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Yext is one of the biggest leaders in Digital Location Management Software. Yext provides an excellent citation management and is basically designed for managing location related information of an organization such as the name of the organization, address, phone number, email id of the organization, contact person, contact person’s phone number, etc. on multiple directory websites. In today’s world, this citation plays a very important role in the success of a business. Almost all website development services company in Bangalore is now associated with Yext.

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Why is it vital to integrate business listing with Yext?

Google has been the Number 1 search engine in the world and undoubtedly it can be said that there is no other search engine in the world which can beat Google.  With more and more individual’s ‘googling’ on whatever they need to know, Google itself has now become a verb where more than 3.5 billion people search on Google per day. Google has come up with a free tool called Google My Business. It helps the organization to manage their local listing on Google search, Google Maps and on Google Ads. Yext, the largest data provider is now integrated with Google and has been playing a very vital role in feeding information directly into the Google search engine. This creates a new platform for business to publish the vital information such as name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website link, etc. on the most popular platform of the world i.e., Google search, Google Maps and on Google Ads. With this important direct integration of Yext with Google, every business has now got an ideal opportunity to publicize their presence and other vital information over Google business listing. With Yext support Google also has more control over the business listing. Thus, Yext plays a very vital role in enhancing the customer experience by not only controlling Google’s business list and their appearance on customer’s search but also by delivering more precise and complete information to the customers.  This is the reason why almost all website designing services in Bangalore encourages their customers to integrate their business listing with Yext.

Steps for integrating Business listings with Yext

In today’s competitive world it is very important to integrate the business list directly with Yext. Let’s find out all the steps that Yext follows to make sure that the business listing is updated and accurate and providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Making a list of important business directories: Since the business information of a particular organization can be found on hundreds of search engine and business directories Yext first make a vital decision on which business directories the business listing of a particular organization will be published.

Choosing Keywords: It is very essential to choose a relevant keyword for a particular business. Yext made a decision what keyword and keyword phrase will be the most beneficial. They basically focus on the long tail keyword which has more potential for driving more traffic to the website of the organization.

Adding keyword in the title: Once some keywords are found Yext add the most important keyword in the title as well as the business description. This will help to optimize the ranking in the Google Search.

Choosing appropriate categories: Choosing an appropriate category is very important that can generate more traffic for the organization. Yext takes care of this and makes sure that the business is included incorrect categories.

Updating the business website as homepage: Yext will not only help the organization to allow the user to visit their website easily but it will also help to serve as another inbound link that can hugely help your business. This inbound link helps the organization to enhance the ranking in the search engine and improve the search engine optimization.

Adding enhancement content: It is very essential to have relevant and quality content in the website otherwise even if the organization gets the traffic it will be no use as the visitor will not spend enough time on the website. As such Yext makes sure that there is the content are appropriate, relevant and helpful for the users. For better enhancement of the content, certain videos and images and a detailed description of the business are usually added.

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Digital Marketing is growing rapidly. More people are choosing Digital Market to build their career as the demand of Digital Marketing is high and it will expand more in the coming years. Google is helping all the digital marketers to develop their own brands. Small and significant enterprises have been switching to web platforms to grow their businesses and sales. Today, we will share you the guidelines of Google Tag Manager which is essential for all the websites owners and digital markets.

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If you've been looking for someone to help you out with your online business and websites, then Nexevo Technologies is one of the best website development services company in Bangalore. The company has a team of expert web developers and digital marketers to help you out with everything for your business. They would also guide you to implement and to make use of the Google Tag Manager. Let's decode this term first.

What is Google Tag Manager?

It's a free Tag Management solution provided by Google. Google Tag Manager is also known as GTM which is the short form of this term. It's an online tool which helps the digital marketers and website owners to manage analytics and to market their websites.

What are the advantages of adding the tags via GTM?

People have always been questions regarding inserting the Tag via Google Tag Manager. When you can add the Tags directly to your website then what's the need of using the GTM? Following tips would help you out with your queries.

With Google Tag Manager, you can take full control over the tags used by you in the contents and on the website. You can simply add, remove, replace or disable the tags through Google Tag Manager. With GTM, you can quickly change the functionality of the tags.

Without Google Tag Manager, you have to manually add the tags to your website which is a big task for the website owners and digital marketers. The process takes too much time and doesn’t allow you to take control of the tags. You have to do all the other tags-related tasks manually which will take even more time.

With Manual tagging, when you want to disable the tag, first you have to search for that particular tags using the Templates. You have to search for the Template which holds those tags. Everything will become more complex and you would not be able to focus more on your website and can't monetize it. Manual tasks require more people to work on to it which will cost you additionally.

To overcome all these issues, you have to start using the Google Tag Manager. One of the best things about Google's this tool is it is free of cost. Yes, you don't need to pay even a single penny to use this tool. Anyone can quickly start using this tool with the Gmail ID. If you are already impressed with the Google Tag Manager, then here we have listed down some of the Key benefits of this tool which you should consider before using any other tools.

