved advantages of changes and user behavior.

Offer the best and attractive contents

A Content Strategy is of many forms, from a 50-page word document to an hour long power point presentation. Instead of introduces many moving parts that make a Content Strategy and gives an example of how I spent consulting on content strategies for each and everything from software as a service to photography, would write it up. 

In today's life, it is almost impossible to ignore the power of social media. Almost world's population uses Facebook, Pinterest and millions of people linked in profiles.

The impact of social media Strategy of content is real. Think about the difference between currently using social media and before using social media- even if is very little. It is very important to choose the right network.

 A Content Strategy for Social Media can give you the guidance you need to not only find your ideal audience can give a bigger profit. Content Strategy is a relatively new trick. It shares common grounds, interference designs, web development, and public relations traditions. The Strategy of content for the web states that how it fits with neighboring disciplines and shares some practical guidelines with anyone in digital space.

 Trough social media and email addresses we give the personal data that we needed such as Age, Gender, Religion and Nationality.

A web Content Strategy needs

  • It requires teamwork. Match your writing with the audience literacy level.
  • Break your contents into chunks 
  • Voice and tones no matter
  • Build a platform that helps users to tell their stories
  • In order to achieve the ultimate goals of web content keep language clear and concise.

A content marketing strategy is not about your digital content- it is only about the surrounding strategy of your content. A strong Content Strategy Example can help and guide your team to perform the activities properly. If these things are managed to follow, then you will be going to witness the good outcome in the end.

Content Strategy informs content, it includes

  • Choose the type of content you will create
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Plan how will you reach your audience

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of bringing in organic, or free, websites traffic from the search engine. All search engines like Google and Bing have a search engine results based on keywords. 

Follow the best SEO content marketing strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing of content are two of the important tools are available in the modern market. However, an SEO content marketing strategy can really help take your organisation at the next level. Create a Content Strategy for SEO is one of the best ways to make sure that two are working hand in hand.

For a website Content Strategy Agency, you need to audit a significant framework step in the development of a good framework. It is very important to read speeches and articles. The initial exposures help you to spend more time reading, listening or viewing.  The main ideas that we need are Read books, Brainstorms with others, Invest in self- development, Create a story and Social networking. 

Content Strategy B2b, about 80% sales and marketing professionals feel that their demands are ineffective; B2B Content Strategy is a really key point for marketers. The take way for B2B marketers is that we need and think more like consumers and marketers, focusing on connecting with normal people and sharing a vision and an idea.

Research has appeared in B2B is a purchaser marking purchasing choices for B2B items and administrations are genuinely determined go in with your emotions and afterward search for the information to help the choice that makes. With the help of B2B strategic plans, we get easy feedback from the audience. B2B Content Strategy for the Web especially demands quality among buyers and sellers, but without a proper strategy it is very difficult to maintain this trust.

Know the requirement of audience 

Every strategy starts by taking into account which you want to create for content. Because it’s not about what you thinking but it’s all about what they are looking for, you need to consider what your audience needs. Digital marketing content is King. While creating the Strategy, it is important to take care of each and every factor. In order to attract the customers for turning them into potential customers, it is important to have a great Content Strategy.  Content is present everywhere.  Either it is marketing through social media or email marketing. 

While creating the content, it is important to determine that each and every aspect is given through the content must be simple and attractive as well. The users must feel attached to the content and the content should be given in such a manner that the customers can also see their own benefit in it. In order to help you out in creating the best content here, we have given the amazing Strategy that you can adopt.

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The ranking of the e-commerce website on the Google search engine mainly works on the principle of pull. Actually, the e-commerce website must have enough in it for getting the visitors into it. Today every e-commerce company relies on E-commerce SEO for telling the visitors about its website. Nowadays whenever a customer looks for a particular product or services them first searches it on the Internet. And if your website comes high up on the SERP, then it increases the likelihood of a visitor being pulled to your website.

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But it isn’t enough to get visitors to your website, though. If your website is not ‘sticky’ enough, it will have a high bounce rate and thus it is very essential to use effective e-commerce SEO techniques. Thus it is important to go for e-commerce SEO tutorial.

