Steps Follow To Create SEO Friendly Website

02 September 2015
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Steps Follow To Create SEO Friendly Website

At first, one thing to remember is that it is always appropriate to have SEO manager in the very early development stage, and Nexevo Technologies understands the importance of SEO for the websites, which helps to makes it easier to do any major changes afterward. 

Here is the list we gathered for you to make SEO Friendly website

1. Structure of Website URL

A website URL structure, from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, is that should be: 

Meaningful (It must consist of keywords, not punctuation marks and gibbering numbers in them) 

Straightforward (there should not be any unclear redirects on the website and have unquestioned URLs)

Significance on the right URLs (according to SEO, not all the URLs are important, some URLs could be held back from the search engines. 

2. Fuse Your Non-www and www Domain Type

Domains directory is classified into two types in the search engine, the non-www and www type of it. Our Web Design Company Bangalore, make certain that both the domain types are fused, it is important to have a definite establishment of this links between the two; either via the Google webmaster tool (Configuration>> Settings>> Preferred Domain) or the 301 redirect.

3. Stay Away From Relative and Dynamic URLs

Web Development Bangalore consist of expert’s team who are constantly looking after the SEO rules to achieve more visitors on your website. Our SEO specialist suggests that it is always a better option to stay with Static URLs than using Dynamic ones, as Static URLs contain your keywords and are user-friendly. Google suggests to use hyphens in the URL as an alternative of underscore, as words connected using underscore is treated as one single word. Besides, one must avoid the Relative URLs, the problem with the Relative URLs is that they don’t work when the context is changed. The better option is to use the absolute URLs. 

4. Social Media

To build a strong relationships and connection should be the main part of your SEO plan. Web Design Agency Bangalore works on every aspect of social media on how to optimize and arrange it on your website, which not only gives you publicity but will also help to build the most entrusted community. 

5. Images on the Website

Images play an important role in the process, which is often an ignored part of SEO. Optimize your website images to attain faster loading and successive search engine. Also create Sitemap for Images too. Keep the image file size small (optimal image size is 30-100kb and the resolution is 720dpi) so that mobile visitors can get the same aimed fast experience. These are few simple steps to make your website SEO-friendly, for more suggestions and assistance visit our website to connect with us, Website Designing Bangalore and discuss your queries with our SEO team.

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