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Now technology shrinks the world, everything becomes globalization and eCommerce is the platform for all type of businesses. However, people reject buying from websites sometimes, because of a few flaws in the websites. If you would like to have a website that is compatible with all devices and attracts number of visitors, the best choice is website development company Bangalore.

 Why People Don't Buy from Your Website

Here will see what all those flaws are and why one should need to fix it.

Appending below are the reasons why few people hesitate purchasing from one’s website.

  1. Not being user friendly
  2. Low-quality visuals
  3. Lack of promotion
  4. Poor webpage
  5. Authentication and security concern
  6. Insufficient product and product details
  7. Website crashing
  8. Poor user experience
  9. No customer service
  10. No Discounts and exclusive offers
  11. Low Rating and Reviews
  12. Difficult checkout and no easy a delivery option


  • Always, a website should be mobile-friendly for the users while they visit it. Some more add-on points are:
  • Quick access for exploring the things
  • The server should be always up
  • Easy navigation between the pages
  • Update Product showcase, restock information and discounts/offers often


Poor visuals create a bad impression among the users; always web pages should be attractive and professional with all required details that customers require. Some more add-on points are:

  • Colour theme
  • Appealing layout design
  • Compelling product description
  • Eye-catching quality images with high resolution
  • Best web designing


Digital marketing fetches the best marketing results for all the brands in a recent marketing strategy. Social media is one of the fastest platforms that take brands’ services & products to its target audience across the globe. On the other hand, promotion paves the way for connecting with people and building trust easily. Apart from social media platforms, TV commercials, print advertisements and online ads do bigger promotional actions.


One of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic is to have the best website design. For the best web development, Bangalore is the right place to get it. In Bangalore, you can find a lot more good website development companies that develop excellent web pages.


Authentication and security concerns play a bigger part in building trust among the buyers. Check out must be the easier process on your website, wherein users’ card details must be secured confidentially and no card details must be captured and kept in records. Transaction details must be extended with mandatory details and customer privacy policy is the key that should behold by the brand privately.


Updating the products gallery often will create enthusiasm among the website visitors to visit your website. You should keep an array of multiple designs, models, et al if yours’ is products and if yours’ service, you should update with key features, testimonials, offers et al. Some more add-on points are:

  • Properly categorized gallery
  • Product usage video
  • Multiple choices of products
  • High-resolution images of the product
  • Don’t forget to mention the guarantee/warranty
  • Services’ features, offers, and testimonials


Make sure that your website loads fast & stable with no crashes. If any visitor of your website finds such an issue, he/she will never come back again, hence you may lose a prospective customer and word-of-mouth referrals too. Website development company Bangalore offers flawless websites with proven track records of accomplishment.


Your website visitor should feel a good user interface, wherein poor user experience will affect his/her shopping leaving a bad impression. Some more add-on points are:

  • Mention clear product categories and subcategories
  • Display certified products with quality assurance
  • No fake and damaged products
  • Dedicated customer call service is mandatory


There should be 24/7 customer service to help users happy and smooth purchasing. Features to track the order status, money refund (if any), and return policy will add more values. Added to that, live chat pop-up should be there to clarify customers’ queries.


Discounts and offers are the golden magnets that pull customers to your side. You should keep your landing page live with hot deals and exclusive offers on your products and services. Think big and bring new seasonal concepts for discounts and offers where you can do huge business.


Ratings & Reviews for product based websites and Testimonials for service-based websites are like the hearts of businesses. Customer experience is a must for a website to get all the above-said boons. Some more add-on points are:

  • Product demo
  • Product photos and reviews
  • Blogs about the product review
  • YouTube Video reviews by the customers


Have a tie-up with a reputed banking network for a trustable payment option. Add to cart, wish list, and re-stock notifications (to mobile number or email) are salient features that a payment page should have. Try giving multiple options to your valuable customers such as Cash on Delivery, Pay through EMI, Net Banking, and Payment through Applications (Google pay, Phonepe, PayTM et al). You can surprise your customers with Coupon Codes, Gift Cards as return gifts to them.


