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Even a rose plant has thorns, such is the reality. The fact is even the best business in town can get a few negative reviews, sometimes it's a bad day to start with but it can cost you if you do not reply to negative reviews. People use anonymous usernames to submit reviews on Google and someone need not be your customer to leave a review. For businesses getting a bad review is terrible! Reviews are a very important part of the online business and this is why companies offering SEO services in Bangalore are focusing on online reputation management as well.

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Steps to deal with negative reviews:

Local businesses rely a lot on the internet to get new clients so one also has to be prepared for a bad review as well. So here are a few steps on handling negative review on Google.

Don't panic but evaluate:

You put all your blood and sweat into your business and if you see it falling apart you really feel upset. But a bad review is not the end of business so don't panic. Sit with your team and evaluate the situation, see whether the person is your customer or not. If it's your old customer, find out what he/she invested in and you can also go to the tracked customer service calls. 

Respond to negative review quickly:

It's best to respond within 24 hours and keep the reply short. Write about all good service you promise to offer in future. Reply courteously if it was a mistake on your part, be apologetic and make sure this does not happen in future. Maintain a proper way of responding to customer dissatisfaction; be prompt in replying about offering better customer service. Read how other businesses deal with negative reviews and the best responses to negative reviews. 

Dispute fake reviews:

There are few people who might want to spoil the good reputation of your business and this is why they keep posting fake reviews. If you find any fake reviews, just flag, and report Google. Try responding to a fake review as well because sometimes it may not be removed.

 Google allows you to flag and fake ones and here are the steps:

  • Go to Google Maps and search for your business
  • Click and you can see all the review to find out the one you wish to flag
  • You can see three vertical dots, just click on those and you can see 'Flag as inappropriate'. 

Now, if things get worse you can also take a legal step against fake reviews by just filling up a Google form for requesting legal removal. Note: You need to hire a legal professional if you walk this path. 

How about getting negative reviews removed?

Most of the times Google refuses to remove bad Google reviews but sometimes it's possible and it's great if you can make it happen. You can post against the review offering a 100% refund and this shows how much you care about a bad experience. No business is perfect but mistakes are to be resolved. How happy do you feel about a 5 star or a 4.5 star? So why not deal with a negative review so that your business reputation is not tarnished?

Sharing your dilemma can help

Everybody wishes to remove and delete Google reviews that are negative but it's not in our hands. If you have collected a couple of bad reviews, post on Facebook or Twitter and you might get an overwhelming response. Share your experience with people regarding negative reviews and you could collect a few positive ones in this process. If you are doing great business you will have customers that will support you and stand by you in crisis. 

Final words – Hire a professional

Now you know pretty much how to deal with fake and negative reviews on Google. If you feel that you cannot manage so much on your own because you need to focus on your business, hire an online reputation management company in Bangalore. They have a team who is always ready to manage your business so that it flourishes online. There are so many companies in Bangalore; you must spend some time researching and finding out a company that is experienced in offering such services. Nexevo Technologies is one such digital marketing company that offers a wide range of service to their clients. 

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It is 2018 and strategies keep on changing so back links are no exception. Link building is an old practice but it holds importance still now because of its one of the most effective SEO tactics. It’s also a very unique way to get organic search traffic. Major search engines use links to determine the trustworthiness of a website, thus you have to care how you earn it.

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Creating Back-links 

Each link acts are a recommendation so if a website it pointing to many links, it holds greater credibility and it would rank high in search engines. There was a time when website owners tried using foul means to get back-links and from then on Google made its policy stricter and only the clean ones get through. Now, only ethical link building has a meaning and it’s impossible to steal or buy links using any other means. Even if you are about to hire a website designing and development company in Bangalore that offers digital marketing as well, it is good to know how things work. Read this post to know the smart ways to get free quality back-links for SEO. 

Here are the three best strategies to naturally get high-quality back-links and improve your online presence:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about offering content for free to another blog or website and in return an owner exchanges a link to his/her own website. You can place these links within the content body wisely or in the author bio of the content. This was and is still a very popular method to get quality back-links. One gets free content while the other collects link, fair enough.

Now people have taken advantage of this facility by supplying poor quality content which is actually of no use but they acquired a link by supplying such low-quality post. Google nothing such situation gave a strict warning about guest posts. A lot of serious website owners are still using this facility and the primary step is to find out proper sites to which you can submit contents. You can find sites within your niche that accept guest posts. You can also scope out the guest posts of your competitors to find options. You need to submit your post and if it passes the quality check then only it gets published and you acquire a link.

You might have heard of blog commenting and wondering whether it works or not? Yes, blog commenting can help to build quality back-links but no spamming anyone’s blog.

