Digital Marketing Trends & Tactics in 2022
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Digital Marketing Trends & Tactics in 2022

Nowadays the digital marketing is getting popular at a very fast rate. Companies are using various popular online marketing trends and platform such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. which has some improved features that make the digital marketing more effective. Let’s check out some emerging trends in digital marketing in 2018:

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Facebook Advertising:

As you know nowadays everybody uses social media stating from a kid to aged person and from a rural people to the people of metropolitan cities. As such advertising in social media is one of the biggest marketing strategies. Facebook is the most popular social media and Facebook had 2 billion users in 2017 and almost 1.4 billion people uses Facebook every day. Thus, advertising your brand on Facebook will always be the best digital marketing trends 2018.

LinkedIn Advertising:

LinkedIn is now acquired by Microsoft. Since from that time the advertisement section of LinkedIn has significantly improved. You can now get video capabilities that make it possible for various companies to lead generation ads and make re-marketing. Thus, after Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn in the year 2016 it has become possible to advertise on LinkedIn in an effective way. Day by day LinkedIn is becoming a popular media and thereby emerging as an essential tool for marketing.

Marketing automation:

With the help of marketing automation you get the opportunity to reduce the requirement of the resources for both sales as well as marketing. Now the latest trend in marketing is HubSpot which has the capability to drive automation to drive the better result. Marketing automation may require some little time to provide you the better result but once it is fully developed the sales and marketing department of the company will run smoother than ever before. 

Data-driven marketing:

Data-driven marketing strategy is one of the best marketing agency trends in 2018. Digital marketing has many advantages and one of the main benefits of digital marketing is its ability to collect the raw data from the market and it can then measure the data which makes them possible to decide which type of marketing will best suit the brand. As a result, data-driven marketing is a very important strategy in today’s market. Though most of the company ignores the value of data analytics it is actually very essential to progress in the market in the future. 


Video is most essential part of online digital marketing. People spend one-third of their online activity by watching videos as it is easier to understand any concept when you see it on your own rather than when you learn it.  As a result, it is seen that people prefer to visit video than to read the article or blogs or any brochures. Video can have a great impact on the mind of people which can never be done by other types of media. So, advertising through video is an essential part of the digital marketing.

Thus, the above-mentioned digital marketing tips are very important which you can use to promote your brand in the year 2018.

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