7 Shocking Facts About site navigation, Construction and Google SEO according to the experts
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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7 Shocking Facts About site navigation, Construction and Google SEO according to the experts

The technological boom that started in the early 2000s in the form of advancement of computer and information technology is on the rise rapidly and is steadily reaching its pinnacle in the form of cheap internet, smart phone, and computer. Nowadays a business whether it is small or big tends to create a website to reach more people thereby is an active strategy of the growth process of any business. But, the mere launching of a website is not enough; it should be structured in such a way that it becomes SEO friendly and attracts more traffic from all over the world or a particular location. So, SEO navigation optimization is very much necessary.

Nexevo Technologies which is one of the most reputed SEO Service Companies in Bangalore is trying to guide you through some important facts about site navigation.

Universal navigation

When visitors visit any site, their first priority is to navigate swiftly and easily as no one has got plenty of time to indulge in these matters. So, to ease up the process of navigation, most website like Amazon, Flipkart have navigation strips with active and systematic links to some major sections of the particular site.

Certain tools are available in the market like Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is mostly recommended by SEO experts to build your universal navigation properly.

Drop down menus

Navigating a site is said to be incomplete without the dropdown menus. While structuring the drop down menus try to keep in mind few things like HTML script is a must for drop down menus as according to experts, Search engines can’t read any other script except HTML.

Try not to use too many links in the drop down menus as links are already given in the universal navigation page. Don’t make drop down menus compulsory and allow the users to navigate without using the drop down menus especially tablet user and windows 8 users.

Active filters

In case your website is product based and the number of products is more than 20 on a navigation page then filter is necessary so that visitors can read through their desired topic or service or products. While making filters, keep in mind to give the filter a specific order and the filter shouldn’t be in an indexed form.

Product pages

After the category pages come the systematic structuring of product pages. Always keep in mind that SEO experts suggest that navigation in product page is as important as navigating in a category page. While constructing the product page make sure that the visitor can navigate back and forth and can jump from one product page to another.

Vertical linking of product pages or breadcrumbs

When a site is well structured, breadcrumbs are not necessary as visitors tend to navigate in between the top navigation and content on a product page. Breadcrumbs are generally used to show the visitors the overall alignment of the product page in respect to the whole website.

Horizontal linking

Do you often hop around relevant products in Amazon or jump from one relevant videos to other in YouTube? If yes then remember that this is possible because those particular sites have horizontal linking that enables you to jump from one product page to another. So, while constructing a SEO friendly page, don’t forget to add horizontal linking. Lucid, descriptive images to be used in a site While creating a site it is the expert’s suggestion to use images with a proper description of it to attract more traffic to your site and makes your site SEO friendly.

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