Key Benefits of Google Tag Manager

  • No need to edit the website codes manually, you can place one code on every page, and that's how it will increase the overall impressions of your website.  
  • The tool helps you to test and deploy the Tags quickly and easily. 
  • Enables advanced analytics tracking management  
  • An efficient way to manage all the tags of your website and web pages

Understanding the basics of Google Tag Manager requires a lot of patience. The process is very long, and you have to gain proper knowledge of these tags and how this Google Tag Manager tool works for you. From creating your own Google Tag Manager account to deploying the tags on the website and how you can keep tracking of everything takes a lot of time.

So if you really want to become a successful digital marketer or want to build your own career in the same field, you need to start learning about the Google Tag Manager tool. The tool is handy and offers plenty of benefits to rank your website well on the Google's listing.

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This is one of the most important and challenging aspects of everyone in the search engine optimization domain to understand the relationship between organic traffic and social shares.  But social shares are taken as a count while trying to rank website based on certain credibility. Google algorithm denies that social shares didn't consider to improve the organic search traffic but somehow social shares also considered to increase organic rankings based on different stipulations which aren't clearly mentioned any of the algorithms. So this aspect still remains as unpredictable to found the connection between social shares and SEO process. 

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Now the search for professional SEO companies who have experienced and creative people to complete the SEO process with high-quality demand. When comes to nearest location Nexevo Technologies who provide unanimous services for the customers with experienced professionals in the SEO and digital marketing services from Bangalore. So the business holders who are searching for the SEO Company in Bangalore can approach with them to get the quality services at affordable prices. They have excellent knowledge and practice in SEO when compared with their competitors and also a well-known firm who provide social media marketing services in Bangalore for years.

How social media helps SEO?

Sometimes it takes considerable time to rank a content in search rankings which requires strong SEO works to achieve high search rankings. In this case, social media shares which have the high social engagement for content including likes and shares are direct helps to improve organic ranking of the content. Also, social media engagement completely depends on the presence of solid SEO works to create the brand awareness with the targeted audience. This indicates that social signals influence SEO in high organic rankings.

However, Google strongly mentions that social signals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks share counts never counted for rankings. Also, social shares really matter for ranking high organic ranking when a content has high engagement like visibility and impressions. So Google and social media play an impeccable role in achieving high organic rankings in the search engine results. Moreover, SEO and Facebook shares count completely different from each other.

Impacts of social shares over organic rankings

High Traffic

Social shares like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks helps to reach extensive traffic for the website content which also provides the possible way to reach the organic traffic to the site in short time.  So every SEO companies who work hard to rank a site also focus on the social shares in getting the destination in high-quality. Each social media visitor contributes to the site by sharing the content with friends which indirectly make them a legal promoter in the social media network. Generally, this activities helps to attain a massive amount of organic traffic.

Brand Awareness 

Social media shares create a huge impact on brands awareness which makes the SEO services job easier to high rank in specific time. Generally, every social media marketing services providers include a vast amount of social media shares along with the SEO process.

Targeted Audience

Using social media networks for promoting contents and posts could be a great idea to reach the targeted audience more than expected level. So this is a much important prospect to look after the social media shares to receive targeted audience attention to reach the estimated results with high organic traffic which also helps you to rank high in the search engine results through the SEO process. So the importance of social media in SEO is unavoidable in Google ranking factor.

It's evident that SEO social signals also play a crucial role in making higher rankings in search engine results. Each social share makes the impact in organic ranking which creates engagement for the posts and contents when directly shared from a Facebook, Twitter, interest, LinkedIn and more.


Digital marketing service providers always follow social media SEO tips to generate the organic ranking in search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. social media shares and SEO techniques always have the similar connection in generating the organic traffic to the websites. When comes to organic ranking factor, social share engagements taken as a count for high ranking.

Social shares in some way connect directly with the organic ranking element. But there is no direct algorithm has created about social shares influence in the organic ranking factors. Only social shares high engagement creates the impression in the Google organic ranking.

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Even a rose plant has thorns, such is the reality. The fact is even the best business in town can get a few negative reviews, sometimes it's a bad day to start with but it can cost you if you do not reply to negative reviews. People use anonymous usernames to submit reviews on Google and someone need not be your customer to leave a review. For businesses getting a bad review is terrible! Reviews are a very important part of the online business and this is why companies offering SEO services in Bangalore are focusing on online reputation management as well.

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Steps to deal with negative reviews:

Local businesses rely a lot on the internet to get new clients so one also has to be prepared for a bad review as well. So here are a few steps on handling negative review on Google.

Don't panic but evaluate:

You put all your blood and sweat into your business and if you see it falling apart you really feel upset. But a bad review is not the end of business so don't panic. Sit with your team and evaluate the situation, see whether the person is your customer or not. If it's your old customer, find out what he/she invested in and you can also go to the tracked customer service calls. 

Respond to negative review quickly:

It's best to respond within 24 hours and keep the reply short. Write about all good service you promise to offer in future. Reply courteously if it was a mistake on your part, be apologetic and make sure this does not happen in future. Maintain a proper way of responding to customer dissatisfaction; be prompt in replying about offering better customer service. Read how other businesses deal with negative reviews and the best responses to negative reviews. 

