Evolution of Web Design Technologies
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Evolution of Web Design Technologies

From the very beginning of 1990’s, web designers have been trying out new methods and experiments to change the look of the website. Earlier, the websites were completely text-based, fewer images and no original layout other than paragraphs and headings. Now, the web design technology has been progressed, bringing us the Jquery and Javascript Effects, table-based designs and CSS3-based designs.

Nexevo which is come from the next evolution!

The Nexevo Web Design Company from Bangalore is fast growing company in the Creative web design & digital marketing industry, where the web is the up-and-coming universe of interlinked web applications and web pages, crowded with photos, interactive content and videos. The average user will never know the interplay of web technology and how the browsers make all this possible.

Web technologies at Nexevo Company have grown to give the web developers the power to bring in new generations of immersive and useful web practice. We are the result of the constant work of an open community, which has help to give definition to web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and WebGL that are supported by all web browsers. The world of technology has advanced at an extremely surprising speed, and web design being one of the frontrunners. With all the constant enhancements, always developing and persistent initiatives taken at the boundaries of imagination bring us a list of the Evolution of Web Design Technology, which has been a fruition in a very short time.

? Text Based Era – Websites Appears Like Documents.

? 1990 – Basics of Web Design (WWW - World Wide Web), and HTML (The First Markup Language).

? 1991 – First Website Ever (Setup of Server and Creation of Webpage).

? 1994 – The (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium and Flash Era Started. 

? 1995 – JavaScript Scripting Language Was Created For The Netscape Navigator Browser. 

? 1996 - Flash (Future Wave Software), CSS, And Frame Works. 

? 1998 – PHP 3 Was Created Allowing To Develop Dynamic Websites, CSS Era Started.

? 2000 - Internet Explorer 5 (Supported 99% Of CSS), JavaScript Era Started.

? 2003 - 2006 – Web 2.0 - AJAX - JQuery – Mobile Era.

? 2010 – HTML 5 That Supported Latest Multimedia.

? 2012 – Responsive Web Design That Has becomes the Reality with the Mobile Web Development and Cost-Effective Alternatives. 

? Our team of Nexevo Web Designers is up-to-date and always ready to give any web advancement activity required to boost the website experience for the customers. 

? Nexevo Technologies is one of the leading web design company in Bangalore, we have done many website with huge functionality on low cost, and our developer has a good knowledge on current trending technologies. We have +1000 client in all over worldwide, we also train our developer higher depend upon the current trending web design technologies. And also release one product for joomla user like Extension. And also we have planned to release more extension for different Kind of CMS and PHP Frameworks in future.


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