Website Development Company Bangalore thinks out-of-the-box and designs the websites outstanding. They keep in mind all the above-discussed points to fix the issue of ‘some people don’t buy from websites’ indeed. Try with the best web development Bangalore company, and you can see the magic of your website sells more and big.

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In today’s competitive world it is becoming quite difficult especially for business people to popularize their brand. Even though a brand is very good in quality and is genuine it surely needs a good promotion and exposure to gain popularity in the marketing. The main thing that every business man needs to understand to increase the popularity of their brand is to turn their customers into brand. Yes, your existing customers play a very important role in bringing good popularity for your products/services.

How to turn your customers into brand promoters

Let us have a look on how to turn your customers into brand:

Provide genuine service – First and foremost it is important to assist your customers in a perfect way and provide all the genuine information about your product/service to help them understand why they need to buy your product.

Get in touch – Even after the customer makes a purchase make sure to get in contact with them whenever they needed. If they have any issues with the product/services try to fix it on priority.

Make yourself trustworthy – Once your existing customers believe you as a trusted company then they will turn into your brand. 

Social proof notifications – Setting up social proof notifications on your website is of great help where your existing customer’s purchases trigger a proof for new customers browsing on your website.

Share testimonials – Once your existing customer’s starts talking about talking positive about your brand you will have good opportunity to turn their experience and connection with your company as a testimonial. This is the direct way of engaging your audience with social proof of your business.

Collect product reviews – As a business man you can transform customer experience into brand promotion through product reviews.

Role of your customers as brand promoter via digital marketing

Today the role of digital marketing is so high that millions of people are depending on it. Compared to yesteryears world today has come up with lots of improvements in the way of living and all it is possible with the presence of digital marketing. Easy way of establishing web presence of client by providing best marketing service using internet is the main job of digital marketing. 

We get to see lots of digital marketing companies available all around the world to make it simple for the business people to get secured and tailored solutions and support for their products and services. In fact digital marketing has become important in today’s business scenario. Earlier promoting a brand was quite difficult. Today with the help of digital marketing services people are making it a point to use this opportunity of spreading their brand name widely via this quick marketing method.

Whether it is a small scale business, medium scale business or large-scale business every type of business is now in a great need of SEO services. Every digital marketing service ensures genuine and best SEO services. However it is important for every business person to first look the offers and services they provide as digital marketers and only then pick the one that is best suitable for the brand promotion.

Since today the demand for digital marketing is very high we get to see countless number of digital marketing companies available and to find the best SEO service company in Bangalore is something quite difficult. However once you find the best Digital marketing company in Bangalore with the help of it you can turn your existing customers into micro influencers. As a micro-influencer your existing customer will promote your brand to their family and friends via social media. Below are some of the highly used social media services by the people.

  • Face book
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Organic way to increase brand awareness

With the help of social media your existing customers will grab the attention of new customers by writing positive reviews on your products and services. Most of the people today are not showing much interest on advertisements or traditional promotions but are looking for something more genuine and disposal and depending more on customer reviews before buying any product.

However, it is not that simple to make your existing customers become your brand promoter unless you really satisfy them with your services. It is very important to give them a valid and best reason to purchase your products so that they deepen their engagement with your company. Once they are truly influenced with your genuine services they will surely spread your brand and make it more successful in the market.

How to grab the attention of your customers

To grab the attention of customers and to turn them into brand promoters there are certain things that every business man needs to follow:

  • Providing best quality product is the main thing that every company needs to ensure.
  • Make sure to provide good discounts to maintain good relationship with customers.
  • Providing generous return policy is one of the best things that every company needs to offer to their customers. This way they will trust your brand or quality forever.
  • Remember there are so many competitors around you. So, to grab the attention of customer towards your brand and it is very important to impress your customers in a perfect way so that they will have unique value and trust towards your services.
  • Remember not to insist them to do something that they really not interested in. The interest of talking positive and promoting your brand need to come from within. 
  • You need to be modest in your approach like incentives to the most loyal customers to represent your brand.
  • One of the best ways to turn your customer into brand is by implementing referral programs. This way they will earn credits by referring your brand to new customers.