Skyscraper Content

Finding an awesome content in your space and then you out-awesome it, this process is known as sky scraping content. It’s a fruitful way to compile unique and useful content that will earn high-quality back-links to your site. You always create a content that is bigger if not better using more number of words, more useful points, and images. It’s your job to analyze the content you are sky-scraping. You can look for contents that are already doing well in your niche and sky scrape those. This is one of the clever ways to achieve quality back-links. Sky-scraping is all about searching for popular content and weaving the best copy of it maintaining the plagiarism rules and getting natural back-links and reaching out to people.

Building Broken Links

Almost all well-maintained and reputable websites suffer from broken links and every link on a website link to another page. Now that you are looking for build high-quality back-links, you must know that broken links contribute to poor user experience when the page redirects to a 404 error page. This makes crawling even difficult for the search engines and indexing the site. Broken link building is very useful, a great way to create back-links free for my website. This strategy is all about identifying broken links on websites and then giving a chance to mend the broken link with a proper link to a useful content. The content will definitely be on your website. This way the other site will have less broken links, visitors will find useful content and you will earn high-quality back-links free.


Press Release has become old-fashioned but some still use it to get quality back-links. Now you understand how important back-links are and it does not happen it a day, it’s a continuous process that needs experience and expertise. Any reputed SEO company in Bangalore has a team that can create back-links manually. They study your website, do a lot of research and create a high-quality back-link list which makes the task easier. Better back-links mean better SEO!!

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Search Engine Optimization community is growing rapidly. However, there is no any perfect solution available with the SEO gurus about Google's Search algorithms, and they always look for new ways to find out the best from the updated algorithms of Google. If you are looking for SEO companies in Bangalore, you'll get plenty of them who could handle SEO of your website. Following Ranking Factors will give you a better idea of how SEO is done.

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Google’s Ranking Factors in 2018 

Check the quality of your website Content.

Before looking for any SEO Service Provider in Bangalore, you need to have proper knowledge about the Content of your website. A successful blog or a website requires quality content to match with the updated algorithms of Google. Longer blog posts gain more popularity. You need to publish the quality content on your site.

Know the Power of Domain.

Exact Keyword in the domain name pulls out more traffic from the web. However, there is no any proof of having the same. The algorithm keeps on changing, and we have no clue left.

A score of your Website links.

With the help of backlinks, your website can gain more organic traffic. When your website has a considerable number of backlinks, you'll surely get good traffic on your site. People who search on the web can visit your site by clicking on to the links available on other blogs. This is the power of Backlinks which is very essential for the blogs. Backlinks are directly associated with the updates of Google Algorithms.

Mobile traffic.

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. These days, most websites design concerning mobile devices. Most websites are now compatible with Smartphones, and you'll have a much familiar UI of the websites while accessible them through smartphones.

The impact of Anchor Text.

Anchor Text in contents of your website works as Keywords which help your traffic to attract more visitors. The Anchor Text or backlinks with Anchor Text convey Google what's inside that page and what the page is all about. Most SEOs recommend to use Anchor Text, and this is how your website will make the Google Algorithms understand your web pages contents.

Page Speed.

The speed of your website decides the future of it. If your website loads faster, it will undoubtedly receive high traffic, and this is how the Page Speed will work out for you. Websites with slower page don't rank well and can't gain more traffic compared to a site which loads faster. There are special tools available in the market which helps your site and the web pages load faster. You can make use of these tools to power up the website speed.

Understanding the Schema Code.

Most people worry about ranking their website higher on Google search results. However, they don't understand the very concept of attracting more visitors through Google. With proper Schema Code, Google will follow your website's contents, phone numbers, reviews, etc. This way, small business who have listed on Google can attract the local audiences and this way, their business will go up.  

Know the Power of Brand.

If your brand is quite popular, it will provide valuable inputs to the algorithms of Google. Branded searches generate more web traffic, and it will impress more users. Many social media networks also attract users and the links served by the social media networks will create more traffic at the end. This is the power of social signaling and the power of Brand.  

Overall User Interface of the Website. 

User Interface of the website decides the future of your blog or business. When a site has a user-friendly user interface, it will convey a right message to Google's algorithm. Eventually, your blog or website will start gaining more traffic. When the users like the overall UI, the same people will come to your site again and again. So yes, your website's User Interface should be easy to use and more user-friendly.  

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People usually complicate traffic generation for a website, they usually keep on researching about the tips and techniques. Some are every scared to post anything because they usually keep on checking the blog post whether it is up to the mark or looking good. Are you a blogging beginner and are looking for a ways to increase traffic without shedding huge money then you are at the right place.

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Getting a huge number of visitors is the most challenging task for all the bloggers as well as webmasters. Not everyone can grow blog traffic just like that. It needs a lot of time, patience, and consistency. It is very difficult for everyone to achieve the goal. Here are some proven ways to get 1000 visitors and increase blog traffic for free.

