How to Create the Best Design for Smartphone Users?

Published Date 07 September 2018
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How to Create the Best Design for Smartphone Users?

One should be aware of the technicalities related to hardware and software of the smartphones before attempting to go for designing of smartphones. According to website design and development company in Bangalore, the experiences of the users are directly influenced by the offers provided by the designing. Greater the knowledge you have regarding the device, the larger will be your ability to use various different features present in our device with much ease and fun.  

Smartphones have earned a commendable importance being the most famous device with internet access in no time. This has offered bigger job opportunities to jobless people who can earn by developing mobile apps and websites etc.

Let us look at some of the best features for designing a smartphone which are mentioned below:

The software development

It is usually done with the help of two types of operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. The Android has been considered as the topmost used operating system for smartphone and it has been becoming better for years. On the other hand, the iOS is surely for the Apple iPhone's users, therefore, it is more expensive to use. 

Hardware development

The functioning of a smartphone resembles much like that of a computer but in a shorter form. The smartphone is composed of the similar parts as that of computers like memory and various processors. The smartphone has certain specific systems of hardware which cannot be found in computers. Let us look at some hardware components which a designer must always consider while designing a smartphone which is as follows:


While framing a design for touch screens, two important things must be kept in mind. Firstly, the touching sensitivity which is essential for resistance to harmful environmental conditions and also is responsive to touch. The screen also determines the thickness of the phone. Secondly, the resolution quality seems to be an important feature which is linked to the consumption of power.

GPS (Global positioning system)

Almost all the smartphones, except exceptionally lower budget phones, comprise chipsets of GPS which provides the information regarding the location of the smartphones but the accuracy might vary. Therefore, designers have to look for the location providing services for some items.


It is not a compulsory feature of all the smartphones. Its major function is to access the movement speed of the mobile phone and account for the direction of the movement of the smartphone. You are well aware of this feature if you have downloaded a health-related application in which the function of a pedometer is very common.


The o-board cameras are the most commonly present feature in all the smartphones available in the market. The quality of the camera may vary within different smartphones according to the budget range of the customer. The camera quality can be accessed on the basis of two components- resolution and availability. 

Heart rate monitor function

Those designers who are putting more focus on health applications for smartphones are recommended to design a heart rate monitoring function in the smartphone. 

Fingerprint sensing

The fingerprint scanning option is the most prevalent features of the upcoming smartphones nowadays.  The technological advancements have led to the discovery of recognizing the user by fingerprints. It is very much appreciated by the users.

The icons formation

The designing of icons should be done in such a way so as to avoid the complicated symbols and labeling of the icons must be easy for the understanding purpose of the user and also, the size of the icon should be taken into consideration as the extra small icons are inconvenient to use. You can hire the Mobile Apps Development in Bangalore for designing the mobile apps and websites. 


We should always keep in mind all the age groups of the population while designing a smartphone because the elders face more difficulties while operating a complicated smartphone and the features should be designed in such a way that the smartphone must actually be purposeful for them. The best designer is the one who keeps in mind both the physical as well as psychological characteristics of the users in mind while creating a smartphone.

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