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There is no shortage of cases where it has always been an advantage to have a speed website. Nexevo technologies Web Design And Development Company from Bangalore has pulled out some tips for you to speed your website loading.

You can know if the website is working at its best speed like

7+ Seconds – Very Poor

3-7 Seconds – Average

1-3 Seconds – Above Average

Below 1 Second – Perfect

web development company in bangalore

To speed up your website the steps that you can follow are

Making Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

One of the best ways to fasten the website is to host the media files on the CDN, which can save up to 60% of bandwidth and reduce the requests made by the website.

Hire a Fast Hosting Company

The fast web host makes a huge impact on the website, the best suitable company that provides lightning speed to the website is Nexevo technologies Development Company that offers service at very reasonable rates.

Using a Cache Plugin

By installing caching plugins like WP Super Cache or WP Total Cache to the WordPress website cut down the page loading speed very quickly and easily. Both the plugins are free to download and they do a lot than browser caching.

Compressing the Website Images

If you are owning a WordPress website the installing plugin WP Smush.it Spontaneously squeeze the images, this will shrink the size of the images and does not lose the visual property.

Cleaning the Database

The database mostly gets very complicated in a very short time due to deactivated plugins, post revisions, and saved drafts. If it is a WordPress website then installing WP optimize works fantastic, which regularly remove all the stuff that is not required in the database.

Minify the JS and CSS files

With the slow loading, it has something to do with the bulky CSS or JavaScript files loaded in a disorganized manner.

As today, mobile internet usage has taken over the desktop that makes is more important right now to get your website speed. The visitors are very impatient to slow loading websites in this fast generation. If the website is slow then your website is not going to be seen.


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The word ‘redesign’ here doesn't mean that you must change everything from graphic design and branding portion. A redesign can just involve steps to modify the website technology as per the trending to work better than before and help you in achieving the target audience. As a fact, your website is the most effective element of your online marketing plan.

Here are the excellent reasons that why you should redesign your website.

Web Design company bangalore


Your website being functional, gorgeous and pixel perfect, still unable to get you the required results, then that is the just useless website. The website was built to grow your customer support and data showcasing that you’re moving towards your goal.


If your marketing scheme reflects improvement in results and is fairly fluid then you don’t have to do a complete website redesign whenever you accustom your goals and to make minor changes it’s always a great idea to connect with the best web design company like Nexevo technologies Professional web Design Company in Bangalore 


This is most common that your website stumbled every now and then, and not being user-friendly. The truth you must know is that there can be some parts not being effective, which cannot be known by you, for that you might need professional help like from Nexevo Technologies to do the Responsive website design.


Considering redesign for your website when you have learned along the way what does not work for the design, go for an innovative style. Such ideas can assist you to utilize the information you have understood what will work best on your website.


If your website is similar to the most out there then you might have embedded the third party tools that enhance its functions, like the shopping cart. If these tools are outdated then they would not respond to the latest operations so it’s best to update them.

If you are able you identify any of the reasons one of yours then dive-in to redesign and bring your business live again. It’s time to bring in the change.Contact Nexevo to bring your website to live from dead technology.

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Don’t get surprised! When you will know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is capable of getting your website in demand over the World Wide Web by bringing in visitors on a large scale. Certainly, your site is your best employee that tackle various prospects at a time. SEO pour rich attention on your trade, creating the highest performance by producing right stress and focus for the marketing. Nexevo technologies SEO experts in Bangalore offer best SEO services that assist your website to get great business leads and good traffic.

It Is Cost-Effective

If you have paid a huge amount of money on your website to get attractive and SEO-friendly website, this is not sufficient for your business as to get your website appear on the first page of search engines. You need to approach an SEO consultant, and Nexevo technologies provides the most proficient SEO customer care service and is always ready to start a discussion for any query. These experts put their power in helping to display your company on search engines in the best promising light.

Search Engines Attract More Market

With the help of the SEO specialist soon you will find your business website on the first page on main top search engines. The accessibility to SEO authority is enough to make your dream come true and get the good results that will give you the valuable ROI.

SEO is the easiest way to build a brand image for your business in the world of Internet and make your business available at any place of the world.

best seo services bangalore


Importance of SEO Services

Increase The Traffic Rate For The Website

Enhanced Revenue Output

Minimum Investment

Produce Capable Leads From Aimed Audience

Improve The Rank Of The Website

Types of SEO services

SEO services for real estate

Health care SEO services

SEO services for hotels and restaurants

SEO for education websites

Search engine process are constantly changing, and your business call for an SEO company that can create steady results using verified techniques and SEO Strategies make the best use of it. Making an investment in a company like Nexevo, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service Provider is more worthy than any other company. Your website needs to have an SEO plan if you are concern about the growth in terms of Digital marketing and online business as it is one of the most significant and important element of any organization to build online presence and brand name.

