5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of your Landing Page
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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5 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of your Landing Page

As far as online advertising is concerned, landing pages are the keys to everything. You centre your campaign on your landing page. Web masters give lot of attention to the general layout, copy and headlines of landing pages. They ignore the significance of proper web design in the process. A confusing layout will never help the conversion rate. If you want to turn them into customers, then you have to take care of few things. 

Mobile Optimization is Everything

Studies have revealed that most people on this planet will have smart phones in the near future. More than 50% of the internet traffic already comes from mobile users. You have to consider the mobile users when you develop your landing pages. Designing for mobile users can be a challenge in itself considering the variability in resolution, screen sizes, software etc. It is important to test your website on all the devices. It should work well in the latest versions of Android and iOS. At the same time, it should be compatible with older versions given people are slow to upgrade. You can always find Web Designing Company Bangalore to take care of this.

Get rid of Distractions Using Heatmaps

Heat-maps allow you to track mouse movements on the landing pages. It will give you a fair idea as to which portion of the landing page is working and which is not. Getting an idea about the area where your users focus more will give you a good starting point to improve conversion rate. Once you have identified the areas which are distracting, you can get rid of those elements. You will find lot of Top web design companies in Bangalore to implement heat-maps.

You Should not Demand too Much

This is one mistake most webmasters end up doing. You want to capture a lead and you need information. All that you need is the name and email. Asking for additional information like phone number, address and other details will drive them away. People are very busy and they don’t have time to provide lot of details on your landing page. You shouldn’t be too greedy. You should see it from the customer’s point of view and keep it as simple as possible. 

Remember, People are Visual Learners!

This has been one of the most repeated advices – people are visual learners and you have to give them exactly what they want. People respond to images and videos more compared to text. So, you have got to make sure that the landing page has visually stimulating images and videos as well. This will definitely help the conversion. 

Testimonials Still Work

Testimonials are very good additions to your landing pages. You should go for testimonials which are personal in nature as it is more appealing to the potential customers. When you have trusted names putting their weight behind your product or service, it will look far more convincing to the potential customers. Businesses have this tendency to use logos for testimonials. You should rather use the photos of the people associated with the business in the testimonials. Nothing works like a video testimonial though. 

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