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The opening page of the website speaks about the working of the projects involved in the concern and the services offered to satisfy the customers. The making of the concern could be explained on the homepage to know well about the concern and the about us page determines the history of the company. The development of the website involves the user satisfaction mainly by using advanced technologies by shaping our design into reality. By exploring new ideas with each site in order to develop to commemorate the work which is to be done. The group of experts coordinates with the customers to maintain a camaraderie point of contact to serve better.

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Requirements to be present in home page:

The Website development companies in Bangalore determine the work they are going to do in their home screen of the website and the logo specifies the entire goal of the company where they are created by the employees of the specific company. Every home page of the Website Designing Service Company defines the values and their work in one complete logo to make it more attractive for the website viewers to make a good look in the minds to make a business with those companies.

The logo is created with quotes and the goal in short, crisp sentences to make the customers understand the complete scenario about the concern. The more the content with pictures about the services the more the customers turn out to be a part of it. The Web designing company offering various services grows with the advancement and the values it provides by showcasing the functionalities in the home page of the website. Making an awesome logo for the company determines the creativity.

Features of homepage of a website:

The website of the company can be renowned by the look of the site and the brief knowledge can be gained at the forefront of the site. Hence it should be covered with the motive of customer requirement point of view and detailed information such as the contact information can be dropped down at the end line of the home screen, the attributes determining detailed information can be displayed in the home page in order to use it as a link for further complete overview of the company.

The Quick inquiry option or help option can be displayed on the homepage to make the ease of use of the site for the people visiting it. From the development of the application of the company to the marketing of those applications can be described as specific features in the start screen to make it simple for the people to surf easily about the company instead of using third party sites for collecting information about the company. The SEO optimization should be done while developing the home screen in order to make the website available for the people. The Website development companies are nowadays are showing a keen interest in developing their own sites, where the opportunities for arising start-ups can be grown and a bright career for these companies can be determined.

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Are you thinking about rebranding your company? If yes, then this is not less than a major challenge for you. Rebranding is not at all an easy task and various important things are to be considered before doing it. Uniqueness is the key to success for rebranding. Online marketing company in Bangalore is discussing some things that you need to know before you are going for your company rebranding. So here we go.

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If you are thinking about re-branding your business, then it is very important to be clear about your objectives and goals. The reason for re-branding your company should be valid. So you should be well prepared in advance by knowing your objectives and then start the work to execute it perfectly with adherence to the objectives that are planned.


The appropriate name choice is very essential for successful re-branding. Therefore, it is crucial to know that what names are available for your and what are not. Also, the names should be in the planned budget.


Deciding a new name is a crucial task. So it’s suggestible to not involve too many people while choosing the name for re-branding. Only the team should be involved in the process so that the task can be completed with the confidentiality and effectively. 


Once you have fully decided to re-brand your company, make sure your team has the complete information about the re-branding. The reason, the time everything should be clearly informed to the team members. When and how the processes of re-branding will will be going to done should be clear.


It is always suggestible to assess the re-branding costs before going to do it. It should be in compliance with planned budget that you have made. It should not exceed the planned limit and if it does, then there is need to amend it.


Rebranding includes the changing of the company logo that justifies the significance of the company objectives. The logo designer should be well consulted so that an appropriate logo can be designed.


Once you are done with the company rebranding, proper marketing should be done effectively to make the rebranding successful according to digital marketing company in Bangalore. It should be come up in the eyes of the competitors, clients and customers. 


Pre-testing is an important task to do before going for the final launch of the company rebranding. Internal and external reviews should be taken before the final release of the rebrand so that if there will be any need of adjustments, then it can be done.


The event should be completely planned as to where and when the event of rebranding should be done. Proper publicity is also important for successful launching of the company’s brand.


After the re-launching of the company brand, the celebration is also important to make sure that the team will have fun and motivated.

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Redesigning your website to step into next level of innovation of your product or organization up gradation. 

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Are you a beginner and unavoidably had a conversion about redesigning your website?

