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Digital marketing has boosted the power of the internet and provide a new path to the public for the internet. Almost everyone is surfing the internet and getting

a lot of information regarding their doubts. Currently, you can find anything on the internet with the help of websites. In simple words, we can say the internet is a sea of websites where every news or information is available.

While looking for information on websites, Navigation plays an important role to help us to find whatever we are looking for. If navigation of a website is good then it is beneficial for both users and owner. Most of the time, it is observed that website’s navigation is not planned properly which results in a lot of problems for users and owner.

If websites navigation is not clear, having a lot of confusing words then it is a bad indication for the owner. At that time, it is very difficult to rank on a search engine which ultimately results in the low audience for it. So we should always try to create attractive navigation for a perfect website. Even you can also take help from website design and Development Company in Bangalore. So let us move ahead towards few basic fundamentals for perfect website’s navigation.

  • Without proper planning, we can’t perform any task perfectly. While creating navigation of websites also, we should have a perfect planning in terms of our website’s content. A perfect planning is only possible when we put our self as a visitor to our website. Perfect planning is the root of successful work or task.
  • A clear and easy to understood navigation results in perfect website. Always try to make your website as much as clear for visitors so that they can find whatever they need. If this is possible on your website, then only you can say that I have created perfect navigation for website.
  • Try to make a concise navigation or menu of your website. For that, we have to limit the number of items in our navigation for better results of our website. If you provide few items to the visitor as a choice then it is easy to select for them. It will be helpful for them to find correct things whatever they are looking for otherwise they will divert from their path.
  • A great navigation of the website is only possible if we focus on information architecture. We should always try to make architecture as flat as possible. This will bring good results for you in many terms. Try to design navigation in such a way that visitor can get required information with in one or two clicks.
  • Last but not least, always try to design user-friendly navigation for your websites along with an easy and attractive language. Do not try to include much more confusion or difficult words otherwise visitor will not understand means of that which results in loss of visitor. For that, you can go for website design and development services in Bangalore. They will help to make perfect Website Navigation including all these points.

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Google is one of the best search engines that people will ever going to have. It’s true, for a very long time Google is working to make users experience easy and better, and for that, they launched various features which truly helped users. In a recent press statement released by Google, it says that Google is decided to remove its one of the feature ‘instant result’. This feature was launched during the event that held in San Francisco by Marissa Mayer also the vice president of search and user experience of the Google Company at September 8, 2010.  But after watching the downfall of the feature and people reaction, the company decides to kill this feature forever. 

Why Google just killed off one of its biggest features

Why this idea is considered as” best decision that Google ever had taken”?

After an official declaration that Google has dropped Google Instant Search, there are thousands of users who respond some in favor and some are against. However, the ratio of users who are happy with this news is larger than who have an objection. However, here are 11 collected reasons about why removing instant result was favorable:-

Irritating for users

For those who don’t want to waste their seconds on anything, for them this Google feature can be very irritating. Also, it distracts people from the thing that they are actually looking for, that waste time and also sometimes you unknowingly spend your precious time on unrelated stuff.

Less accurate knowledge

According to Google, the feature was introduced to make things easier for the user and to give more accurate information on the related topic, however, it worked opposite as it doesn’t give any information but make things tougher.

Consume time

The core purpose of the instant feature was to save time as it guesses thing before you type, but according to the Google users, it takes lots of time to search anything on Google. 

Not favorable for small screen

Instant feature by goggle was mainly for the big screen and it doesn't work on mobile phones. So it’s another reason behind the less appreciation of this feature.

Make search as slow

One more complain that the Google users told the instant feature makes the work slowly and it’s hard to concentrate on the query that they are typing when the Google is keeping suggesting things again and aging.

Unusual feature

Many users also said that they never understand why this feature was even launched in the first place as it doesn’t do anything good infect it waste time and people usually forget what they are going to search on Google

Bad for innocent eyes

The bad side of the Google instant was it shows irrelevant suggestions, like if users asked about ‘how to  ...’ then the Google will suggest some suggestions that are too bad for innocent eyes. Google indirectly jump their visitors to pages or websites which are not meant for them. Also, the parents also enable this feature so that their kid can be away from the adult content and sites.

It effects badly on SEO 

Google has some its own bad effect by the feature that they launched. The SEO Services has been badly affected as it takes lots of time to reach the particular page or website and the time taken for responding pages was low.

Content that makes zero sense

 The instant feature was quite useful but at some point, it was the total waste it keeps suggesting something and showing same results again and again. Also, if someone is typing any query related to anything, the suggestion which they got was completely opposite from the topic.

