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Nowadays with the development of technology building, a website has become very easy due to which the number of websites has expanded tremendously. But as per a survey report done by Google registry, it is found that most people have a dearth of knowledge when it comes to security. You must not forget to take the essential steps that are required for improving the security of your website. Website security is certainly a very complex process but the Website design company in Bangalore takes all the required precautions and leaves no stone unturned for securing the website from the hand of hackers. That is why in this article we have come up with some essential points that will help you enhance your website security.

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Ways to improve website security

The following are some essential points that you need to remember for enhancing your website security:

  • Update all the software and plug-in: Hundreds of websites get compromised every day because of outdated software. The hackers and bots scan the websites continuously and if any website does not remain updated, they try to get into that website, which is how the important data gets compromised. That is why it is essential to have WordPress Security Plugin so that you can keep your website secure from the hand of hackers. The best thing about these types of updates is that they often come up with security enhancement and vulnerability repairs. Thus it is highly necessary to check the website for software updates and the notification for software plugins. You should not wait for a long time to update your plugins and applications as the more you wait the less secure your website, database, and application will be. So, whenever you get a notification for the update of any software or application you should wait for anything rather you should do it immediately. 
  • Adding HTTPS and SSL certificate: If you want to keep your website safe then it is highly necessary to keep the URL safe from the hand of hackers. That is the reason why whenever you need to send private information, you must have HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS means HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and it is a kind of protocol that is used for providing security over the Internet. With the help of this protocol, it becomes possible to prevent interception and interruption. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer is another necessary protocol with the help of which it becomes possible to encrypt the information while sending through the Internet so that the other unauthorized person cannot read the information while in transit.
  • Choose a strong password:  With so many websites, databases, and programs people most often use the same passwords so that it becomes easier.  But these are the biggest mistakes that people usually commit due to which their passwords get compromised. If you use the same password then it becomes easy to detect the password of all websites when the password of one website will be detected. That is the reason you should never use the same password. You should always use a combination of letters in both lower and upper caps, numbers, and special characters. In such a case, it becomes difficult to crack the password. That is why Sucuri Security always advises you to use such a combination of passwords. 
  • Use a secure Web Host: You should try to name your website as if you are giving the name of a street address. In fact, while choosing a secure web host you need to look at certain things such as whether the web host is offering a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Again you also have to know whether the option ‘Is FTP used by an Unknown User?’ is disabled. Whether a Rootkit scanner is used and whether a file backup service is used? All these things are very essential for keeping the website secure from the hand of unauthorized people. 
  • Encrypt the login page:  It is highly necessary to use SSL encryption on the login page. With the help of SSL, it becomes possible to transfer sensitive information securely. For example, you can send information like credit card details, social security numbers, or any type of Login credentials. When the sensitive information will be encrypted no third party can intercept it and this type of encryption can help you to prevent the hackers from accessing any type of login credentials or any kind of private data.
  • Keep the website clean: For any hackers, database, application or plugin are the common point of entry. That is the reason why when any files, database or application are of no use you should delete the files otherwise the hackers would make that an entry point with that. Moreover, it is also essential to keep all the files structured and organized so that it becomes easier to keep track of which files to keep and which one to keep.
  • Backup your data: It is also very essential to keep the backup of your data at regular intervals so that even if your website becomes inaccessible you will not lose your data. The web host provider like Nexevo may provide you the backup of your files from their own server in case of necessities but still it is a good practice to keep the backup yourself. However, there are some plugins or extensions that help you to keep up the backup of all your files automatically. With this you will no longer be required to keep the backup of the files manually and your data will be completely secured.


Thus, the Website design company in Bangalore gives a huge importance to the website security features when designing the website. Nowadays the creation of websites has become a lot easier but it does not mean that you will compromise with the security features. When designing a website security features should be given the utmost importance so that you can prevent the hackers from intercepting your website and doing harm to you.

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In this digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very essential for every business and you must use SEO tools for getting more and more profit. SEO tools enable you to get great exposure and thereby help you in getting more and more money. SEO tools have now become the backbone of any online business and that is the reason why every WordPress Website Design & Development Company in Bangalore uses some effective SEO tools that helps them to achieve their goal. In this article, we have come up with a brief comparison of both Yoast and Rankmath so that you can purchase the one which fits your company the best.

