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M-commerce is a disruptive way of doing business over internet. It means conducting business over the internet by employing mobile phones as the medium.The term “M-commerce” was coined by Kevin Duffey in 1977 at the launch of the Global ‘Mobile Commerce’ Forum.The key components of M-commerce includes a business model, services offered through the business, and the technology component (internet and handheld device). M-commerce lets the user do a transaction including buying and selling of goods, availing services through online providers, transferring rights, transacting money.The ubiquity of mobile devices makes them omnipresent and omnipotent, they remain with you wherever you go, help you navigate a nearby restaurant or a hospital, connect with family and friends, pay for items at a store, or hail a cab etc.  In the upcoming year, M-commerce will become the preferred way doing for digital transactions surpassing E-commerce.


Scope of M-commerce in India:

India has become the second largest market for smartphones replacing US. Indian customers have welcomed mobile commerce with open hands, with nearly 83% of the populations own a smartphone and shop online using their smart devices. To be specific, customers in the age group of 25-34 use their smartphones/ tablets to shop online. These are some of the results that emerged from the “State of M-Commerce 2016” survey conducted.  The current online shoppers in India fall under the range of 80-100 million, and these numbers are expected to go up to 175-220 million by 2020.

Hence, M-commerce remains to be an area, yet to be explored. There are lot of technology firms helping their customers to gear-up for the upcoming change in the way of doing business online. One such firm, Nexevo Technologies is one of them Mobile Application Development Companies in Bangalore, a professional web designing and development company from Bangalore, India is actively working in this area to explore its full potential. Nexevo is also helping some of its prominent clients in Bangalore, in other parts of India, and abroad, in transitioning effectively from the E-commerce platform to M-commerce platform.

Some of the services provided by Nexevo Technologies:

  • M-Commerce Solution: End-to-end solutions
  • Application Development: Mobile app development
  • Mobile Websites:  We develop responsive websitesusing HTML 5
  • SEO Services: Premium SEO Services
  • Social Media Marketing: Premium SMO and Online Network Optimization Services

Initiatives towards M-Commerce:

The Indian Government is proactively acting and has launched several programs for encouraging M-commerce:

  • The Digital India Initiative
  • Startup India
  • Skill India
  • Implementation of GST
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Unified Payment Interface

Further, The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra  Modi has also given a lot of support to digital transactions and has encouraged the use of E-banking and mobile banking for doing cashless transactions. Applications like BHIM is one such initiativebased on UPI, to facilitate E-payments directly through banks.

Why users prefer M-commerce over E-commerce:

According to a survey conducted (Source: www.targetingmantra.com), the following are the top 5 reasons why consumers are embracing M-commerce

  • It saves a lot of time: 73% 
  • On the fly connectivity: 69%
  • No waiting time: 55%
  • Ease of locating deals: 69%
  • Multitasking: 63%

On an overall basis, it can be said that M-commerce will bring in significant changes in Indian market for both consumers and retailers. 


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Nexevo Technologies

Nexevo Technologies is a top most organization in technical sector and the management functions with the official tag line of next evolution on web. We are offering best and quality service across various places and likely continued with the services till today. We have been now successfully complete five years and reached the session of celebrations for success achievement. Nexevo administration head office was located at Bangalore of Karnataka. Completely company was ongoing with the period of functionality more over 12 hours per every day.

Anniversary-Nexevo Technologies

Our company Start Up

Celebrating anniversary is a success representation and it was a perfect symbol of employees hard work towards our company. Till now, we have been finished huge number of projects and given perfect output without any distortion. By the quality and purity of work, we can able to complete five successful years and now at the level of fifth anniversary. This is a technical digital marketing management which is concentrating on designing web sites and search engine optimization. Organization works with the specifications of web designing and SEO from 2012 and running the programming without disturbances till today. Our company members are always try to create the new one and different from other management sites while going through the functionality of web designing.