Keep interrupting

No-one likes when someone or something keeps irrupting when they are doing some work. The suggestions keep intruding until the person typed everything and click the enter button.  Well, until then you have to tolerate the suggestions that Google is providing you.

If you are not lazy type

The instant result was the good feature for those who type slowly but for those whose speed is great, for them this feature is not the helper. As they can type and search things, they don’t need suggestion to complete their queries.


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In this era of technology, the success of a business depends on your website. Having meaningful and attractive website is like opening door for the potential customers. All the goods and services are assembled at one place with massive offerings is the significant part of business. But if this level has done innovatively then many shoppers drag their ways to fetch something different. This article is going to provide you 5 steps required to increase sales from your business website.

5 Steps to creating the ultimate sales

Select the best platform for your website

A website is only created through a great platform. It is a significant step that makes your business up and down. Although, many ecommerce platform are welcoming you but it’s up to your business needs what sort of website design you are going to select. There are many platforms SquareSpace, Jimdo, Magento, Doodlekit ezweb 123 etc. providing quick website building. These are free and easiest website makers include only four steps:

  • Pick up templates
  • Selecting pages and features for the website
  • Including site logo, and domain name
  • Publishing

No matter what is the volume of your business, these have a complete solution that will help you to make an easy way of entering into this digital world.

It is the best solution for small businesses as they can enjoy no page limit and unlimited bandwidth at zero cost. So expand your online business by hiring any website builder template. 

Professional website

Choosing the professional website for making your websites is also a meaningful step. The design of your website is imperative, because if it’s unattractive then customers will simply click away. You have to be practical that a user’s buying decision is usually made just after 5 seconds on your website – so it is the first impression that comes into existence. If shoppers do not like it, they won’t purchase anything and definitely not share with others. How it will be good to go for professional website?

  • Professionals know all tips and tricks required by the shoppers
  • You will get your website within few days without any mistake

Take care of customer care

Customer care is another trick to fetch more sales from your business website. If you are satisfying your customers then they will definitely come back.  Providing focus on new customers is also a good trick but never ignore our old ones because ignorance will result in dragging to another attractive websites. How does customer care work?

  • When you response all the emails of your clients even on same queries.
  • When you picking up all calls even many in a day
  • When you treat well on the return back policy

Adopt Affiliate marketing

Using affiliate marketing is also another trick used for hiking up sales through business website. In this rewards will be provided to the clients who make sales by adding your advertising. In this case, some portion of profit will be given only when sale. This type of marketing is also effective and economical as well.

Introduce effective SEO

The terrific factor about e-commerce websites is each product page is a new web page. The more pages an internet site has the extra favorably search engines look upon them. It additionally offers you a possibility to goal unique keywords on each single page. Some guidelines:

  • Use alt tags on all snap shots
  • Use heading tags – your product name need to be an H1 tag
  • Link to different pages in your internet site the usage of anchor text
  • Develop a uniform and smooth URL shape – use product names in URLs as opposed to having letters and numbers
  • Create unique product titles
  • Write keyword rich reproduction for descriptions

To get more sales through your website is not a daunting task. You can avail it simply by calling the veteran professional of Nexevo Technologies any time. I am suggesting this platform because I have a good experience as once I used services of this company and got a great satisfaction level. 


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The advent of HTTPS have wondered all the webmasters how switching from HTTP to HTTPS will change the website SEO’s. This switching would not impact onsite SEO directly but alternatively, hike up the strength of a site’s URL and this conversion will result in a small change in site ranking. Google further concedes that it will accept ranking to HTTPS sites which in turn allow the webmasters to go for switching to gain a tiny boost.

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Let’s see what is HTTPS?

HTTPS or Hyper Test Transfer Protocol Secure is a secure version of HTTP that will be used on e-commerce transaction sites such as online banking, online checkout, and email applications as well. In this version, when a user connects to a website through HTTPS, the website then encrypts the part of information with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. The SSL certificates feature as small statistics documents that maintain a cryptographic key digital bind; as a consequence, supplying a connected connection among the internet server and the browser. This stops data from being transferred to all of us who can be snooping. And also as per the Google announcement, this switching has been accepted tremendously accepted by many websites.

Is it good to switch to HTTPS for SEO?

Is this switching a good or bad, a question that is revolving in the mind of every webmaster? The clear answer is that the switching will not push your website to the top of the search results but it will allow a secure browsing experience. And also, this process will permit the web owners to do more work hard as it is a massive shift towards HTTPS. 

Is there anything I should be taken into action while shifting?