Yoast Vs Rankmath

Features of Yoast

Yoast SEO comes as a plugin and it is one of the best and most favorites downloaded WordPress plugin to date. This plugin was launched in the year 2007 and it helps you with search engine optimization. Millions of people around the world use this SEO tool and it has the power to please both the visitors as well as search engine spiders. This tool provides a simple way to determine and troubleshoot poor SEO. With Yoast SEO you will be able to modify the web page and it also helps you to review the code that ensures the company that their website is not hacked. Apart from that, Yoast SEO also comes up with ‘PageSpeed Insights’ features. With the help of this feature, the company becomes able to check the speed of their website for both mobiles as well as desktop versions. Moreover, Yoast SEO also has ‘structured data testing’ features and it allows the user to check whether the data has been put correctly or not. Yoast SEO has many developers, testers, architects, and other SEO experts and they use to work daily for performing validation routines, checking whether the content of the website is in the right format or not, and for improving the plugin, and giving the user the best experience. Some of the core features of Yoast SEO include the following:

  • SEO analysis
  • Readability analysis
  • Canonical URL that helps in avoiding duplicate content
  • Snippet preview for both mobile and desktop users
  • Advanced XML sitemaps  

Features of Rankmath

Rankmath is yet another best SEO optimization of WordPress that is also used around the world. When it comes to design it is true that its setup is quite clean as compared to other tools. Rank math allows the company to find out the detailed keyword analysis report. Apart from that, with the help of Rankmath, you can get a summary of any domains. Moreover, this tool also allows you to compare the performance of your website against the competitors by measuring the average session duration and the bounce rate of the website. Rankmath also has ‘Traffic Source Comparison’ features with the help of which you can get an overview of digital marketing channels for many competitors at once. This is certainly the best tool for finding out the bounce rate. By bounce rate, it means the number of the person who has visited the website but did not spend a long time and left the website within a few seconds without accessing any pages of the website. Some of the core features of Rankmath are:

  • Easy setup
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Modular framework
  • Code optimized for speed 
  • Bulk edit titles and description

Comparison between Yoast vs. Rankmath

The following is the comparison between Yoast and Rankmath:

  • Price: When it comes to price Rankmath is a better choice than Yoast since Rankmath is free to use but you need to pay for using some features of Yoast.
  • Google search console integration: As compared to Yoast, Rankmath provides an easier option to search. Yoast permits you to integrate the search console but it does not have an interface where the user can see the search console records.
  • Updates: Rankmath comes up with frequent updates as compared to Yoast and thus RankMath can create problems for the users.   

Thus it is seen that both the tools Yoast and Rankmath are the best and most popular among the online companies and you can purchase any of these two tools based on your work.

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One of the emerging trends in today's world is e-commerce platform which provides us the facility to buy products through online stores. It is a platform where online merchants find flexibility in selling their products and customers of any age group can use it. Hence, there is rapid increase for designing the best e-commerce platform with the help of Magento.

Little Known Ways to Rid Yourself of Find Best Magento Developer

Magento Web Development Company Bangalore designs the best e-commerce websites; hence online businesses find rapid growth and they extend their businesses accordingly. In this peak period, it is quite a tough challenge to find the best Magento developer, and on the other hand Magento web development companies find experienced Magento developers.

Appending below are the little known ways to rid yourself of finding the best Magento developer:

1. Evaluate your requirements:

A better understanding on your requirements will help you finding the type of developer you need. Before you hire, think whether the person is capable to bring changes in your business growth and result in ROI. Interview the person with basic questions which are mentioned below:

  1. Tell about your working experience as a Magento developer.
  2. What are the techniques you use to make a website secure?
  3. Will a website be user-friendly or responsive or both?
  4. How much do you cost for developing a Magento website?
  5. How will you revamp or change an existing site?
  6. Can you tell me the loading time of the sites which you developed already?

2. Types of Magento Developers.  

  1. Front-end 
  2. Back-end 
  3. Full-stack

The Best Website Design Company Bangalore is very specific while recruiting Magento developers for its company, because not all the Magento developers work on full-stack. Designing/creating a website involves different processes. Hence the recruiter has to analyze the Magento developer while interviewing, reviewing his/her profiles & portfolio to determine the specific capabilities.

3. Search through Search Engines:

One another easiest way to find experienced and well qualified Magento developer is search engines. Apart from the job portals, search engines help you the best way in finding your search rightly. Local search engines pave the way easy to find people in your environs. To obtain the best results you also can make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, it explores the results in first few search pages itself.

4. Analyze the limits:

While searching for the right Magento developers, Magento Web Development Company Bangalore should analyze the limits and fix on the type of Magento developer it needs. Before finalizing the developer, the company should analyze on the candidate’s capability in terms of upcoming projects, changes after the project confirmation, iteration over the working designs, et al.

If the Best Website Design Company Bangalore looks for freelancing Magento developers, then it is good to go with candidates those who want to work really & those who need of opportunities instead of going behind those who are filled with heaps of projects. For that, there are n numbers of freelancers’ portals where you can hunt the right candidates. Otherwise, you can take help from local consultants to get the best Magento developers for your requirement.