Essential tips for E-commerce SEO Optimization

E-commerce SEO optimization is very essential to keep the visitor’s attention to your website otherwise you are going to lose your visitor. So, it is very important to know what exactly you have to do for the SEO optimization of the e-commerce website. The various instructions given in E-commerce SEO Neil Patel can be of great help while doing SEO optimization. Apart from that, we have come up with the following essential points and e-commerce SEO checklist that you must remember for SEO optimization of your e-commerce website:

Check the loading time of your webpage: Slow webpage loading is one of the most common reasons for leaving a webpage. If your webpage takes a long time to load, then visitors are not going to wait for opening the webpage. It has been found in the research that 40 percent of visitor leaves a website when it does not load within 20 seconds. A faster-accessing webpage will always have an added advantage of having better SEO ranking. It is seen that the weight of the website becomes heavy due to the old image format. So, avoid old image format and use a new image format such as WebP, Jpeg XR, etc. It will help your website to reduce its weight to almost 20 to 50 percent and will load very easily. This is the first factor that you must take care of e-commerce SEO 2019.

The Content should be appealing: Another obvious reason for leaving a website is lack of appealing content. If the content is not informative, impressive and readable then the visitor will stay longer on your website. And the most important thing is the flow of the content. The flow of the content helps the reader to surf your content smoothly. There are some techniques to write excellent content which you should follow strictly to attract and keep the visitor engaged on your website. Write the content in paragraphs that should not consist of more than four to five sentences. Apart from that you should make subheading and break up the content into sections for better readability. In addition, you should use bulleted points or use a numbered list in the content whenever possible. You can also make the keywords and phrases bold or italic so that it can be recognized easily. Apart from that, e-commerce SEO keywords also play a great role in SEO optimization. But the keywords should be placed in such a way that it does not hamper the flow of the content. Nowadays you will get many e-commerce SEO tools which can provide you the most effective keywords.

The layout of the content: Placing the appropriate layout and cover design in the e-commerce website is effective e-commerce SEO strategies 2019. Even if you have excellent content, your SEO ranking will not improve if you do not have a good web design. Impressive web design gives a feeling to the reader that your website will also have excellent content. So, it is very important to update your website regularly with new designs and templates so that the user does not get bored with your website. Changing template, layout, background color, and other web designing features also makes an impression in the mind of the visitor that you are making an effort on your website to make their life easier. Hence in e-commerce SEO audit layout and cover design of the website should be taken very seriously.

Check the number of internal and backlink: One of the most contributing factors for a huge bounce rate is that the reader does not find enough content options on the website. Your website should have many internal links that will give a feel to the reader that you have enough content on your website. Then the visitor to your website will be interested to stay longer and spend more time on your website. That is the reason why e-commerce SEO backlink plays a great role in SEO optimization. So, add as many links as possible in your website. With those internal links, you can also provide some value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But keep the hyperlink in such a way that readers easily find it. This will help your visitor to visit some other related topic on your website which they may like.

Add video on the web page: It is seen that the website which has a video on the home page have higher SEO ranking. This is because the user generally prefers to watch a video than to read the content. Video can increase reader engagement on your website. It can be a great way to increase the showcase of any product or service. Thus in every e-commerce SEO plan video should be considered. A short video on your webpage can provide the people what they like or want. Hence in every e-commerce SEO services, short video on the related topic is always recommended. You can also show a full-width video as a background on the home page of your website. It will certainly engage the visitor to your website.

The above-mentioned e-commerce website SEO checklist provides an ultimate guide for e-commerce SEO optimization.

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Podcast SEO is a type of audio program that is surfaced in the Google Search Engine on the basis of content. In Google Search Engine, the company will have to use machine learning for translating the various content of podcast into the search engine result. You will be able to expose podcast about SEO on various Google surfaces and products such as Google search on all types of browser, Google Podcasts app, Google home, Chrome for Android, Android Auto, etc.

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There has been a substantial increase in SEO 101 podcast in recent years and it was found that 26 percent of Americans also listened to the podcast. As per the data from Infinite Dial it was found that in the US the monthly podcast has almost grown to 73 percent as compared to that of the data of 2014. In recent years Apple has come up with a total of 50 billion downloads and streams but Google has already made its mind to beat the record of Apple.