There is not any real drawback to switching your HTTP to HTTPS. Although there had been a handful of stories of some websites suffering a decrease in site visitors after shifting URLs, the drop in visitors isn't always related to the URL transfer. Moreover, be conscious that shifting your URL needs to be achieved successfully or you may go through a decline in site visitors.

While many webmasters aren’t in favor of the transfer, beyond regular time, the migration could be greater pressing. Currently, Google has yet to announce whilst ranking can be stimulated by HTTPS to a further extent. In the period in-between, migrate your HTTP to HTTPS, keep focusing on the top-notch content material, and create relevant inbound links so you’re completely prepared for the following spherical of algorithm updates.

What will you for switching to HTTPS?

  • An internet server that maintains SSL encryption. 
  • An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification from an SSL company.
  • A Unique IP (Internet Protocol) Address with to allow certification master to ensure legitimate secure certificates.

Now next to set up HTTPS

  • Buy an SSL certification to verify your enterprise’s identification to permit an internet server to set up a secure encryption whilst a shoppers perspectives your internet site.
  • Then install the certification on your internet server. The installation procedure varies relying on the web server and sort of certification you buy.
  • Recognize the pages to your website which you would wish to secure the SSL certification. Don’t experience confined to handiest securing transaction pages or those who gather personal information.
  • Examine your website to provide all pages are secure by using the usage of the different of kinds of browsers. If the “lock” seems via the browser, your connection is comfortable.

How to do shifting from HTTP to HTTPS?

  • First, take a help of Google’s change of address tool to inform Google that your HTTP has modified.
  • After this, take a test of your website, put together URL mapping for the brand new URLs to their new layout in order for Google to begin indexing the content material beneath the brand new URL or HTTP.
  • Establish a new content management device. 
  • Shift downloads and photos you host to notify Google in their new place.
  • Create the robots.Txt file for website control to notify Google of which areas to move slowly. 
  • Configure the server to redirect the HTTP to new HTTP
  • Update all HTTP details with relative pathways. 
  • Resolve any merged content mistakes. 
  • Examine both the previous and new destination websites with Webmaster tools.
  • Now go for 301 redirects and test them to make sure they feature successfully.

The new ranking signal will keep increasing in depth and recognition as expanded net safety is a growing concern. 

If you are unable to this shifting, then you can take the help of software professional of Nexova technologies at any time at very economical rates.

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Lack of price analysis

Price analysis in this competitive market is very important meanwhile If the price given on your website is higher than any other website, then people cannot buy products from your website. Mostly customers buy products by doing price analysis and product secondary research of each product is most important for web owners. 

E-commerce Website Digital Marketing Service Provider in Bangalore

Absence of Social media optimization

Social Media optimization is a very important for websites. If your website does not have social media optimization then the customer does not believe that website will not be able to fulfil their requirement and Social media implementation is to tell we about brand awareness of the products. 

Social media is nuts and bolts that help in running the whole engine. So that, Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Website is necessary part and do not ignore social media optimization, now contact Nexevo Technologies who will work to get your website in the right direction

Do not look like a professional website

Bad website design is big reason escape of the online shoppers. We often see ourselves many times, such a website like no header optimization and no footer optimization, Content is also written in such paragraphs that some do not understand anything and content having no heading. Website does not have toll free no.  is a very big reason for the escape of the customer. These type of website seems to be unprofessional and mostly people does not even buy products on these types of websites

Half-piece detail of products

Full detail of the product is very important to attract the visitor. If your product does not have full details then customers do not buy from your website and never buy products from your website even in future.

Presence of Negative reviews

Customers buy any product on website before purchasing they looks surely review and testimonials. Negative reviews written on your website can cause the purchase of products. So, Negative review should not be marked up on the website

Complexity of checkout process 

The checkout process of any website should be very easy and Checkout process should be designed at least in step.  

Absence of free shipping option

Free shipping option holds very important for any online shoppers. Most of people do not buy products by looking at deliverable or shipping charges and at the same time the conversion rate of free shipping charges increases by about 60%.

Complexity of function

Search, filters and sorting option should be very easy for online shoppers. If there is a small complexity in it then visitor immediately goes to another website.  Here is the meaning of complexity like search function is in the right place at the top and shows the product according to customer's selection.

Lack of organic traffic on websites

Website should have a lot of organic traffic If there is no organic traffic on the websites then it can never come in front of online shoppers.

Lacks of product return policy option

It is very important to have a product return policy option otherwise customer will think 10 times before buying stuff on your websites. Today there is a lot of competition in the Ecommerce market and every major company is giving return policy facility to online shoppers.


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