Authority Initial progress

Authority was young and energetic towards making the projects and going through success records. We are very eager about implementing latest designs and exploring new projects. All types of technical strategies are going to include in the project whereas the company addicted to smart work that will often expand the status and such projects. Cost effective services in SEO are offered by Nexevo organization and had a team of various CMS technology developers. Team of organization will concentrate on customer satisfaction towards produced task and we will maximum try for the best to make them feel happy and satisfy.

Our Hurdles

Our portion of work towards providing various service under different sections Such as HTML, PHP, CMS, Word press developing, Megento development, redesigning the web sites, e commerce solutions, Payment gateway, Open cart development, HTML to CMS conversion, Unique design and mobile applications developing. Online marketing services introduced by the company are listed as SEO, PPC, Digital marketing, ORM, Ecommerce SEO, Real estate, web site branding, SMM(Social media marketing). Digital marketing for hotels.

Our Milestone

We have been crossed number of mile stones and now at the stage of success with our specified fields. Producing our presence for web services and online marketing are targeted session of Nexevo and in further days we will come across updated list of services with more success records. Bless us with our vision and make us encourage to move ahead to celebrate more anniversaries with great history. Blogs requests and site designing both are applicable for our services, so customers can give us a project regarding web designing or blog designing as per interest and desire. You can visit our page and collect the history of previous records and got the status of our company. We are going to take a step forward with more additional vision and features by adding additionally to old ones. We are again in to the period of new world and new targets to come in front of you with more services with best quality. We are celebrating fifth anniversary with the navigation towards next year celebrations and finishes the session with some more vision features towards reaching the best than previous with the team if our organization.


Success Story

The secret of success reached by our team is only because of hard work and willingness towards achieving the goals. All our employees in the company goes on standing with one base and look towards single target of satisfactory work done towards the client task. We are not only mentioned the business into the market, but also need to give the best than compared to other developers to the company. Till today, authority was designed and developed huge number of projects and transferred the tasks into the market by US. Organization main vision is to centre the futuristic technology and promotes the progression of work towards great successful endings. Self confidence, self motivation, satisfaction to the customers are our option to reach the goals. 

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We give below a step-by-step guide for the website design, development and digital marketing, so that you can proceed towards building a successful business site. This guide will give you an idea about the resources and the information that you would need to equip yourself with.

Web development company bangalore


What are the business objectives?

This is the foremost question that requires to be answered. What do you wish to achieve with your site? Is it going to create awareness, or is it going to be an e-commerce site? The answers to these questions will help you in building an online strategy. Find a good web development company in Bangalore, who can help you with your goals. Do remember that the list of goals will be dynamic and will keep changing as per the growth of your business. 

Identify your audience and target them

The next important step in the website design and development process is to identify your audience and target them. Without visitors, your website is of no use. So, do a research on your competition and other brands and come out with a suitable strategy so that you can directly reach out to your audience.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the most critical aspect for any business. Without a sound marketing strategy in place, you will not be able to promote your products and services. And, that holds true for your website too. A Nexevo Technologies can help in researching the keywords for you so that the traffic can increase to your website.

Find the resources

Every project requires a team and the success of the project solely depends upon the team efforts. So, identify the resources that you need and put them together. Assign responsibilities to them so that they all work cohesively towards the end-goal.

Use the social media

Use creative ideas to promote your business and website on social media like Facebook and Twitter. With a large number of audience on these platforms, your business will get the maximum visibility. A digital marketing company in Bangalore can help you in formulating a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Add testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews add authenticity to the business as these come from real people. So, try to add these to your website so that the visitors get a look at them and can be persuaded to purchase your products or services.

How to go about it?

If all the points sound quite complex and complicated to you, you should contact the website designing companies. Nexevo Technologies is one such premier website designing and development company in Bangalore that provides its services to some of the esteemed clients. Contact us today and we will help you in achieving your website-related business goals.