The main purpose of using the Google podcast is to look for more search engine exposure. For properly using podcast SEO 2019 properly it is also essential to utilizing podcast mark-up. In order to describe the podcast properly, it is essential to use authors, category, description, image as well as explicit tags.

How Google Podcast can help you? 

If you have an SEO 101 podcast then you will be able to access more than two trillion searches in Google per year. If you want to know SEO podcast unknown secrets of Internet marketing then you must know that it is seamless listening across devices due to which Google podcast has earned tremendous success. Thus Google podcast can listen across all devices.

Again Google podcast presents a selection of episode when any listener finds it in the Google Chrome browser on their mobile phones. When the listener listens to the podcast in the Google Chrome browser a prompt “add a podcast shortcut to your home screen” used to appear. If the listener taps on that pop up then the Podcast app will appear on their mobile device.

Google Podcast app comes up with a customized app that includes top podcasts, trending podcast, genre podcast as well as a personal podcast. All these kinds of the podcast are the best podcast for SEO. Thus with Google Podcast SEO people will be allowed to find the podcast that matches their interest and the user will be able to subscribe it with a few clicks.

Hence, Google podcast is considered to be the best podcast on SEO for any business and it can bring an unprecedented change for getting podcast in front of the audience. Thus the best podcast SEO has device interoperability and it will continue to roll out through various devices. It is also seen that many users use the podcast to learn SEO.

Advantages of Google Podcast

Nowadays SEO basics podcast come up with innovative technology and it ensures you to get the best of it. Hence with Google podcast, you can get the complete search result along with the description and audio player embedded in each episode. The following are some advantages that you can get from the Google podcast:

  • It comes up with a valid RSS feed which helps in describing the podcast. The RSS feed of Google podcast will have at least one episode.
  • This SEO driven podcast come up with a dedicated home page which mainly links to that RSS. In Google podcast, you will get some kind of homepage specification. In this process you will need some HTML coded lines such as the following: <link type = "application/RSS + XML" rel = "alternate" title = "The name of the Podcast" href = "It is RSS podcast URL">
  • The content of RSS homepage is available to be crawled by Google bot. But while using the content makes sure that you do not require a login process. Apart from that, the homepage of RSS should not come up with a “no index” tag. 
  • SEO marketing podcast can appear in the Google Play and in this case you will require Google Play Music podcast RSS feed specification. 
  • Google podcast helps in optimizing the audio search. With Audio podcast SEO tips it becomes possible to enhance the voice assistant. 
  • You have to come up with some kind of podcast SEO tips and should know what kind of question or phrase will help your podcast to appear in the Google search engine. The podcast SEO keywords should be the most relevant which help you to get a higher rank in Google search engine.


This is how Google Podcast plays a significant role in Google Search Engine. If you still have not yet started your own podcast till now then it is the perfect time to contact a renowned Podcast SEO Company and launch it immediately to get the benefit of it. But before that, it is very important to understand some questions such as what are the questions which the audience of the Google search engine wanted to be answered.

It is important to notice that at the time of smaller and specific podcast most of the search engine including Google Search engine also takes place inside podcasting apps and it is seen that podcast ecosystem is a mainly built on an open and decentralized RSS feed system that has the ability to listen to podcast episode directly in Google search engine.  Google search engine acts as a middle man between the podcasters and their audience and it encourages the users for listening to the podcast even outside the app.

SEO podcast for beginners can be an in-depth podcast or a short-form podcast but it should answer all sort of common question of the audience. In other words, the podcast should answer the question briefly and clearly. Apart from that, it is also important to be totally planned for your podcast and make sure that you have a specific answer.

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Social media is a huge hub for all the business in this digital world. It is the best choice to promote business, brands, and products without spending a huge amount.

Thanks to the technological development, everyone is extensively using social media, the users have all right to decide which account to follow, which to comment and which one to share with their friends and folks.

