11 Ultimate reason for why google removed instant result
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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Why Google just killed off one of its biggest features

Google is one of the best search engines that people will ever going to have. It’s true, for a very long time Google is working to make users experience easy and better, and for that, they launched various features which truly helped users. In a recent press statement released by Google, it says that Google is decided to remove its one of the feature ‘instant result’. This feature was launched during the event that held in San Francisco by Marissa Mayer also the vice president of search and user experience of the Google Company at September 8, 2010.  But after watching the downfall of the feature and people reaction, the company decides to kill this feature forever. 

Why this idea is considered as” best decision that Google ever had taken”?

After an official declaration that Google has dropped Google Instant Search, there are thousands of users who respond some in favor and some are against. However, the ratio of users who are happy with this news is larger than who have an objection. However, here are 11 collected reasons about why removing instant result was favorable:-

Irritating for users

For those who don’t want to waste their seconds on anything, for them this Google feature can be very irritating. Also, it distracts people from the thing that they are actually looking for, that waste time and also sometimes you unknowingly spend your precious time on unrelated stuff.

Less accurate knowledge

According to Google, the feature was introduced to make things easier for the user and to give more accurate information on the related topic, however, it worked opposite as it doesn’t give any information but make things tougher.

Consume time

The core purpose of the instant feature was to save time as it guesses thing before you type, but according to the Google users, it takes lots of time to search anything on Google. 

Not favorable for small screen

Instant feature by goggle was mainly for the big screen and it doesn't work on mobile phones. So it’s another reason behind the less appreciation of this feature.

Make search as slow

One more complain that the Google users told the instant feature makes the work slowly and it’s hard to concentrate on the query that they are typing when the Google is keeping suggesting things again and aging.

Unusual feature

Many users also said that they never understand why this feature was even launched in the first place as it doesn’t do anything good infect it waste time and people usually forget what they are going to search on Google

Bad for innocent eyes

The bad side of the Google instant was it shows irrelevant suggestions, like if users asked about ‘how to  ...’ then the Google will suggest some suggestions that are too bad for innocent eyes. Google indirectly jump their visitors to pages or websites which are not meant for them. Also, the parents also enable this feature so that their kid can be away from the adult content and sites.

It effects badly on SEO 

Google has some its own bad effect by the feature that they launched. The SEO Services has been badly affected as it takes lots of time to reach the particular page or website and the time taken for responding pages was low.

Content that makes zero sense

 The instant feature was quite useful but at some point, it was the total waste it keeps suggesting something and showing same results again and again. Also, if someone is typing any query related to anything, the suggestion which they got was completely opposite from the topic.

Keep interrupting

No-one likes when someone or something keeps irrupting when they are doing some work. The suggestions keep intruding until the person typed everything and click the enter button.  Well, until then you have to tolerate the suggestions that Google is providing you.

If you are not lazy type

The instant result was the good feature for those who type slowly but for those whose speed is great, for them this feature is not the helper. As they can type and search things, they don’t need suggestion to complete their queries.

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