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Negative SEO Tactics in 2018: 

When it comes to digital marketing, your website can be affected by competitors so that their website gets more visibility than yours. This is the online war that goes for but how will you handle a situation like this? You have definitely heard of negative SEO, it has been in the industry since the beginning. These days there are improved procedures and the digital marketing experts have more knowledge in this. 

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Now did you hear of Black Hat SEO? Unethical techniques are used to damage search engine ranking mainly of the competitors. You must always be ready for the risky negative SEO whenever you are launching a company website. If your website has been attacked, there is no need to panic because you can look for an SEO Service Provider in Bangalore who is experienced in fixing these issues.  

Take a look at the Negative SEO Tactics:

Removing good-quality links.

This is a very popularly used tactic but it’s a bit less effective now due to Google algorithm’s leniency. The best way to stay safe is to audit backlinks using tools like Goole Search Console, SEMRush and Ahrefs. Inform Google if your website is attacked, it’s a must. 

Duplication of content.

Your content should be useful and unique souse the Copyscape tool to ensure whether the content is copied on your website or not. If you discover that websites are recreating a single page or more, get in touch with the webmaster. If this is not effective, report scraping website using the copyright infringement report of Google. 

Removing your website from Google.

If you feel your website is harmed and it needs to be done right, remove it from Google. While doing this you need to be a bit cautious so that your employees do not quit. It is very important to do an audit of your rankings and traffic using Google Analytics Tools. You can also check the ranking manually in a browser. Do not ever give the ownership of your website to a third-party. 


Do you know that hacking is done without keeping in mind Negative SEO? If Google finds out that your website has been hacked, searchers will get a message in the search results. To prevent such things keep the software up-to-date. Are you using HTTPS? If not then do this investment immediately. Adding to it, lock directory and file permissions and use strong passwords. 

Distributed Denial-of-service Attacks.

The aim is to crawl your website time and again with automatic crawlers so that it’s difficult for your customers to use and tough for Google to crawl. Finally, it goes offline for excessive server load. To prevent this from happening, keep a track of the speed of your site. If you find the speed slowing continuously without any technical faults, get in touch with your hosting company for server log review. If your website is crashing, block those harmful crawlers with .htaccess and robot.txt. 


Negative SEO is a big threat and many websites go through the same but you can actually prevent it easily. For all your digital marketing needs, hire a trustworthy and experienced SEO Service Company in Bangalore.

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How to Prepare Your Website For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018 

Google at regular intervals (once or twice in a month), introduces its algorithm update. It came up with the algorithm updates in previous year and similarly it is rolling out with its algorithm updates in 2018 as well. The significant or main updates are done once a year but the minor changes take place hundred times. Google incorporates these changes with motive to handle vulnerabilities and to recognize the procedures which are not binded by the Google Webmasters Guidelines. To comprehend you with the algorithm changes made by the Google for creating websites in some recent years, we are discussing some major updates with you so that you got to know about the recent updates alongside a list of hazards and prevention tips for each of them.

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Google Panda

Panda was included as the core part of Google algorithm in January 2016. Google mobile SEO news emphasizes on providing the mobile version of the sites. It is created by Google in order to diminish the extensiveness of low quality content, light content in search results and to give appreciation for excellent content. 

The most prompt clear change in Google SEO trends 2018 is related to the 'article marketing'. The SEO experts which publish low quality content with less appealing outlay and more intrusive promotion are prove to be unreliable and not helpful.


  • One should avoid copied content to make sure that duplication problems are not found
  • The content shouldn’t be plagiarized
  • Client generated spam is not acceptable
  • Keyword stuffing should be avoided
  • User experience shouldn’t be poor


  • Duplication of content should be properly checked
  • Always check plagiarism and for a comprehensive check, you can use the paid one.
  • Review your site for keyword stuffing
  • High quality content should be posted to upgrade your website

Google Penguin 

Google penguin aims at managing link quality and to punish those who purchase back links from others. It identifies the spamming of the top Google searches 2018 that are done manipulatively. It also bought changes in Mobile SEO 2018 which is become more page specific instead of full websites.


  • Avoid back links of poor quality
  • Links of the sites made only for SEO links shouldn’t be referred 
  • Avoid taking links from immateriality sites
  • Do not refer paid connections
  • Avoid excessively enhanced content links 


  • Link profile development should be regularly screened in order to prevent your site with the toxic back links.
  • Avoid penalty risks to avoid the down-ranking of your website
  • Dispose the unsafe links in order to reduce the spam links 

Google Rankbrain

The rank brain Google algorithm update enables Google to translate the significance of queries and providing the best query results. Along with the query handling segment of Rank brain, there is a ranking part to it as well.  Rank brain performs various functions such as it tells what the page is about, accesses the significance of search results and makes it even better. 