Here are the beginners guide to improve your experience, conversion rate, and more facts with a website redesign. It guides you through the website redesign and the Website Development Companies in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and companies from all over India. There is no need to bother about your websites as it is handed over to the website redesigning companies in Bangalore, to make your project a great success. These web development companies offer some guidelines for the beginners to make their web pages as they wish. 


Website development is a big ocean, no matters what size is your organization. Website redesigning companies in Bangalore and all over India offers you to upgrade your sites that will absolutely convert your website into a professional one. The team of experts in the development will design your web page according to your needs. 

Proper planning, research, and a little forestall can help to make your webpage a huge success. Here are some guidelines are given to help set you and your site for a great success in website redesign.


First review where you currently stand. By reviewing what is popular, what pages are frequent and what might be missing, you will get an idea of the section in which you want to repurpose and refresh from the created one.

Understand where you are lacking your concentration. It allows you to know about the section where you should concentrate more.


Gathering information and analyzing your competitors' websites will help you get a clear view of the industry.

For instance, if your competitors’ don’t show pricing, that means you should. So, you will probably think about building an inspiring price in your web page design.


The most important element of a website's success is its content and appearance. The redesign must be in the line with the betterment of the old design. The design must support the promotion of the site among other competitors.

Deficiency in the site's content will never promote the site in the better way that you want.

After the development of the website, you may proceed to test it. The testing part is an essential part and errors are detected during the testing phase, then again the website is designed to remove all the errors.

Why do you want to redesign a website?

  • The design can promote the web page a little higher than before to increase profit. 
  • It can upgrade the site's performance and speed.
  • It does fix the details of the organization if those features are changed by them.
  • It has poor viewers count.
  • The site is built with an outdated web design practices.
  • The site is not user-friendly.

However, website redesign is more complicated to plan and execute. There are several constraints involved in redesigning your website.

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Most of the time landing pages can do wonders in bringing more business and giving a fat income. In-case you don’t earn a handsome revenue; a highly converting landing page is the groundwork of a strong online business. 

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Knowing about landing pages:

Landing page is a standalone webpage where you direct visitors to receive more conversion and you reach very near to closing the deal. Landing pages generally have a single focus with an effective call-to-action button. It’s like a magnet that attracts leads. So the page must have a flawless and positive user experience so that you get better leads on successful email marketing. Landing pages basically live apart from your website and are mainly designed to get traffic via campaign. You can use landing page to sell a product, get leads from email, invite people to a webinar, and announce a discount or sale and other similar purposes. 

Landing page essentials to ensure its highly converting:

Marketers aim and devote a lot of time in generating traffic to the blog and website pages in hope of sales. But if customers are not very interested to visit these pages and convert into prospects, you are simply wasting all the time and efforts. This is why landing pages are of such high importance and a perfect landing page is lot more than text, graphics and call-to-action. Take a look at the main factors to create a highly converting landing page:

Compelling headline and a sub headline:

A headline is the beginning; make it interesting and easy to understand. The headline should be attractive, grab the attention of the audience and must be persuasive enough. The headline should speak about the service or product, don’t forget to keep it short and crisp. The word limit must be within 10-20 words and not more at any cost. Attach an image with the title so that the picture itself speaks more than words. A subhead line is a must when it comes to creating an effective landing page and it must have the capability to retain the users. Generally it’s positioned below the main headline and it must have a little more depth than the main headline. 

Understand your audience:

It is difficult to satisfy so many audiences over the internet, you don’t even know each and everyone. The trick is to understand the pain points of your audiences. Simple hard work won’t yield as much result as you would get if you think differently. Set up a well designed landing page and be there for the customers when they need you the most. For instance, one of the common pain points is to save money, so focus on that. Relevance plays a major role and if your landing page is relevant in terms of design, content and call-to-action, you are an expert whom customers would be finding. Make sure that your landing page solves the requirements of the audiences and if it does, it is a hit. Gradually your customers would gather faith and share your link on various social media platforms, their friends and family would also click and your conversion rate would soar up higher. 