Ecommerce social media marketing strategy, hotels social media marketing strategy

Social media can provide your business and brand huge success if you smartly incorporate bet social media marketing strategy. It is a must for the business to have a good social media marketing strategy plan, it helps the business to engage with the users efficiently.

Here is the top 14 social media marketing strategy 2019 which will give your business much needed boost. You can easily beat your competitor and notice the visible crowd in your business and brand.

Before getting started you must be well aware of your competitors, analyses the competitors' social media activities and behavior. Look which content is working well for the business and which one user don’t prefer much.

In order to develop the best e-commerce social media marketing strategy, you should analyses all the major competitors on various social channels like Facebook, Instagram, blog, and YouTube.

14 Essential Social Marketing Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2019

1. Personalization

The audience is done with all the same online stuff, they surely want something new from the brand and business. The best social media marketing strategy plan is to have personalized content, it instantly attracts the audience. People look forward to interacting with the brand.

2. Post Timing

Timing is surely important when it comes to the business, keep a track when you are posting online. Check what your competitors are posting, it can be a picture, link or video. Business social media marketing will only work if you post the content inappropriate time.

3. Use Appropriate Hashtags

When it comes to hotels social media marketing strategy you must follow the right hashtag. Keep a tab on your competition and use the hashtag which is highly trending and relevant. It helps you to stay ahead of your competitor and get good audience reach.

4. Audience Specific Content

Each business has a unique audience, it is best to reach only those audiences. Hence, create attractive content in the form of pictures and video to reach the appropriate audience set.

5. Catchy Video Content

Attractive video content is the biggest social media marketing strategy 2019, make the post of Facebook live and Instagram live to stay in touch with your target audience. It helps to build trust value.

Video content is also about interactive ads and including live-streaming. 80 % of internet traffic comes from video content, all thanks to the catchy content. It has a very good impact on business, be it small scale or large-scale business.

 All the business can make huge revenues using video content marketing, keep a eye on what competitor is promoting. When it comes to video content, people are more interested in watching the high quality and engaging content.

6. Focus on Closed Groups

There are lot many groups on Facebook where you can find the genuine audiences. Create a closed group and stay in touch with the target audience, give them regular updates about the new release, support and build an authentic conversation.

7. Take help from micro influencer

Micro influencers are of great help when it comes to promoting business and planning an e-commerce social media marketing strategy. They have strong data which can bring a good audience for your brand and business.

8.  Invest in social media advertisements

Social media network is considered as a huge marketplace to promote business and to create revenues at very low cost. Social media promotion is super quick; you can see the growth in very less time. You can consider promoting the best story and post with ads. It helps the brand to get great visibility.

9. Focus on authentic organic reach

There is very less chances of free marketing, this is because users across the globe are looking for authentic sources. It is must to have at least a minimum amount of advertising; it helps the business to stay connected with the audience and users.

The business and marketers are bound to various social media strategies to get better reach and visibility.

10. Brand Ambassador

The term branding is must for the business; it will help the business and brand to reach great heights in very less time.  You can hire celebrity or youth icon as an influencer, they can flourish the business to great extent. It is best to build relationship with audience. People believe and prefer when famous people endorse the brand

11. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is nothing but the content which is available for small time duration.  It is difficult for a marketer to create content which won't last for a long time but it is another way to entertain the audience and reduces the spam advertisement to a great extent. All content will last only for a small span of the time and then it will vanish. You can try of Facebook live and stories to promote business. 

12. Virtual Assistance

Many online users are happily interacting with the online bots, it is boon for the business, and the online users, it is the best kind of service which is available at low cost. The small business and middle scale start-ups are looking forward to using Virtual Assistant for their social media channels, since it is highly efficient and cost saving.

13. Use Social Polls

It is another best way to increase audience engagement. Social polls work as an incredible social media marketing strategy. Avoid using simple story polls, you can use it to get the best information because it is a powerful marketing tool.

14. Visual Search

This is an incredible feature and works best for hotels social media marketing strategy; You can also promote with Amazon and Snap-chat the visual search option. The customer can enjoy product details in the form of pop up, it helps to decide better.

All these above 14 strategies help you to beat your competitor and increase brand visibility.


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