Important Tips to Make Your Website Development with Mobile Friendly

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calendar10 February 2018
Important Tips to Make Your Website Development with Mobile Friendly

Mobile first is a current trend; this is the reason why most of the companies are struggling to develop mobile-friendly websites. The term mobile first is all about being able to use a website on a mobile device seamlessly. It’s true that most of the time it is not possible to create a mirror image of the desktop version while developing mobile ones. But a mobile site aims to meet every essential function so that the mobile users get all important information in a concise way. A Website Development Company in Bangalore can offer the right mobile solution for your existing website. 

Tips to make your website development with mobile friendly

  • Optimizing for touch screens

    • The method of interaction is a vast difference between desktop and mobile device. People are more used to swiping, zooming in and out with fingertips on mobiles. Simply implementing responsiveness is not sufficient for a perfect user experience. It’s also important to optimize the site for touch screens as well and for this proper navigation is very important.

  • Compress CSS, HTML and Images

    • The loading time is a big factor while optimizing a website for smaller screen. The visitors should not get frustrated by the amount of time need to wait for page loading. A mobile website means that the page will load within a second. Compress the high-resolution images to save mobile data, compress the CSS and HTML as well.

  • A better theme

    • For Wordpress websites, you just need to upgrade the theme to make your website mobile friendly. So, its time you replace your old theme with a new one. You might also use a plugin for optimizing your site for smaller screens but this method is not very much recommended. 

  • Choosing the right fonts

    • Tiny fonts are painful to the eyes and zooming in time and again is problematic. This spoils the entire user experience to use the perfect font that matches the screen size.

Why you are consideration mobile friendly while making your website designing

Here are a few reasons why you need to get a mobile-friendly website development and design:

More mobile users:

Billions of people are using a mobile device for instant access, imagine it’s so easy. You can do everything from a mobile and can take it along with you easily wherever you go. People rely on tablets or phone for online shopping and the e-commerce is a big industry. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on business revenue.

Social media at its best

No, can you ignore social media? Mobile users have increased mostly due to social media. Your business might get a bad review on social sites for not being mobile-friendly. Social media is responsible for driving positive traffic to your business.

SEO ranking

A mobile-friendly and responsive website improves SEO ranking. Google is more concerned about positive user experience and this can’t be achieved without responsiveness. Google has a different algorithm for mobile websites that are more focused on click-back times and bounce rates. So, no taking risk with Mr Google.

Improved user experience and branding

A mobile-friendly and responsive website ensures better user experience. There are so many mobile users and this is a high-utility device these days. Imagine not being able to access a website! Without user experience, your online business is a flop.

Final words

Look for a talented Website Design Company in Bangalore because it’s a challenge when it comes to designing for the smaller screen. It’s all about rendering the optimum user experience. For best user experience on mobile as well as desktop devices, a mobile-friendly website design works best. You need not worry about any constraints while accessing via mobile, slow loading time and other challenges. Google will not penalize because your website will load rapidly on any device. Mobile-friendly websites are a basically light, you need to take out all unnecessary stuff and keep only when you need to display. It’s all about focusing on the users without fluffs. This helps your business to get online success; it’s an asset for your trade.

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