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I am sure you are interested in knowing Internet and website better. Well after Internet and website we have brought you a next topic for your knowledge. This topic is also related to website and will let you know where to click and where to not. Landing pages is our new subject to describe. So you must be curious about what are landing pages, Where to use them, How to use them etc. We have written whole of your queries in this topic.

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 What are Landing Pages?

Basically landing on a place means you are arriving at that particular place or you can say that you are arriving at an area to know that place better. Similarly are the landing pages, you click on a search engine results or any online advertisements. Landing pages simply means that you are landing on some particular area (here area is referred to website) through them. Landing pages are single and Best Website Designing which is completely different from the rest of the web site's pages. It is not even connected or even related to other web pages.

It is an entry point for users to enter in a website. These pages are basically used for marketing purposes and are made to stand alone from the rest of web site. You can also consider them as a way to that website. These pages are always linked to social networking sites, advertisements and email campaigns sent. Landing pages are used to make to users or site visitors into sales. To make a landing page attractive they include an inquiry form or getting of contact number etc.

Mainly there are just two types of landing pages which are further categorized into many. These pages are –

  • Reference
  • Transactional
  • Lead generation
  • Click through

Reference landing page – This page is used to gain information that is required by visitors or users which can include text, images or other links. One of the examples here is:

  • Click through landing pages – These pages are quite simple to understand as they have very simple and straight forward work to do. All there work is to give complete information about product to the visitors.

Transactional landing pages – This page is used to convince users to complete their action towards their transactions. These pages are used to turn the visitor into customers. To turn them into customers they are given forms which should be completed. They capture as much possible information from users and use it later. One example is given below:

  • Lead generation landing pages – As its type it also collects data from the visitors starting with their names and email addresses. This information is later on carried to change them into customers. There is no exit path in such type of pages.

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Like a relationship your website needs to be given inputs regularly, otherwise like a worn out marriage you are heading for a divorce with your regular customers. Now there are some simple steps which can keep you in the lime light. Here’s a small guide for you:

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Regular updates:

Information on your website should be updated regularly, to give it that fresh look, like a bride. You could add a regular blog or some news section which can be updated constantly.


As soon as a customer visits your site he should be immediately attracted by the design of your website for him to explore further. Nobody likes a drag site. You have just got a few seconds in which you can grab the attention of the customer.


Your website should be such so that you can almost communicate with your customer as if you are talking to him. It’s like a good communicative skill. Your content should work wonders for the website.


You may have the best site but if nobody can find it then it’s a no go. One should have Google friendly terms which are easy to find. An SEO writer could help you out with this.


Visitors on your website should be able to share information on Twitter and Face book etc. Your website should integrate social media for it to be popular.


The person who can guide you about your plus and negative points regarding your site is eventually your customer. So you should interact with your customer and get regular feedback to be in the race. You should be aware about where you stand in the eyes of the customer.


One thing which keeps one on his toes is healthy competition. So how other websites are competing with you and where you stand, or need to do to keep up with the competition will go a long way to nourish your website. Like any business one has to get back regular updates and think about new plans to increase business.

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In 2016, the e-commerce world is totally different from the one Amazon and eBay agree to years ago. The virtual marketplace has developed strongly competitive. Over 80,000 virtual stores are competing in an overloaded marketplace, and the label shown in-store are depending on the ratings given by customers online. 


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 In Future

Style statement of today is convincing indicators of where e-commerce will be in future. Nexevo Technologies - Ecommerce Web Development Company Bangalore, in the process of enhancing the online store they set in latest technologies to customize the shopping experience for customers. Here are different evolutions predicted by Nexevo Technologies Web Designing Company.

Omni-Channel Marketing – This method is increasingly used to balance profit and create changes. Omni-channel marketing makes use of various mediums to give customers an integrated shopping experience. 

Consumer-Focused Engagement – Keeping the customers shopping experience appealing and to turn their clicks into purchases is the key. Concentrating on consumer-centric online shopping will sooner become a plus.