Using perfect visuals:

Pictures speak louder than words, therefore the popularity of images and videos. According to research it has been found that:

  • We respond faster to visually appealing content 
  • Almost 90% of the information traveling to your brain is via visuals rather than text. 
  • 85% people remember pictures and other visuals

Visitors would spend more time on your page if it has appealing and compelling videos, visuals is now a main part of marketing campaigns. Images make clearer information and easy to target audience. People feel easily connect to images than texts so place visuals tactfully and do not use stock photos. Instead have a photography team, invest a little more to get higher conversion. A professional Web Development Company in Bangalore focuses on using high quality relevant graphics in your landing page. 


Its all about investing time, skill, money and resources and only then you will get desired results. Get in touch with a SEO company in Bangalore generating more online traffic and getting better conversions. Take care of your landing page from now on, make it the best. 

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Apart from optimizing the product pages of your ecommerce website for user experience, you also need to ensure the pages are good for search engines. In reality product pages of ecommerce websites are responsible for offering sales, thus income. There are a still more than a handful of ecomm business owners who believe in shortcut to success. They mostly try to achieve short term success by simply copying and pasting product descriptions. But this never works its better to follow a proper path. An Ecommerce SEO company in Bangalore can help you with all your SEO requirements for your new ecommerce business. 

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Know the basics of product page optimization:

Don’t you think that a product page is also an important page even though it does not contain any content or little content? Let’s know the basics then.

Take a look at some of the best practices and you need to consider these very important ones:

Follow the usual SEO knowledge:

Prior any optimization it’s very essential to know the search terms buyers are using. This is why keywords are considered as most important and you cannot go a step further without keyword research. Your aim is to make the products available online so knowing the favorite search terms will help a lot. There are different researches tools available both free and paid. The war is to be within the first five or first three searches on Google. 

Here are a few more tips:

  • Make the title attractive and include the product name 
  • It is mandatory to include a compact product description
  • Add a catchy meta description
  • Add images and those must contain ALT text
  • The header must be descriptive
  • Please do not copy any content from other sites
  • Do good linking and use rich snippets
  • Focus on showing product price, description and reviews in search results

Usage of data:

When it comes to marketing, your hands are literally tied without data use. Therefore go ahead and use data and you can do so much. It aids in understanding the customers so that you can understand your customers really well. Do you have a tracking system on your site? If not get it now because statistics play an important role. You will be able to view products that sell more, that sell less but seen many times and other product related stats. You will also be able to track promotional banners and can decide which one would be suitable for the homepage. These are just a few instances and you can do so much more. Keep in mind that your audience will vary depending on what you sell. 

Be consistent:

Your ecommerce website should be very consistent, everything content and the design. Incase your site has a humorous tone; it should be evident consistently throughout the website. 

Some branding tips are: 

  • Its crucial to sell products of high quality
  • Select your target audience very cautiously
  • Product distribution is a matter of selection
  • The design elements should match the image of the brand
  • Its important to reach out to the influencers
  • Proper marketing is crucial
  • Hire a copywriter for writing product descriptions

Do whatever needed to maintain consistency. 

Have provision for product reviews:

It’s a good thing when you allow your customers to rate your products or leave a feedback on the same. You have to prepare yourself for good and bad and its even better if there are mixed reviews as it will increase the credibility. Accept the fact that reviews are important and allow that on your site. If your product is good, most people would talk positive about it. 

Add superior quality images or videos:

It’s appealing if your product images are of high quality, customers are definitely easily convinced. Attach different high quality photos of the same product from various angles. There is no point in ignoring videos, these days videos are more compelling than anything. Majority customers like to watch videos prior to purchasing. 


Apart from these, enhance the speed of your page, try giving product suggestions, have space for customizing products and definitely a call-to-action is a must. Your product page deserves attention in order to flourish on the web and on search engines. These are the best ways by which you can improve the ranking and visibility on search engines. Finally, do some research and experiments to bring out more effective results. There are many Ecommerce SEO services in Bangalore, approach the best one. 


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