5. Social Media Channels:

Social media channels are thriving platforms, where you can get lots of Magento developers and even you can have a chat there itself to discuss about the preliminary points. The best professional platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, helps you handy indeed. These types of platforms are manipulated by professionals from diverse niches.

In general, Magento Web Development Company Bangalore uses social media channels to hire Magento developers for in-house wherein those channels offer advanced filters & tools to find the right search and provides to view their full profile, provides the option to have a look on their portfolio and it helps the recruiter to have an initial round of discussion there itself. On the other hand, you can find specific groups for professionals; hence, companies can find the hidden talents easily.

6. Hunt the Magento developer in the Magento forums. Forums are the trusted place where you can find best talents by viewing their posts. Normally, you can find more than 200k people registered in such forums.

7. Reach the best Magento training institutes to obtain the details of candidates who completed the course successfully with good Magento knowledge both in theoretical and practical.

8. Try having a look on Magento Website Display Events across the globe. This will help you to discover the experts and you can directly interact with them. Attending the seminars, conferences, and webinars will help you to share few words with experts about your prospective projects. This type of approach will be very useful when you deal with big projects.


Ensure how your Magento developers respond you, because they are answerable for the queries. Magento Developer needs to deal with the team members and should be very responsible. Be assuring not to waste your time with someone who might not be fit for the role.

Finding a well-qualified Magento developer is not an easy job, wherein Best Website Design Company Bangalore works on the above-discussed points to save both time & money to discover the right expert for Magento projects.

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No matter whether it is a big or small business nowadays everyone wants to become an Internet sensation. The cost of advertising in the electronic media and print media has increased significantly in the last few years and with that business has adopted a marketing strategy called digital marketing which provides a more affordable and efficient way to engage the prospective customers as compared to electronic and print media. While dealing with a digital marketing campaign you have to deal with various things such as social media, email content, PPC, SEO, web design, etc. Without a good digital marketing agency, it becomes very difficult to manage all these tasks for any business. That is the reason why all top organization in Bangalore gives this responsibility to the renowned digital marketing company in Bangalore who manages all marketing task of the company. But still, as an owner of the company, you must have some knowledge of digital marketing so that you can understand whether you are on the right track or not. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with some of the most powerful digital marketing ideas which can boost the traffic of your company in 2021 as well as beyond that.

10 Powerful Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Traffic in 2021 and Beyond

Some essential Digital Marketing ideas you must apply

The following are some most powerful digital marketing ideas that almost all top agencies apply for boosting the traffic of their clients:

  • Choose the perfect keyword: Choosing the perfect keyword is very important in digital marketing since it is the keyword on which the ranking of the website will depend. There are many tools available in the market which helps in selecting a perfect keyword. That is why it is highly essential to use such tools for all articles and blogs that you will write for your website.
  • Use of internal links: Internal links are those links which you can use in your article or blogs are written for marketing purpose. If a reader clicks on the internal link they are automatically get redirected to another link or blog of the same website. Since they will be redirected to the same website they are called an internal link. Hence with the help of the internal link, you can easily and conveniently enhance the ranking of your website.
  • Write the best content: Content is the king in the digital market and hence it becomes very important to write interesting and engaging content on the website for search engine optimization. That is the reason why you should always focus on writing the best content for your website, blogs, and articles, or any other things that you will use for marketing purposes. You must have some appealing content and most importantly you have to make sure that all your content is free from plagiarism and do not have any type of grammatical issues. If you have such error-free content it will certainly help you to enhance the ranking of your website in Google search engine.
  • Use videos and images: Always use videos and images on your website as it can increase the visibility of your viewers. Instead of reading the content, every user likes to watch a video or view image. Hence, with video and image, you can easily enhance the engagement capacity of the reader of your website. That is the reason why you will always observe that all top companies use to have a video or image on the homepage. This will help you to a high ranking on the Google search engine.
  • Correct the loading time of your webpage: One of the most common reasons for leaving a webpage is the slow loading. No visitors will wait for a long time for opening a webpage. Hence if your webpage takes a too long time to load, then you must understand that the visitor of your website will browse another website. In research, it was found that 40 percent of visitor leaves a website when it does not load within 20 seconds. Hence a faster-accessing webpage always gets the advantage of having a better SEO ranking.
  • Make an impressive layout: The top SEO Service Company in Bangalore always updates the website of their client with new designs and templates so that the user does not get bored with your website. Hence you must change the template, layout, background color, and other web designing features at regular intervals so that it makes an impression in the mind of the visitor.
  • Add enough links: You must add as many links as possible to your website. With both internal as well as external links, you can also add some value to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This link will help your visitor to visit some other related topic on your website which will ultimately engage your customer and let them know more about your company.
  • Keep natural font and consistent color: It is also important to make sure that you use the same color and font style on your website since different colors and font styles may hurt the eyes of your reader. In such cases, they may not find it suitable to stay longer on your website. 
  • Use SEO tool: You should always use some excellent SEO tool with the help of which it becomes possible to find out the detailed keyword analysis report and you will be able to compare the performance of your website against the competitors.
  • Use tools for writing correct content: No matter whether you are uploading a blog or an article writer on your website you must ensure that your writing is flawless and is free from all kinds of errors. If there are grammatical or spelling mistakes in your writing no reader will read your content and thus all your effort will go waste. That is the reason why it is always advisable to use automatic proofreading and grammar checking tool before you upload or publish anything on your website.

