What’s really happening with your website working against your marketing?

Published Date 14 November 2017
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What’s really happening with your website working against your marketing?

How to fix it?

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It is very common that marketing managers do have issues with the company website. You are doing your best but finally your company is not earning enough. What would you be doing when the company website works against marketing? 

Basically you must know that SEO and website design goes hand in hand. Your website is the face of internet marketing and most of the traffic is derived from organic search. Most businesses do not think of marketing and they lack the revenue finally. If the design looks pretty attractive but does not conform to the internet marketing standards, you would lose the race soon.  It would be wastage of time and money. 

Do you have a mobile website?

Website redesigns are sometimes time-consuming and even can make a hole in your pocket. When a digital marketing expert says that you need a mobile website, the person means it. Not having a mobile website is a flaw because you are losing a high percentage of potential mobile users when they land to your website and discover that they have to go through the desktop version. For better marketing, you need a responsive web design service from a reputed Website Design Agency in Bangalore

SEO favored websites

Once you have the website live, the search engines should be able to read through the pages which also mean easy crawling. There are many ways to design and website and all technologies do not sync with SEO. This kind of website is basically valueless because no one would be able to find you online so no business. It’s important to build a structured website with proper planning and strategy. Your website is suffering if you are not having a concrete Digital Marketing plan

Is your website consistent and customer-focused?

If your website is getting traffic due to marketing how you would ensure that people could relate what they see with the driving message? For instance, if visitors click on a heading that promises special offer and they do not receive it after clicking. It’s a big disconnect. The website design and marketing should be synchronized. 

Are you not optimized for conversions?

There is a huge disconnection between the company website and marketing efforts if you are spending money to draw traffic to a non-optimized website. A website that is not optimized cannot turn traffic into buyers. Paying could signify SEO, social media or PPC. It is important to know what the company offers and a clear call to action is of utmost importance. A good user experience is all that matters. For instance, if you intend to sell a service or product, the check out must be very smooth. It is time to hire an expert company that offers services like Website Maintenance Services in Bangalore

Poor messaging

The words you write matters more than the design and it holds true. Improper messaging could kill your website and do possible harm to make it go against marketing. Do not replace texts with images, search engines easily understand texts. Keywords are very essential for a properly optimized website. 


Do all necessary planning to recapture traffic that is lost. The design team and the digital marketing team should collaborate to create a high-performing website.  
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