There are many more tricks and tips to turn your customers into brand. However, one needs to be very careful and perfect in using all the tricks which in turn helps in getting good returns. However, for all the businesses to run successfully in the marketing the role of digital marketing in Bangalore is very high.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimisation of your online businesses so that you can be easily found out localized by the users. With the help of local SEO optimisation you must be ensure that your business will be easily found out when your target customers will search online. Local SEO optimisation is essential for small businesses.

Giving attention towards your local SEO means to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions towards your business by your target audience.

SEO for voice search, local SEO optimization

Benefits for Local SEO Optimisation

As a business owner you will need to make your business presence online through local SEO. Below are some of the advantages for doing Local SEO Optimisation for your business.

  1. It is 100% free
    • There are many local SEO tools that can be easily find online and they will not cost you a single coin for making the online presence for your business.
  2. Reaches every customer
    • Local SEO helps you to reach your audience easily. When customer use their smartphones to locate the address of your business they can easily search on Google by the business name and can locate the address.
  3. Increases website traffic
    • If your business is Local SEO optimised the target audience can easily find your business online and this will helps you to get the traffic for your website.
  4. People will easily find your business on Google Maps
    • Google will list your business if you have done the local SEO for your business. It is important to be ranked in maps so that the users can easily find out it online.
  5. Local SEO Optimisation will bring new customer for your business
    • The main importance for the Local SEO is that you will get more customers locally. The higher your business will rank on Google map listing the more customer you will get.

Techniques for Local SEO

Without Local SEO your business may lose some important users. Below are some of the techniques to pay attention.

  1. Create and optimise your Google my business account
    • To begin, you have to claim your business on Google My Business. This sets up your presence, for free, on the google, and it implies your business will likewise appear on Google Maps.
    • Not exclusively will your business show up in list items on all devices, be that as it may, if Google confirms your business as real, it could likewise surface in the significant sidebar space of a Google search.
    • Your details on the Google business page must be in the form of NAP (name, address and phone number). All the details must be filled correctly.
  2. SEO optimised for voice search
    • SEO for voice search has been in trends from recent past years. People ask questions from voice search.
    • So if your business is SEO optimised for voice search then it will also increase the traffic on your site. But you must be aware that the users will use long-tail keywords while doing voice search as comparison to regular search.
    • So you have to adjust the SEO optimised for voice search for the business. For example if a user uses voice search to ask what are your business hour then this information must also be readily available. You must proper perform the SEO for voice search for your business.
  3. Optimise your website for mobile 
    • Make your website mobile-friendly. No user will use PC all the time to search your business. They can also search in mobile.
    • So make sure that your website must be responsive and mobile friendly. The loading time of your site must be less because no user wants to wait, google also cares about the speed of the website.
    • Responsive website means that the site can be easily load on any display size as all the users has different display fir their smartphones.
    • With user-friendliness continually being a need, and with mobile users ruling pursuits, having a responsive plan site certainly makes a difference.
    • Mobile users need a site that is available and simple to explore on a gadget, alongside having a quick loading speed. These are significant factors in the bounce rate and enables clients to keep going longer on your site.
  4. Attain Reviews
    • Reviews helps your business to rank better. Online reviews form the users can provide better online presence for your business.
    • You can easily do this by setting up a simple landing page with a link to online review where you want your customers to go and write a review. This will increase the ranking of your business and boost the traffic.
    • Google Reviews do help improve search rankings and SEO endeavors. While there are a great deal of elements associated with search rankings, online client reviews can be a solid sign to web search tools that conveys reliability and expert.
    • Reviews from users affect your business to increase the ranking on the search engine. Google reviews will helps you get the more leads, conversions and traffic for your site.

Importance of SEO for voice search

  1. Voice search has taken a good growth for all local searches across the world. Applications like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Bixby help users to perform the voice search.
  2. You have to simply click the microphone icon on the Google for voice search. With voice searches becoming more trendy you must perform SEO optimised for voice search. You must use fresh content and long tail keywords for performing the voice search.
  3. If you own a local business and wants to get noticed in search engines by the users and generate more customers you have to perform the local SEO.
  4. With the help of local SEO for your business you will get your online presence for your products and services.
  5. Mobile users mostly search for the nearby businesses if you have done the local SEO optimisation for your business then search engine can display your business in searches.
  6. The method discussed above will help you to perform the SEO and to get more traffic and leads for the business.