Create long and detailed blog posts:

This is the one among the best strategies to increase your blog's traffic in an organic way. You need to always present best researched and detailed content to your audience. The website which has huge content usually gets on top of the google page. This is one of the common tactics to increase blog traffic. The saying is true "Content is king", many blogs fails to get a high number of visitors because of this basic reason. They must create an attractive as well as the detailed article. Focus on creating an excellent content which can be cornerstones, they are the most powerful pillars for blogs since they help to drive huge traffic to your blog.

Long Tail Keyword is in Demand:

Long tail keywords are usually those keywords which contain more than 3 words. These are usually specific and can get top rank as compare to the highly competitive keywords. This is  the most common way to generate blog traffic for beginners, it is said to generate 70 % of search traffic. Long tail keywords are always major traffic drivers. This is one of the very important SEO blog post publishing steps. Always make sure to integrate long tail keywords in your web pages to boost up the visitors on your website.

Research Well Using Keyword Planner:

Enter your desired choice of keywords into the keyword planner search box. You can get a lot of keywords ideas. You can create a long tail keyword based on the keyword ideas. You can also make use of tools like ubersuggest to get access to long tail keywords. This will help you to dig deeper and increase blog traffic.

Incorporate LSI keywords to increase the unique visitors per day:

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. In short, it means that the phrase should contain words which are similar to your finalized keywords. When you are doing a search, Google will look for LSI keywords in the webpage content. The LSI keyword also ensures that the blog gets great traffic. In order to search for LSI keywords, you can make use of google search autosuggest, LSI graph, and SEMrush tools.

Focus on ON - Page SEO:

Google's algorithm keeps on changing, this is why some pages often get rank on top 10 on google search engine result page even without any target keywords. On the page, SEO includes all practical ways to bring the web page on top of search engine. One need to make sure the web pages are optimized well and there is no overuse of keywords. Always practice SEO friendly URLs and have the keyword in the title tag. Make use of H2 and H3 tags in your blog. Maintain a good ratio of internal and outbound links on your webpage. Get links from good quality sources and authoritative websites. The search engine is always preferred quality over quantity.

Approach a reliable company:

Not all the bloggers and webmasters have enough time to generate huge traffic on their website, you can always approach reliable online marketing company in Bangalore which can help to reach your goal. They usually charge a minimum amount to help you with unique strategies to drive more traffic to your websites. The digital marketing service in Bangalore is highly credible as they have a team of experts which are highly skilled and understand the Google algorithm very well.

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Nowadays the digital marketing is getting popular at a very fast rate. Companies are using various popular online marketing trends and platform such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. which has some improved features that make the digital marketing more effective. Let’s check out some emerging trends in digital marketing in 2018:

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Facebook Advertising: As you know nowadays everybody uses social media stating from a kid to aged person and from a rural people to the people of metropolitan cities. As such advertising in social media is one of the biggest marketing strategies. Facebook is the most popular social media and Facebook had 2 billion users in 2017 and almost 1.4 billion people uses Facebook every day. Thus, advertising your brand on Facebook will always be the best digital marketing trends 2018.

LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn is now acquired by Microsoft. Since from that time the advertisement section of LinkedIn has significantly improved. You can now get video capabilities that make it possible for various companies to lead generation ads and make re-marketing. Thus, after Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn in the year 2016 it has become possible to advertise on LinkedIn in an effective way. Day by day LinkedIn is becoming a popular media and thereby emerging as an essential tool for marketing.

Marketing automation: With the help of marketing automation you get the opportunity to reduce the requirement of the resources for both sales as well as marketing. Now the latest trend in marketing is HubSpot which has the capability to drive automation to drive the better result. Marketing automation may require some little time to provide you the better result but once it is fully developed the sales and marketing department of the company will run smoother than ever before. 

Data-driven marketing: Data-driven marketing strategy is one of the best marketing agency trends in 2018. Digital marketing has many advantages and one of the main benefits of digital marketing is its ability to collect the raw data from the market and it can then measure the data which makes them possible to decide which type of marketing will best suit the brand. As a result, data-driven marketing is a very important strategy in today’s market. Though most of the company ignores the value of data analytics it is actually very essential to progress in the market in the future. 

Video: Video is most essential part of online digital marketing. People spend one-third of their online activity by watching videos as it is easier to understand any concept when you see it on your own rather than when you learn it.  As a result, it is seen that people prefer to visit video than to read the article or blogs or any brochures. Video can have a great impact on the mind of people which can never be done by other types of media. So, advertising through video is an essential part of the digital marketing.

Thus, the above-mentioned digital marketing tips are very important which you can use to promote your brand in the year 2018.

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