The Secrets To What’s Next for Technical SEO
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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The Secrets To What’s Next for Technical SEO

With the evolution and growth of web technologies, more people find technical SEO appealing. Technical SEO has been gaining heavily on popularity of late. We have seen huge spike in interest in 2017. And we are going to see more of it in 2018. As we all know, web has become really complex compared to before. It has been scaling beyond our expectations. Since keeping up with it has become really hard, more people will start specializing in Technical SEO in coming days. You will find plenty of Good SEO Companies in Bangalore.

More data

More data is being created. Processing large amount of information brings its own complications. We need to be better equipped to deal with the challenges. Clickstream is an exciting thing that has happened of late. Many SEO tool companies have been open to using click stream data. 

Even Google has been doing their bit. They have been sourcing more data from their users of late. We can take the example of Google My Business Q&A. We believe it is going to be used for voice search. There have been forecasts which gave significance to structured data. You will come across lot of reliable SEO Experts in Bangalore.

We believe that there will be a point where Google will not even need the structured data. We have seen Google giving more important to rich results and Knowledge Graph information. Google has been displaying the data from other websites, for instance lyrics, weather, answers on their page. We can clearly see where it is headed – Google is going to look at other websites like data sources.

Mobile, Security, Speed

Google is all set to roll out the mobile-first index. And that is going to bring a sea change in the way SEO has been functioning. Everyone will be forced to focus their energies on mobile experience. And it is going to be a turning point for Technical SEO is as well. This gives so many options for layout and content design.

And Google has made it clear that they will give significance to speed as well. Security is another big issue which everyone cares about. Google has been promoting HTTPS for a long time. In fact, today they show “Not Secure” next to a website without HTTPS.

Fractured Web and the Expansion

The kind of growth we see in the web development is scary at times. Technologies come and go all the time, with very few sustain. So, web is fractured compared to before. It is really a challenge to keep up!

Increase in Number of Tools

The number of tools at our disposal for everything is astounding! We are going to experience sea change. JavaScript and Service Workers have been creating lot of noise. Lot of SEO tools are going to emerge. Given we have so much data to process there will be attempts to implement machine learning.

Google will Offer Help.

Google is going to offer some help. Google wants to serve the users in the best possible way. Nexevo Techologies expect Google to be more forgiving towards technical SEO problems. But we have no idea how Google will implement their strategy. In fact, Google has been giving more data than we can handle. They offer lot of tools for technical SEO.

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