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Getting more traffic on the website means you have a huge chance of getting more profit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very essential for getting more and more profit especially for any kind of online business.

SEO actually play a big role in creating great exposure and thereby it helps in getting more and more money.

SEO company in Bangalore, Best SEO Services in Bangalore, SEO Services Company in Bangalore

From a business point of view it becomes very essential to promote one’s brand and you should never forget that promoting the website is the strongest marketing strategies which can engage more and more customers and this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes so essential.

But optimizing the website’s rank in the Search Engine is not a child’s play. Even after trying hard some company’s website do not become successful to appear on the front page of Google search engine and even if it appears somehow, it takes too much time that your other essential task will lag behind.

SEO has now become the backbone of any online business and as such the SEO Company in Bangalore always follows SEO optimization techniques. Some of the essential techniques that every SEO company should take into consideration are:

  1. Having appealing Content:
    • Lack of appealing content also causes a huge problem in SEO optimization. In case the content of your website is not informative, impressive and engaging then no visitor will stay longer on your website. So, it is very essential that you give much importance on the content and for that, you have to approach the best SEO company because they know all the techniques to write excellent content which will certainly attract your potential customer and keep them engaged on your website
  2. Loading Fast webpage:
    • The most vital reasons why people do not visit webpage is slow loading of the webpage. In today’s generation of 4G and 5G when if your webpage takes a too long time to load, then it is for sure that your visitors are not going to wait for opening the webpage. That is the reason why a faster-accessing webpage always has an added advantage of having better SEO ranking. So, it is very essential to avoid old image format and use new image format such as WebP, Jpeg XR, etc.
  3. Adding video on the web page:
    • It is mostly seen that the website which has a video on the home page have higher SEO ranking. This is because the user generally prefers to watch a video than to read the content.
    • There is no denying the fact that video can increase reader engagement on your website and videos can be a great way to increase the showcase of any product or service. That is the reason why it becomes very essential to add short video on your webpage and provide the people what they like or want.
    • So you should tell your SEO Company to make a short video on the related topic and can load it on your website. However, it will also not be a bad idea to show a full-width video as a background on the home page of your website. It will certainly engage the visitor to your website.
  4. Having impressive Layout:
    • A website is also judged by its layout and cover design. Even if you have excellent content, your SEO ranking will not improve if you do not have good web design.
    • An impressive web design gives a feeling to the reader that your website will also have an excellent content. It is very important to update your website regularly with new designs and templates so that the user does not get bored with your website.
    • Changing template, layout, background color and other web designing features also makes an impression in the mind of the visitor that you are making an effort on your website to make their life easier.
  5. Adding enough internal links:
    • One of the most contributing factors for huge bounce rate is that the reader does not find enough content options on the website. Your website should have many internal links that will give a feel to the reader that you have enough content on your website.
    • Then the visitor to your website will be interested to stay longer and spend more time on your website. Add as many links as possible in your website.
    • With those internal links, you can also provide some value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But keep the hyperlink in such a way that readers easily find it. This will help your visitor to visit some other related topic on your website which they may like.
  6. Keeping the font and colors consistent:
    • Apart from the content, design, and looks, formatting also plays an important role in keeping the visitor engaged on your website. That is why layout, logos, font style, and color should be consistent on all the web pages of your website.
    • Make sure that you use same color and font style in the code of the HTML while creating the website and placing the content on it. Because if you use different color and font style it may hurt the eyes of your reader and they may not find it suitable to stay longer on your website.
  7. Turning to Social media network:
    • There are various types of social media networking sites that are hugely popular such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
    • These are some sites that can provide you with an amazing source of referral traffic. If the company can use these social media networking site in a proper way they have the huge potentiality to drive more traffic than what SEO can do for a company.
    • As such it will be a good idea to switch to social media networking instead of abiding by the laws of Google anymore.

