Top 11 Best Technologies for Video Marketing in 2022

Published Date 19 October 2019
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Best Technologies for Video Marketing

As we all know that trend of video content is increasing on an extraordinary scale in the marketing industry. This is because of the fact that it is extremely easy to understand and too creates a strong impact in the eyes of viewers.

There are a lot many different types of video marketing that marketers choose to opt for promoting their product or service. Therefore, video marketing is a strategy that any marketer cannot afford to ignore in the coming 2022 year.

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There are a lot of coming trends and techniques that one should know if planning for a video or commercial advertisement.

Digital marketing company has come up with the recent 11 techniques for video marketing to be considered in 2022. Let’s begin:

Live videos

Going live is always an engaging technique that helps you to get in connection with your viewers in real time. You can answer to the questions of your audience and can also fulfill the request of the people at the same time.

This will lead to building of trust between you and your followers. There are various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat that you can use to go live.

Most of the bloggers use this strategy to stay connected with their audience from time to time.

Shoppable videos

Videos including advertisements are trending tremendously in this universe of video. Various social media platforms have this feature where you can give the link of your product or service right there in the video.

The viewer can look over the product and can buy instantly by clicking the link. This creates a lot of convenience for the buyers as they don’t need to place their orders at some different place. Rather they can buy it from the same place where they are looking for the product.


Presently, social media application such as YouTube, Instagram and snapchat is becoming popular for Vlogging.

The application has an updated feature of live streaming which especially bloggers prefer for improving their video marketing.

They create Vlog content or weekly or monthly basis that make them stay engaged with their followers.


One of the most important that should be taken care of is accessibility of the video.

Videos should be made in a way that it can be easily accessed by the users without any hindrance.

Along with the video with rich content, a good caption is also important as it is the first thing that a viewer looks over before going to click on the video.

Leadership content

One of the most crucial and impactful strategy for video making is the first-person storytelling.

A video of somebody which is talking directly into the camera creates an amazing impact and this is the reason why most of the video makers are adapting this pattern.

Your viewers can learn and enjoy from the video simultaneously.


Podcasting is gaining popularity in this period of time as this is another great strategy of video marketing that expects to expand in 2022.

In the previous year, it has been observed that various companies, brands and advertisers are creating podcast videos to engage with their audience in a better way.

If a business organization is creating video, then it can deliver better insights of its business culture to the audience through podcast videos.

Virtual gatherings

Arranging virtual gatherings are yet other trending techniques that organizations are eagerly looking forward to in coming year 2022.

The face to face meeting creates a totally different impact on the individuals and it can welcome all the good thoughts of people coming from different parts of the world.

Mobile friendly videos

As we can already see that smartphones have surpassed the desktop screens. Majority of the population prefers to browse on the narrower screens that are convenient to use.

This has created a challenge for the marketers as they need to make their videos in a way that it can be easily accessed on the phone.

 A viewer just takes few second to decide whether he want to stay on the playing video or not. So, if your video is not mobile friendly then it can cost you much.

Email communication

Sending videos in email is an ideal strategy to follow during video marketing of the organization.

With a lot of messages popping up in the email, attaching video in the mail can prompt higher open rates and video thumbnails. Additionally, with the help of video, you can deliver more details of your brand to your potential customers and can generate higher leads.

In coming 2019, video communication will definitely start to gain attraction among the marketers.


Being honest regarding the organization and the product in front of the viewers make them loyal towards you.

Showcasing the achievements and failures of the business will make your business seem transparent to your customers and they can trust you with the full heart.

From the company side of view, it makes them take better and quick decisions regarding the products and services.

Customer success is the key!

Customer success shows how successful your marketing techniques worked. Businesses are using videos to make their products look captivating to the customers.

However, the most important thing to consider is the customer feedback. By convincing the customers to make the videos regarding the usage of product, your business can gain popularity among other potential customers.

Video is the most interesting technique to do this. Also, it has been observed that most of the companies have dissolved their help desks and are creating videos for the same.


So, these were some of the most crucial and recent techniques that any video marketer should know if planning to make videos for their business in 2022.

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