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We are in the digital world today; we can buy anything through online options, hence there comes the importance of efficient and effective web site. The website is the doorstep connectivity between the customer and the company. A customer knows the difference between good and bad websites based on its user-friendliness and graphic user interface. Website Design Company in Bangalore concentrates more on designing the website mobile-friendly in which it boosts the website usage rate. Web site design is significant for businesses to market online; hence website designers should know how to develop the web page by knowing the customer expectations.

10 Best Practices For Efficient Web Design

According to the research, Web Development Company in Bangalore implements top-notch standards to design the web pages. Not only Bangalore Web Development Company but also many web development companies’ main goal is to entice the big target market and convey prompt information about products that the brands offer to its customers.

Appending below are the best practices for efficient website design:

The initial process for efficient web design

While designing a website, logo, brand color, design, and glossaries should be presented perfectly. The services or the products of the brand should be updated consistently. The landing page should present the idea of the brand’s services/products effectively.

A website should be aesthetic as it should allure the customers who visit it. The product information should be crisp yet clear and no overloaded images. No many text styles on the page and highlight the important key points with white spaces between the elements.

Call to Action (CTA)

CTA element is one of the best features that help the visitors to know more about the services/products offered by the brand. Web Development Company in Bangalore holds good experience in fixing the CTA element while designing the websites. CTA element is nothing but, compelling content that stimulates customers to surf more on the site. Hence, it creates enthusiasm among the customers, thus business happens.

Quick Loading

Once after building the website, the page speed should be monitored. If it exceeds more than 3 seconds, the developer should work on it to minimize it. Developers should plan the website hosting process and concentrate on the delivery network by choosing the server nearer to the user's location. Bangalore Web Development Company holds years of experience with records of accomplishment in designing & developing websites that run very fast with no flaws. Add-on value points are:

  • No compromise on image quality
  • Implement concise content
  • Website speed check by using page speed insight tools from Google

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the top leading factors which fetch business to the brands. Web site developers should integrate high ranking keywords in the web content, wherein when the customer researches search engines; it takes him/her to that particular website. Analyze the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) before integrating the keywords and focus on regular SEO practice will fuel the brands with more business, i.e. ROI. Website Design Company in Bangalore has rich knowledge in SEO, hence they integrate SEO while designing the websites from scratches itself.

Easy Navigation

Use fewer menu bars at the top of the page. To increase customer visibility, contact information should be included in the right corner of the page. Customers will become tired and will frustrate if they scroll a lot. To avoid such scenarios, the designer should place a back-to-top button. If the website has big content, use breadcrumbs to add more about the products. By using the breadcrumbs, the user can navigate among all the pages of a web site very easily.

Color Codes

Color codes are most important while designing a website. Based on the logo and products/services, the designer should choose the color codes. The color code of page background and text should be contrast which helps for the readability feature. The more visual appeal of the website, the more customers will surf around your site.

Mobile-friendly Design

Nowadays, everyone uses smartphones instead of big screens. Hence, web designers keep all the website designs mobile-friendly, wherein anyone from anywhere can visit your page from their mobile phones/smartphones.

Email Marketing

Email plays a major role in marketing products/services. Place the email sign-up icon in the header or footer and highlight it as it is visible for the user. Using different text colors for email will leave the customers to look into it interestingly.

Social Media

Add the social media icons in the footer, for example, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al. Social media icons help to advertise the products/services on social media, help for the back linking process, and give good support for off-page SEO.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is to ensure the proper working of the website. A/B testing tools are used to test every element of your website. Check the working of the buttons, headers, text on the screen, and the navigation bar in periodic intervals.


In a nutshell, all the above-discussed points are effective and efficient practices that one should keep in mind while designing a website either for his/her own or particularly to a client. Website design is one of the effortful jobs wherein it involves the biggest challenge of marketing a brand for both online business and offline business.


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