The above-mentioned techniques are very vital for SEO optimization and all digital marketing company in Bangalore should consider these techniques so that a lot of new visitors arrive in your website which can certainly enhance visit-to-lead conversion.

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As we all know that trend of video content is increasing on an extraordinary scale in the marketing industry. This is because of the fact that it is extremely easy to understand and too creates a strong impact in the eyes of viewers.

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There are a lot many different types of video marketing that marketers choose to opt for promoting their product or service. Therefore, video marketing is a strategy that any marketer cannot afford to ignore in the coming 2019 year.

There are a lot of coming trends and techniques that one should know if planning for a video or commercial advertisement.

Digital marketing company in Bangalore has come up with the recent 11 techniques for video marketing to be considered in 2019. Let’s begin:

Live videos

Going live is always an engaging technique that helps you to get in connection with your viewers in real time. You can answer to the questions of your audience and can also fulfill the request of the people at the same time.

This will lead to building of trust between you and your followers. There are various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat that you can use to go live.

Most of the bloggers use this strategy to stay connected with their audience from time to time.

Shoppable videos

Videos including advertisements are trending tremendously in this universe of video. Various social media platforms have this feature where you can give the link of your product or service right there in the video.

The viewer can look over the product and can buy instantly by clicking the link. This creates a lot of convenience for the buyers as they don’t need to place their orders at some different place. Rather they can buy it from the same place where they are looking for the product.


Presently, social media application such as YouTube, Instagram and snapchat is becoming popular for Vlogging.

The application has an updated feature of live streaming which especially bloggers prefer for improving their video marketing.

They create Vlog content or weekly or monthly basis that make them stay engaged with their followers.


One of the most important that should be taken care of is accessibility of the video.

Videos should be made in a way that it can be easily accessed by the users without any hindrance.

Along with the video with rich content, a good caption is also important as it is the first thing that a viewer looks over before going to click on the video.

Leadership content

One of the most crucial and impactful strategy for video making is the first-person storytelling.

A video of somebody which is talking directly into the camera creates an amazing impact and this is the reason why most of the video makers are adapting this pattern.

Your viewers can learn and enjoy from the video simultaneously.


Podcasting is gaining popularity in this period of time as this is another great strategy of video marketing that expects to expand in 2019.

In the previous year, it has been observed that various companies, brands and advertisers are creating podcast videos to engage with their audience in a better way.

If a business organization is creating video, then it can deliver better insights of its business culture to the audience through podcast videos.

Virtual gatherings

Arranging virtual gatherings are yet other trending techniques that organizations are eagerly looking forward to in coming year 2019.

The face to face meeting creates a totally different impact on the individuals and it can welcome all the good thoughts of people coming from different parts of the world.

Mobile friendly videos

As we can already see that smartphones have surpassed the desktop screens. Majority of the population prefers to browse on the narrower screens that are convenient to use.

This has created a challenge for the marketers as they need to make their videos in a way that it can be easily accessed on the phone.

 A viewer just takes few second to decide whether he want to stay on the playing video or not. So, if your video is not mobile friendly then it can cost you much.

Email communication

Sending videos in email is an ideal strategy to follow during video marketing of the organization.

With a lot of messages popping up in the email, attaching video in the mail can prompt higher open rates and video thumbnails. Additionally, with the help of video, you can deliver more details of your brand to your potential customers and can generate higher leads.

In coming 2019, video communication will definitely start to gain attraction among the marketers.


Being honest regarding the organization and the product in front of the viewers make them loyal towards you.

Showcasing the achievements and failures of the business will make your business seem transparent to your customers and they can trust you with the full heart.

From the company side of view, it makes them take better and quick decisions regarding the products and services.

Customer success is the key!

Customer success shows how successful your marketing techniques worked. Businesses are using videos to make their products look captivating to the customers.

However, the most important thing to consider is the customer feedback. By convincing the customers to make the videos regarding the usage of product, your business can gain popularity among other potential customers.

Video is the most interesting technique to do this. Also, it has been observed that most of the companies have dissolved their help desks and are creating videos for the same.


So, these were some of the most crucial and recent techniques that any video marketer should know if planning to make videos for their business in 2019.


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