The initial step for growth of SEO 2018, Google suggest to use relevant keywords which the users search for. Additionally, it arranges the results in SERP. Using irrelevant keywords will help you in any way.


  • Avoid lacking query related relevance highlights
  • Poor experience of the user will not prove to be helpful and can take your site at the down rank.


  • The user experience should be optimizing so as to increase the ranking of the websites.
  • Research for the competitive sites should be done as pages with more relevant content and elements are more successful.

Google Mobile Update

Google mobile update was launched on 21st April, 2015 which is also known as Mobilegeddon. The creation of the update is intended to rank the pages which are most responsive to the mobile devices. The pages enhanced for the mobile phones rank at the highest and accordingly rank down the pages which are not well responsive to mobile devices. The SEO strategy 2018 aims at making page mobile optimized.  Google SEO news says that it is the page level sector as your one page of the website can be mobile updated but the other can be not. The ranks of the pages are given on the basis accordingly. 


  • Absence of the mobile version of the site is not accepted for the update. Your site should be mobile. supported for making it top-ranked.
  • Avoid improper viewport setup.
  • Avoid irrelevant Content.


  • The sites should be mobile-friendly so that you will get top rank in SERP.
  • Content should be of good quality.
  • Proper viewport configuration.

Google Hummingbird

Google humming bird was introduced on 22nd august, 2013. The Google SEO updates news explains the change that it translates the search queries, and giving search items which match searcher purpose, instead of individual keywords. In 2018 SEO trends, hummingbird adds more quality to the importance of the query. Along with the exact keywords match, humming bird uses synonyms of the words.  Google demonstrates the results which are theme related in the SERPs. 


  • Avoid focusing on exact-match keyword which can down-rank your website or webpage
  • Keyword stuffing should not be done


  • Focus on related search keywords, its synonyms to diversify your content instead of just targeting exact keyword match. 
  • Find the same dialect as your users or audience uses which will help in better interaction with the users.
  • Think new ideas instead of using exact match. Innovative information will help you up rank your website. 


So, these are some significant algorithm updates which are made by Google for making the websites. If you are a website creator, then following these updates is your obligation otherwise your site can be down-ranked by the Google. Nexevo Technologies are a perfect way solution to keep you updated with the recent modifications made by the Google and is mandatory to follow.     



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Technology is progressing at an astounding pace all over the world and this has its direct effects on the world of commerce. E-commerce has developed immensely and is gradually becoming the dominant mode of business. So companies must adapt to the changing environment to survive and to stay in the competition. Brands must have new marketing strategies to capture the market and to stay ahead. Without digital marketing no company can progress now, no matter how its offline business thrives. With more and more business being conducted online, companies are looking to develop better websites and digital advertising. There are several Website Redesigning Company in Bangalore which are offering such services as the brands need.

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Website designing and development

A website is the primary key to the identity of a brand or company. It is the first thing required for digital advertising. Not only does it increase the sales massively, it creates a unique address and identity for a company. The better the website is designed the better it has a chance of attracting potential customers. Moreover a website is absolutely necessary for conducting online business. Websites are designed according to the needs of the clients and more than often they have portals for selling and buying products. It should be kept in mind that the portals should be extremely safe and secure to protect the customers from online theft and hacking. Websites are developed by professionals who are experts in different fields like graphic designing, security, software development and many others. Nowadays with the growing popularity of androids and other platforms, companies are seeking to reach out to their customers through mobile applications. All the major companies around the world have both websites and mobile apps now. Website development is in a lot of demand now and clients seeking the services of best professionals, especially in India should opt for a Redesign website Designing and Development Company in Bangalore, the IT hub of the country.

Why it is necessary to redesign websites at regular intervals

Merely developing or designing a website would not suffice as companies need to update regularly. Firstly technology is improving everyday and websites should be kept up to date for a prompt responsiveness. If a website fails to respond on time, customers might leave the page and browse for other companies. Moreover software and security updates are mandatory for smooth and secure online transactions. Secondly companies should develop websites keeping in mind the requirements of their customers and therefore their marketing strategies. Hence they will need to update their marketing materials regularly to engage customers in dialogues and to answer the recurrent questions or clear doubts. Thirdly, companies more than often launch new products, or offer discounts on existing ones to boost their sales. In such cases redesigning or updating the website is necessary. Lastly companies need to constantly stay ahead of their rivals in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. A better designed website ensures that and newer graphic designs will attract more customers.


