The Hidden Truth On 11 Ways To Prove The Value Of SEO To Your Boss Exposed

Published Date 19 December 2017
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The Hidden Truth On 11 Ways To Prove The Value Of SEO To Your Boss Exposed

You are an expert in SEO. You know that it works like magic. However, your boss doesn’t think so. How to convince your boss? Well, here are 11 ways to do so. Let’s take a look below.

Talk about the value of cumulative growth: Well, SEO makes it possible for you to have cumulative growth. Speaking of outbound efforts, they only give temporary results. You can take a PPC campaign as an example here. You will have no leads coming your way when you stop investing in it. That is not happens with SEO. Yes, rankings might not hold the same position for a long time without sustained efforts. But it is not going to disappear one fine morning just like that. In fact, if you have earned a front page listing once for a keyword, you can expect this to hold that position for some time without having to invest again. You need to contact the Best SEO Company in Bangalore and get started.

Bust those myths surrounding SEO: Well, there are lot of misconceptions surrounding SEO. If you want to convince your boss about SEO, then you have to dispel those myths first. It is better to address those misconceptions before they bring it up. SEO is not unethical marketing. SEO is not spammy. You have to make sure that you talk about all those concerns in an effective manner. It is time for you to look for the top SEO Company in Bangalore.

Tell them about penalization: Yes, certain efforts might get you penalized. Once penalized, it is very difficult to find redemption. You definitely don’t want to be in that position. Ignorance can lead you into the path of penalization. So, it is important to educate your boss about penalization. It is time to look for the best SEO Services Company in Bangalore. Always work with the best.

Talk about organic search data already existing: Yes, one way to convince your boss is to explain to him how much money the e-commerce business is already making from organic search engine results. Tell them that they are making so much money from search engines without investing a single penny.

Create a report on the search performance of the competitor: Well, it is not possible to measure the exact success of your competitor from organic search traffic. However, you will be able to estimate it. There are tools to find the traffic received by your competitor for a particular keyword. You can present this report to your boss to convince him.

Tell him about the side benefits: There are plenty of side benefits to SEO Besides Improving your Ranking in the search engines. If you tell your boss about those benefits, he will rethink.

Talk about how SEO captures demand: Yes, SEO has this ability to capture demand for you. When you put an effort to improve SEO, search engines will recognize it by sending more leads.

Present extremely specific SEO goals: When you present your knowledge about SEO, it is important to come up with extremely specific goals.

Sales team plays an important part: Yes, you are not supposed to forget about the sales team as they play a big part. Keep them in the loop as you implement specific SEO goals.

Talk about SEO mistakes: Yes, there is no point in talking about the real life mistakes which often result in penalties. This will make it appear that you have a serious and realistic approach.

Present the proof of concept: Yes, nothing works like results. Implement a strategy and make it work. Then present the results to your boss.

If you follow the aforementioned 11 steps, you will be able to convince your boss with ease. 

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