Which is the best one Joomla or WordPress?

Published Date 28 September 2015
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Which is the best one Joomla or WordPress?

The time when you decide to develop your website, there are many platforms to consider. Here, Nexevo Technologies Website Development Company in Bangalore gives out the gist of factors to take into consideration for Joomla and WordPress.


Below are the major points that make Joomla platform to stand out.

Open Source - Very first important factor to go for Joomla is that it is an open source, totally free. It cost nothing to use or download. We are offering a  Joomla website development company in Bangalore for the customization very affordable cost. 

Easy Admin Interface – Its administrator board is very friendly and handy, which reduce the requirement for any extra programming knowledge. 

Security – It provides security to all the data in Joomla that no user can directly access the directory by just a URL.

Easy Installation And Setup – Joomla platform is very simple to install and to set it up takes around 10-15 minutes, and configure on the server. Even if you are not a user of the server on a regular basis, and not aware of the construction of website then there is no need to feel troubled because server gives the service as a one-click installation.

Plugins: There are tonne of Joomla plugins are available in market which can make your website in better way.


Nexevo Web Designing Company recommends WordPress when you are looking for a head start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It Is Flexible And At Low Price – It is open source, which also means that the source code is available to the overall public.

Supported By Worldwide Community - being available, active and customizable it is widely supported by the worldwide community of WordPress users, developers, and users. WordPress is regularly checked and updated with new options, security fixes, and bug fixes.

Easy to handle – If you know how to edit a word document, then this is very simple for you to renew any content on the website. 

Back-End Administrator – this facility keeps everything organized and consistent. WordPress backend executive interface that is visibly effortless to navigate and very helpful.

Whether it is Joomla or WordPress, both the platforms are at its best to develop cost effective website. With the assistance of Nexevo technologies Web Developers in Bangalore, you can discuss further factors that will help in making it easier to start or re-design the structure of your website.

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