Dispute fake reviews:

There are few people who might want to spoil the good reputation of your business and this is why they keep posting fake reviews. If you find any fake reviews, just flag, and report Google. Try responding to a fake review as well because sometimes it may not be removed.

 Google allows you to flag and fake ones and here are the steps:

  • Go to Google Maps and search for your business
  • Click and you can see all the review to find out the one you wish to flag
  • You can see three vertical dots, just click on those and you can see 'Flag as inappropriate'. 

Now, if things get worse you can also take a legal step against fake reviews by just filling up a Google form for requesting legal removal. Note: You need to hire a legal professional if you walk this path. 

How about getting negative reviews removed?

Most of the times Google refuses to remove bad Google reviews but sometimes it's possible and it's great if you can make it happen. You can post against the review offering a 100% refund and this shows how much you care about a bad experience. No business is perfect but mistakes are to be resolved. How happy do you feel about a 5 star or a 4.5 star? So why not deal with a negative review so that your business reputation is not tarnished?

Sharing your dilemma can help

Everybody wishes to remove and delete Google reviews that are negative but it's not in our hands. If you have collected a couple of bad reviews, post on Facebook or Twitter and you might get an overwhelming response. Share your experience with people regarding negative reviews and you could collect a few positive ones in this process. If you are doing great business you will have customers that will support you and stand by you in crisis. 

Final words – Hire a professional

Now you know pretty much how to deal with fake and negative reviews on Google. If you feel that you cannot manage so much on your own because you need to focus on your business, hire an online reputation management company in Bangalore. They have a team who is always ready to manage your business so that it flourishes online. There are so many companies in Bangalore; you must spend some time researching and finding out a company that is experienced in offering such services. Nexevo Technologies is one such digital marketing company that offers a wide range of service to their clients. 

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It is 2018 and strategies keep on changing so back links are no exception. Link building is an old practice but it holds importance still now because of its one of the most effective SEO tactics. It’s also a very unique way to get organic search traffic. Major search engines use links to determine the trustworthiness of a website, thus you have to care how you earn it.

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Creating Back-links 

Each link acts are a recommendation so if a website it pointing to many links, it holds greater credibility and it would rank high in search engines. There was a time when website owners tried using foul means to get back-links and from then on Google made its policy stricter and only the clean ones get through. Now, only ethical link building has a meaning and it’s impossible to steal or buy links using any other means. Even if you are about to hire a website designing and development company in Bangalore that offers digital marketing as well, it is good to know how things work. Read this post to know the smart ways to get free quality back-links for SEO. 

Here are the three best strategies to naturally get high-quality back-links and improve your online presence:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about offering content for free to another blog or website and in return an owner exchanges a link to his/her own website. You can place these links within the content body wisely or in the author bio of the content. This was and is still a very popular method to get quality back-links. One gets free content while the other collects link, fair enough.

Now people have taken advantage of this facility by supplying poor quality content which is actually of no use but they acquired a link by supplying such low-quality post. Google nothing such situation gave a strict warning about guest posts. A lot of serious website owners are still using this facility and the primary step is to find out proper sites to which you can submit contents. You can find sites within your niche that accept guest posts. You can also scope out the guest posts of your competitors to find options. You need to submit your post and if it passes the quality check then only it gets published and you acquire a link.

You might have heard of blog commenting and wondering whether it works or not? Yes, blog commenting can help to build quality back-links but no spamming anyone’s blog.

Skyscraper Content

Finding an awesome content in your space and then you out-awesome it, this process is known as sky scraping content. It’s a fruitful way to compile unique and useful content that will earn high-quality back-links to your site. You always create a content that is bigger if not better using more number of words, more useful points, and images. It’s your job to analyze the content you are sky-scraping. You can look for contents that are already doing well in your niche and sky scrape those. This is one of the clever ways to achieve quality back-links. Sky-scraping is all about searching for popular content and weaving the best copy of it maintaining the plagiarism rules and getting natural back-links and reaching out to people.

Building Broken Links

Almost all well-maintained and reputable websites suffer from broken links and every link on a website link to another page. Now that you are looking for build high-quality back-links, you must know that broken links contribute to poor user experience when the page redirects to a 404 error page. This makes crawling even difficult for the search engines and indexing the site. Broken link building is very useful, a great way to create back-links free for my website. This strategy is all about identifying broken links on websites and then giving a chance to mend the broken link with a proper link to a useful content. The content will definitely be on your website. This way the other site will have less broken links, visitors will find useful content and you will earn high-quality back-links free.


Press Release has become old-fashioned but some still use it to get quality back-links. Now you understand how important back-links are and it does not happen it a day, it’s a continuous process that needs experience and expertise. Any reputed SEO company in Bangalore has a team that can create back-links manually. They study your website, do a lot of research and create a high-quality back-link list which makes the task easier. Better back-links mean better SEO!!


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