Top 10 Reasons Why Joomla and Wordpress is the Best CMS for Startup Businesses
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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10 Reasons Why Joomla and Wordpress is the Best CMS for Startup Businesses
So you need to get a website which is made for your start-up business. A wise decision it is! Surely you would have thought of a domain name and a concept for the site. But wait… have you have been liable to decide the Content Management System on which you want your site to be use? For easy, cost-effective and flawless maintenance and management of your site you need to have the right CMS. Obviously wordpress is one of the best CMS but joomla is having its own stuff Below is the 10 breach reason why you should go with joomla and wordpress for CMS in your start-up business.

Free and flexible with quick and easy for installation:

Joomla- Being an open source platform, Joomla is the most useful and budget friendly alternative to the proprietary content management system. You can download and use it for free. It will easily find the source codes which is suitable as per your business requirement. Flexible customization within budget and time is the reason why it is preferred for start-ups.

Word press-Installing and using word press is like a cake walk. Most of the host offers easy click installation of word press and if even its have to be install by manual process it is very simple.

It’s free and open source with lots of extension:

Joomla- Joomla developers refer more than 6000 extension and best joomla extensions make joomla cms in top. Which is useful for making Organized CMS system.

Word press- has been very cost effective. The CMS itself is completely free and the only things that can cost you are the hosting package and the domain name.

Fast Loading and offers good functionality:

Joomla: As a start-up business, the last thing you’d want is potential customers walking away as of your website takes 10sec additional to open. But if your site is made on Joomla, the visitors are the most common think which is easy to reduce loading speed. With its powerful core features, this CMS is one of the fastest ones.

Word press: Word Press easily handles all the behind-the-scenes work, such as indexing content, generating navigation links and making both the links and the content searchable. User management has always been tricky for webmasters. However, Word Press automates the user management tasks such as keeping track of specific permissions and keeping their data secure.

SEO friendly with quick installation: 

Joomla- Joomla is easy and quick to install with any hurdle. Wordpress-Getting at the top of the search engine results page has become important now more than ever.  

Straight out of the box, Word Press offers numerous options used for search engine optimization. It can generate specific categories and tags for each post, allowing them to be catalogued by search engines more easily.

More well-known and Easy to customize: 

Joomla has been used by some of the well-known companies like pizza hut and Uk defence ministry.

Word Press allows a number of different customization options, ranging from fonts, colours, design and even some core theme features

Good support system:

The admin of the joomla has providing great Word press provides excellent community and support system. 

Broad applicability and versatile:

Joomla CMS can be painted with different strokes for more folks. For the simple informative sites to the news and recruiter sites. And even the more complex e-commerce websites can be designed on this system with ease. Although it started as a blogging platform, Word Press has grown into a complete solution for any website requirements you might have.

Easy language and more secure:

Joomla understands Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Catalan, French and many other languages apart from English. Which great benefit for start-up business to avoid language miscommunication. Regular update of word press checks can prove themselves to be a real life saver from hacker. 

Easy relocate and mobile friendly-

With a well-coded framework, your Joomla website can be easily relocated to another developer without any bugs. Word Press organizes and resizes your content based on the size of the screen you’re viewing it from. This is especially important for optimization, as mobile-friendliness is one of the major keys of good SEO practices.

Interactive admin and excellent community- 

Intuitive design of the admin area allows the website owner to easily play with the settings and web pages. You can use the community forum to ask for help for all sorts of problems and issues that might occur, or search through millions of available queries and answered requests.
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