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We know that technology services worldwide is majorly outsourced to India. It is because some of the best technology and brains are available in the country at much cheaper rates. India is also fast emerging as the go-to destination for website design as well. With all the necessary skills such as creativity, innovative techniques, marketing skills and business acumen, Indians are better equipped and can definitely outsmart their counterparts. That’s the reason for the growing boom of Website Design and  Development Service provider in India.

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What makes the Indian web designer superior?

A website designer needs to be smart and should be able to understand the business requirement. He should also be able to generate the strategies and designs that can help in selling online. Also, his English language skills should be good so that he can come up with a good content. When a visitor hits across a content that is filled with grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, he is put off and moves over to another website. All these requirements are men by the Indian web designers, who are not only technically experts, but are also able to undertake complex website assignments.

Cost Factor

Cost is still a major deciding factor when considered from the business angle. And, this is the reason for many website designing contracts coming to India. The web designers in India are ready to work at reasonable rates and also offer the best in class services. They provide superior quality work, and deliver on time, as per the client requirements.

Indians adapt well, blend well and are quite sincere

Indians are quite adaptive by nature and they are really proficient in multi-tasking. They know the requirements well and work as per that. They are ready to take any kind of challenges and come out with excellent results. Indian designers are quite sincere as well and stick to the commitments. They do justice to their work and do not let their clients down.

Indians are more creative

Indian web designers are not scared of learning stuff and they come up with functional and creative projects. They know how to use their intelligence and talent in a creative manner.

To summarize it up, India is definitely an excellent destination for outsourcing jobs. With the best and the most talented web designers and web designing companies in the country, you will only get excellent outcomes. There are some really good web development companies in the country who provide awesome services. And, what more, they also deliver on time. 

Contact Nexevo Technologies They provide all kinds of support for website designing and development. They see to it that your website is designed exactly as per your specifications and requirement. 



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In today’s times, every company needs to have a website, irrespective of the size of its business. In fact, most of the businesses have gone online and sell through e-commerce these days. So, whether you are a one-man show or a big corporate, you need to lure your customers through proper digital marketing techniques. And, this is where a digital marketing company in Bangalore can be helpful for your business. They can help in increasing the visibility of the website so that the online traffic increases, and this can lead to an increase in revenue.

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Given below are some tips for promoting your business:

  • Optimize your site for the search engine: A professional SEO company in Bangalore will be able to tell you that the key to making the website visible is the search engine optimization. With proper keywords, phrases and other techniques added, the site will appear on top of the results. 
  • PPC Advertising: PPC stands for Pay per click, where you can purchase the keywords or keyword phrases from the search engine, on the basis of pay-per-click. 
  • Write Blogs: Blogging is one of the best ways to get the right kind of traffic to the website. The blogs should be relevant to the business and should be well-written. These can have more number of keyword phrases, so that these get easily listed on the search engine pages.
  • Publish newsletters: For driving qualified traffic to the website, electronic newsletters can be made and sent out. These will reach the customers and get you more business.
  • Exchange of links: The rankings for search results are determined by the number of links that come in and go out of the websites. These are known as the inbound links and the outbound links.
  • Active participation in the social media: Social media can be used extensively for promoting the businesses. With the right kind of strategies, the online traffic can be diverted to your websites.
  • Make your site attractive and professional: Take help from the Online marketing company in Bangalore who can design your sites professionally, with the right design and content. 
  • Fast loading sites: While your site should have good images, videos, content and other things, but you need to make sure that they load fast. If it takes time to load due to the size of the images or content, the user might get dissuaded and stray away.
  • Generate good reviews: For a customer doing business with you for the first time, good customer reviews can be quite useful, which will give him the confidence to do business with you.
  • Propagate your website address on letterheads and business cards: There are many ways by which you can propagate your website address and that is by printing them on the business cards, letterheads, invoices, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, etc.

These were some of the tips that can be followed to promote the businesses. 


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