Location and Mobile Specific Advertising – E-retailers are more likely to track mobile and location advertising to hold on to present customers and obtain new ones. Shoppers on their smartphones currently report for 38% of real-time retail traffic. Moreover, 47% of e-mail traffic cut off from mobile devices. All the information draw attention to the increased shopping through a smartphone in the future.

Digital Shopping Experience – The seller can decrease their losses due to an unavailable stock list by producing a cohesive roster system with live shelves that can notify the store about the stock running out or the one popular. Having a shopping app while shop also permits the consumers to have a look at recommended purchases or how they can pay using an application. 

Presently, the e-commerce market is on the edge of evolution. All the virtual retailing fashion steer the consumer-focused customization, which will be embraced sooner.  Nexevo Technologies - Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore strives for the future of e-commerce that is in changed experience for the customers comfort to a high-tech retailing atmosphere. However, there is one question: which blend of e-commerce tactics will be the successful approach for the online business?

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We are quickly moving into a new era where e-Commerce websites are gaining a lot of importance and popularity. Everybody is looking to take the business, as it is easy, convenient and very cost effective way of operating. This has encouraged the growth of e-Commerce market with a huge demand for e-Commerce tools. With so many options, it can easily get confusing for even the experienced users to choose a perfect platform for developing your e-Commerce website. Let us try to find out which among the four platforms: Magento, Drupal, Opencart or Woocommerce is the best for developing e-Commerce website.

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Popularity is one of the criterions, which more often or not takes you to the right direction especially when there is no difference in terms of availability of access of the entities to be compared. Large number of users is a clear indication of that one product offers more advantages over the others. When it comes to usage of e-Commerce platforms, Magento holds the top spot with about 14% of the total users preferring this platform. Woocommerce is the second choice with 8% and other two even less. 


Opencart is suitable for users looking to build a simple e-Commerce website. It is easy to use and can run on any platform. There are large numbers of themes both free and paid. The cost of themes can go up to $60-70 with easy availability. However it’s SEO is not that great.


Magento which was released about the same time around 2008 has evolved quickly especially among the power users. It offers a lot of flexibility and rick features that can help the experts to design complex e-Commerce websites. It takes a bit of time to get used to but it provides great SEO.

WooCommerce And Drupal

Woocommerce operates with WordPress and there is no special reason to choose it over the other two platforms. It is the case with Drupal. Drupal is powerful but not built for e-Commerce websites. Both of them are easy to use but does not offer any substantial competition to Magento and Woocommerce as platforms for building e-Commerce websites. 

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Effective Web Designing involves many key parameters. Usually a person who wants to develop a website for his business focuses on only a few parameters like attractive logos, overdone fonts, flashy textures etc. However, there are other factors, which may not seem important for a common person but experts would always suggest considering them. Some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts of effective website design are as follows


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DO: Focus on What Matters Most

The most important thing for a web designer is to first analyze the products and the services that the website wish to sell. Once it is determined the web designer must ensure that the focus of the website is on these products and services.

Don’t: Put Irrelevant Ads on your Webpage

Avoid overloading your website with too many advertisements as it not only irritates the visitors but also takes the focus off from the main content of the website. Using your website for earning profits through ads is not bad but must be limited.

Do: Choose color scheme wisely

It is very important to choose the appropriate set of colors to make your content effective and easily readable with the background. The colors must go with the content and bright colors must only be used to highlight the key areas.

Don’t: Use too many colors

It is important to realize that you want to convey the information to the user as quickly as possible in an effective manner. Using too many colors can make it harder to understand the format and the design of your website and ultimately the user would end up gaining nothing from the website.

Do: Focus on Quality of Content

Too many words to convey little information is not a good idea. Make your content easy to understand and very precise that can easily express it. Use phrases and quotes to make your message clear and attractive.

Don’t: Use too many keywords

Use of keywords is important to increase the visibility of your website but with too many keywords, it is impossible to maintain a proper flow of your content. This will make it very hard for the users as well as the search engine to interpret your webpage.



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