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From the very beginning of 1990’s, web designers have been trying out new methods and experiments to change the look of the website. Earlier, the websites were completely text-based, fewer images and no original layout other than paragraphs and headings. Now, the web design technology has been progressed, bringing us the Jquery and Javascript Effects, table-based designs and CSS3-based designs.

 web design firm in bangalore

Nexevo which is come from the next evolution!

The Nexevo Web Design Company from Bangalore is fast growing company in the Creative web design & digital marketing industry, where the web is the up-and-coming universe of interlinked web applications and web pages, crowded with photos, interactive content and videos. The average user will never know the interplay of web technology and how the browsers make all this possible.

Web technologies at Nexevo Company have grown to give the web developers the power to bring in new generations of immersive and useful web practice. We are the result of the constant work of an open community, which has help to give definition to web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and WebGL that are supported by all web browsers. The world of technology has advanced at an extremely surprising speed, and web design being one of the frontrunners. With all the constant enhancements, always developing and persistent initiatives taken at the boundaries of imagination bring us a list of the Evolution of Web Design Technology, which has been a fruition in a very short time.

 Text Based Era – Websites Appears Like Documents.

 1990 – Basics of Web Design (WWW - World Wide Web), and HTML (The First Markup Language).

 1991 – First Website Ever (Setup of Server and Creation of Webpage).

 1994 – The (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium and Flash Era Started. 

 1995 – JavaScript Scripting Language Was Created For The Netscape Navigator Browser. 

 1996 - Flash (Future Wave Software), CSS, And Frame Works. 

 1998 – PHP 3 Was Created Allowing To Develop Dynamic Websites, CSS Era Started.

 2000 - Internet Explorer 5 (Supported 99% Of CSS), JavaScript Era Started.

 2003 - 2006 – Web 2.0 - AJAX - JQuery – Mobile Era.

 2010 – HTML 5 That Supported Latest Multimedia.

 2012 – Responsive Web Design That Has becomes the Reality with the Mobile Web Development and Cost-Effective Alternatives. 

 Our team of Nexevo Web Designers is up-to-date and always ready to give any web advancement activity required to boost the website experience for the customers. 

 Nexevo Technologies is one of the leading web design company in Bangalore, we have done many website with huge functionality on low cost, and our developer has a good knowledge on current trending technologies. We have +1000 client in all over worldwide, we also train our developer higher depend upon the current trending web design technologies. And also release one product for joomla user like Extension Click Here to view. And also we have planned to release more extension for different Kind of CMS and PHP Frameworks in future.


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joomla responsive contact form

Nexevo Technologies Web Design Company has launched new extension known as Nexevo Contact Form. This Contact form is an extension flooded with attractive options and intent to provide the website managers an easy and quick means to customize anywhere within the Joomla on-line website. 

Nexevo Contact form is very easy to use with its friendly user interface at handling back-end functions with lead management system where it can be modified and is fully responsive. This contact form comes with the enabled features to retrieve multiple forms, which has no templates to get into troublesome state. Here, you also get an option to forward visitors to any other URL after sending the message. 

It Comes With Advanced Features Such As:

You can add as many as fields of any kind like text, drop box, field set, attachment, text area and also include highly improved CAPTCHA. Not just this, it also comes with default fields of Name, Mobile number, Message, Email and subject, where any of the fields can be disabled very easily. By giving highly user-friendly experience, it makes it tremendously simple for anyone to re-order, add or remove any field on the website. 

This extension allows the administrator to do many operations in a very short period of time. It gives permission to send mail to single or various contacts, include numerous BCC, email addresses, and also able to reply to submitter being the Joomla User. The email tends to give minute details such as date/Time, IP address, and footer username of the user who have contacted you.

Nexevo Contact Form is incredibly innovative extensions that agree for the customization of SH404SEF static URL and even gives out alerts if the user has forgotten to fill out any field, authenticate fields and re-load the form data to ensure the security. It consists new Reset form button that permits to reset the changes done within the website.

It is remarkably easy to understand, configure the setup and install the extension. You can always keep a track of inquiries received, which are automatically stored in the Lead Management that can be found in the Lead Option. The most interesting feature to look forward is that this Nexevo Contact Form, without any codes, can spam protection. 

To have it installed on your website the basic requirements is to have a Joomla 3.0 version, HTML5, PHP5.3 and above and CSS3. It is compatible with all the latest browsers (IE9+).

Please visit Our Nexevo Extension Page :- http://www.nexevo.in/nexevo-extension.html



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