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If you are planning to be a part of the web industry, it’s great if a client speaks the same language as a design team. It’s very important to have a deep understanding about website design jargons, at least a few very important ones. You can trust that these are no difficult technical terms; you will gradually gather interest as you keep reading. So here presenting just 7 very essential terms that every one must know before approaching any of the Website Designing & Development Services Companies in Bangalore.

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UI is the abbreviation of User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. User Interface is all about considering the user needs to offer a superb user experience.  User Experience is the look and feel of the website; it’s the effect of a strong User Interface. UI is the source of communication between your website and a visitor. UX is only about interaction. According to research, user-friendliness is very crucial for the customers in deciding whether they would visit your website. To sum up, UI and UX are both very important to build a high-quality website.


This stands for Hyper Text Mark Up Language and this is one of the most important term in website designing. Web Designing Services in Bangalore hires candidates who are experts in HTML. This language paves way for web designers to state the browser the style of treating any specific content. HTML again has many tags that help in marking content with semantics so that the paragraphs are identified as well as the images.


HTML alone cannot create outstanding web pages but for visually appealing website, using CSS is a must. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is used for offering set of design rules that helps to determine how various elements of a web page would be displayed on the screen. CSS gives text color, size, background, position, shape etc to the entire page.


JavaScript is the scripting language for creating interactive page and its being used since historic time, means from the time website design exists. Now, these days JavaScript has many more uses other than only form validation. This language helps in new content loading and also renders visual effects.

A/B testing

It is a methodology for testing and trying more and more ways of attaining one result. This is a kind of experimentation, a way to find out the best solution. This is used to try out various web page layouts and for tracking user conversion. This is a very useful tool.

Infinite and Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a new invention in the world of website designing but there is also something called infinite scrolling as well. Infinite scrolling is the current trend, a new way to present a website so that all the content is loaded on the same page and the user needs to scroll down continuously to view new content.

Parallax is all about the effect when the closer items move a speed higher than the ones farther away. For instance, when you are sitting on a moving vehicle, the trees and rods closer seems to move faster than the mountain behind. This effect is used to create a depth in website design, thus this is a very important term.

Last but not the least: Accessibility

Accessibility is the power of a website to be used by all people, even the ones with disabilities. A web design must be highly accessible containing all elements and website information in the right place. While designing a website one must not forget about visual hierarchy, it is the placing of various design elements on a single page so that crucial elements have sufficient stress.

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A website is the most essential online business tool and these days there are more mobile users. A mobile device is handy and it’s easy to access any online portal on the go. Its now so easy to find services and products on mobile devices therefore you must keep in mind that whether you website is accessible over the smartphone or not. This is where mobile friendliness comes in the scene. It depends on the kind of business, the customers and their unique requirements. Getting a new up-to-date website or redesigning won’t cost a fortune but if you are not taking a step forward, you are losing business. 

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Mobile website 

An inexpensive way to convert your website into a mobile one is to create another version that is mobile optimized. Reputed Website Designing and Development services in Bangalore ensure that all the website features and content would load correctly while offer the right kind of user experience. Web designing firms have experts and also use various affordable tools to turn your website mobile friendly. 

Responsive website 

Think responsive, it’s the present trend. A responsive web design can be a very affordable way making your website mobile friendly. You might not opt for creating two separate websites; a single responsive web page can be the solution. This is now a very popular choice for companies with limited resources and within a budget. The development and maintenance charges can be invested in just a single website. 

Mobile application 

If you don’t opt for a mobile website, opt for a task-specific mobile application. This is what many companies do when they are looking for an affordable solution. But one thing that you must know is that mobile apps are more expensive than a mobile website. 

Hybrid Solution 

Are you aware of hybrid mobile solution? It is inclusive mobile website module and a mobile app element. Any organization that selects this module aims at offering customers privilege while using a mobile app. Any other task than the specific ones, the visitor needs to visit company profile. 

A few elements will never downsize 

Experienced Web Design and Development in Bangalore are aware of not using sliders or carousels in the design or else it would break on small screens. The navigation structure should be very simple so that the site is easy to navigate on small screen and with fingers. It’s wise not to bury essential content under various layers of buttons and menus or other elements. 

Remove auto-zoom

Auto-zoom can basically mess up the layout, mainly the navigation and images. They might too large or very small. The remedy is to use View-port Meta tag so that you can design custom variables inside the content. Designers must include the tag in <head>HTML. 


While the design phase, prior to the launch, test the front page of the website and other important pages. The companies have a team of efficient testers to ensure the navigation and graphical elements are perfect. They check the website on iPhone and Android prior to the launch. Its good to use as many videos on the website and this makes viewing on mobile devices a great experience. Web designing companies also make sure that the fonts are easily readable on mobile devices. 



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