Custom website development or Template based: Which is Right for You?

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24 August 2022
Custom website development or Template based

There are so many different tools and frameworks available that facilitate you in developing a website. And they often come with so many variations and features. Thus sometimes, it gets difficult to select the right option or to know which tool is used for what purpose.

Some frameworks facilitate with in-build coding, whereas, some frameworks allow you to code your website on your own and create what you want.

But which one is the better option? Well, there is lot to explore!

This good read will guide you to make a right choice. And widen your thought on the concept difference between custom website development and template-based one.

Furthermore, post knowing all the differences, you may figure out which technologies are best to develop a website.

So, Get ready to grab this important piece of information and make the best use of it.

What is a custom-made website?

 The simplest way to understand a custom-made site is to know it has especially been designed and customized to fulfill the needs and wants of an organization or a brand.

And for that, the brand has to build an entire site from the scratch.

To build a custom-based site, a special team of developers is called to handle the custom-built website tools. And are given the details about the target audience of the site.

Custom-based sites are a creative way to reach your targets, control how you want the website to function, and how you want to be seen on the internet. The maximum sites you see online all hail from the custom build website examples because of the facilities it provides.

Moving ahead, to understand the difference between Custom website development and Template based properly, you must know their pros and cons.

Here are the pros of a custom-made website that will clear the picture of this technique for you:

Pros Of The Custom-Made Website:

Define Brand: 

To incorporate the company's branding and to meet the required market demands, The website will have a unique design and will be based on the needs of your business.

Functionality Friendly: 

Although it has been customized, the site is prepared and tested accordingly to function across all browsers. This is also because the site is being built to be audience or search engine friendly. The key to promoting any website is a digital promotion that custom-based sites provide with their better quality of search engine optimization.

Inspire Imagination With More Options

There is no limit to adding functions to a custom-based website. Whatever you imagine or however you want your site to look like, the developers will deliver it to you.

Flexibility Enhanced: 

A customized website is adaptable to your company's requirements and needs. These sites are designed to be flexible and to grow with the brand. As it’s easier to add new features and make required changes in a custom-made website.

Customer Service Advantage: 

The web developing company that will build your site will always be there to support you if you need it.

Industry Oriented Advancement:

Custom build sites are best friends for an e-commerce business to help you show the store in its full colors as the performance of the custom-built website is more favorable for such businesses.

And now it's time to have a look at the cons too.

Cons Of The Custom-Made Website: 

  1. The cost of creating is one of the biggest cons of a custom-made website. Because of the special customization and designing that the website developing process involves, creating a customized website is costlier than creating a template-based one.
  2. All the detailing and specifications that the custom-made website involves, makes a custom-made website take more time in getting created than a template-based site.

To further understand the difference between Custom website development and Template based, we must study the other approach thoroughly, right?

Now, let’s get ready to grab some detailed information on the template-based website below.

What is a template-based website? 

Template-based websites are exactly opposite of the custom-based ones. No special team has to be called to make these websites. Template-based websites are the ones that are made using low-cost and sometimes free websites making templates available online.

Having mentioned that, there are plethora of templates available that are highly popular.Moreover, the success of its usability can be easily measured by seeing the inventor’s stastics itself.

Wondering what that must be?

Well, here is glimpse:

  • Themeforest, over 32,000 website templates are already being out and successfully used.
  • Envato Market keeps 10M community members intact and has sales of approximate 50 million items.
  • HubSpot successfully operating on 1,500 website and email templates.
  • TemplateMonster continuously increasing the numbers and has reached to over 50,000 website templates.

Post knowing the huge success of these template master-minds, we can assume the demand and supply of easy-to-use website template.

Considering the above factors, lets know idea behind the template-based website.

Template-Based Approach, 

Time is money. And hence, to save time with some more factors in place, the usage of template-based website has become even more popular.

When the client doesn't want any special specifications in the website, when there's no special target or the site is a basic one. Or when the given templates are already enough to fulfill all the needs of the desired website, in such cases templates are used to build a website.


The tools that make template-based websites are Weebly, Wix, and other similar website building frameworks.

These tools help in finding the suitable template for the desired website and then creating the simple and basic design of it by customizing different features that are required and adding relatable content and specifications to the website.

There’s nothing better than knowing the pros and cons of something to know it better. Have a look below.

Pros of the template-based website: 

Budget Friendly:

Templates are great for low budgets. There is a cheaper upfront cost.

Quick Glimpse of Designs

Templates are enhancing their games and getting better. With more and more the best template-based website builder flooding the market, they are getting more sophisticated, well designed with the freedom to have a few customizations.

No Coding Expertise Required:

Templates have a shorter development time because much of their coding is already done. And hence they are fast to implement if your content is also ready to be released.

And now, you must know the cons of the template-based website to complete your knowledge of both these approaches.

Cons of the template-based website:

  1. With limited graphic designs, your site might look like everyone else's, and lots of other businesses can be using the same template making your site look like an ordinary one.
  2. You cannot customize the site according to your needs. The power of customization is highly limited as template-based sites are not customizable. What you see is what you get.
  3. Isn't it very search engine friendly? and it also might not 100% work on all browsers or devices.
  4. As template-based sites run strictly on their structured system, any feature, custom or added technologies are not possible to be installed on the template-based website.
  5. As compared to custom-made sites, the template sites will most likely not have a great support system.

 And that is how you can know the difference between Custom website development and Template based.

Furthermore, after understanding all the pro and cons, you must be wanting to know ‘which is trending, Custom website development and Template based website?

Let’s Know More!

Trending Concerns Facts

 It has been seen that many of users are still sceptical about the usage of templates over custom based website. And the main reason being is, ‘Originality Matters!’

Survey Suggests that Many of the Digital Marketeer, who are majorly involved in website optimization are in favour of template-based website as it serves purpose of saving time and instant designing of the website.

And, also consider the fact that it allow clients to make their choice easily. Moreover, it has been seen that it is much beneficial for new business to design and optimize the website with templates.

However, on the other hand, the big brands prefer the custom based website so they could maintain their brand identity while launching their new products and services. Also, it brings uniformity.

And now that you understand them all well, you know the choice you would want to make while creating your website.

To Sum Up:

While there are various options available to get your work done, every choice has got its own set of pros and cons. Deciding whether to build your site custom-made or template-based is a personal choice. But knowing the difference between Custom website development and Template based is a necessity to ignore any changes or problems and errors.

While one saves time and money, the other grabs the audience and facilitates you with having complete control over it. So, which one will you choose?

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