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Today, making an online presence or creating a website for any business organization is not an extravagance rather it is a need. Whether a business is small, medium-sized or large, its website is its reflection. It is the platform where the organization and consumer come in a direct interaction with each other. Even if you have invested a lot in your website, there can be reasons for its failures. Some of the reasons for a business website failure are discussed here. Have a look and keep them in your mind while you are making your business website.

The most common reasons for a business website failure are:

Lack of mobile optimization

As we all are aware of the fact that today mobile users have surpassed the desktop users. Lack of mobile-friendliness feature of your website would lead to its immediate failure. The mobile usage is increasing and therefore your website needs to be mobile optimized properly. Your business website needs to make a responsive design so that your site will be perfect to use on mobile gadgets. The business sites that do not have this feature consider being terrible it is not able to satisfy the client properly.

Poor content

A website should be made in a manner so that it could resolve the client’s query regarding your product. The content is the essence of any website. It should be updated and valuable to fulfill the purpose of answering customers’ genuine inquiries. For instance, Website Development Companies in Bangalore is one such company that provides astounding website content. Poor or less content can lead to the business site failure as your site can under ranked by the Big G (Google) that can lead to its shut down.

Use of excessive jargons

Any business website aims to attract more clients and boost up the sales of their product. It is utmost necessary that the business is able to communicate properly with its audience. Usage of excessive technical language and jargon's can act as a barrier in the communication process. Therefore, business sites should take care that the content they are posting should be well communicated to its users and is in simple and understandable language.

Too slow to load

In this fast era, clients expect a website to load quickly. It has been observed that a user decides in just 3 minutes whether he/she wants to remain on the site or not. If your site doesn’t load quickly, the client would take no time to switch to the other site. Therefore to make the business website loads quickly is really important for the higher ranking of the site. There are various tools that enable you to check the speed of your website. Web Development Bangalore has suggested some tools that can be used in order to test the speed of the website they are Pingdom and GTmetrix. These tools also tell you how you can speed up your site. 

Lack of clarity

The website should provide clear-cut instructions to its users as what they need to do next on your website. You would not prefer to leave your guest oblivious. Therefore, you should call them clear directions by creating a call to action button for them. Clear signup instructions should be versed to them so that they don’t find any difficulty in doing so. A good website is one who has clarity for its customers. To give the customer a delightful experience is the prime responsibility of any business website.

Lot of clutters on website

There are various business sites that have music and videos which consequently get played when you reach the website. Moreover, some sites are loaded with a lot of advertisements and hues that makes the website extremely annoying to use. Therefore, make sure that your website does not contain such annoying hues and clutters. This creates a negative imprint on user’s mind and they would not likely prefer to use your site again.


These were some common mistakes that lead a website to be a fail. The website designers of the organization site need to know these failures while making a website.

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A website is an interface where different pages are kept in a case. The interface talks to the visitor or customer on behalf of the company so it is crucial for the web designer to make the browsing experience as pleasant as possible. The use of a user interface is to get the company’s product to the visitor or customer in the most elegant way possible. An effective way to achieve this is to think from the user perspective.

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Inconsistent design  

The user interface is designed with the objective of giving that first good impression to the visitor on first look. If the user interface design is inconsistent, the visitor may fell annoying to browse through the site and move away to a competitor’s website. The objective of having a user interface, displaying business products to the customer will no longer be accomplished.  Professionals like Website Designing Agency in Bangalore will ensure similar actions and elements on the website look alike. Planning about features of the website will help you remain consistent with UI design.

Unintuitive Navigation

After you are done with removing clutter on the website, the rest of the elements on the site should be appropriately organized for right and easy navigation. Both the hierarchy and the navigation on the website should be intact. Lack of hierarchy on the website will not display your product information to the user correctly. On the hand lack of proper navigation on the site will not let the visitor stay on the web page for a long time.  Confusing navigation on the website will drive potential customers to competitors.

Poor colors 

As a website designer, you should have known that the colors of the user Interface also play a crucial role in creating the first impression to the visitor. Choosing vague colors is a bad decision for website design. Colors that are selected from without considering client’s brand and the audience will be a disaster. You should keep color blindness of the audience and follow some exclusive tips while choosing high contrast colors for website design. 

Overloaded content

Content is king. With the changing Google an algorithm, Content remains the main factor to drive potential traffic to the website, but anything overloaded can create harm. This fact is no an exception to the content on the site. Overloaded content on the website may either make the customer leave the website or get involved in reading the material leaving an effort to take a valid action. Both the results are frustrating leaves the objective of having a user interface behind. The website should be more of visuals and less of text to make it more appealing. 

Not responsive design  

Today’s internet accesses are no longer limited to PCs. There are a full range of gadgets through which the browser can visit the website. Making the user interface compatible with the PCs alone will make the potential users that browse through smartphones and other portable devices. When the user interface is compatible with PCs alone, the user on the smartphone will not be able to get the right view of the website or the product information stated there. This may lead to a loss of potential customers in the market.

Bad information architect 

Investing efforts to be creative in the design and stand out from the crowd is a good idea. Too much creativity may sometimes turn the situation upside down. Website Designers Bangalore will come to your assistance in this regard.  They assist you with the right balance in visual hierarchy and leave a long-lasting impression on the users and deliver more information to them.

Poor performance 

The poor performance of the website is due to slow loading time and glitches. If the animation on the site is too slow, it turns out to be one of the contributing factors for bad UI design. Slow loading websites tend to lose many potential customers. Trust factor of the website for the visitors goes down. More clicks you have for the customers to reach the purchase page, more are the chances of losing customers or their intentions to purchase.

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There have been great modifications in the approaches used in marketing for the past several years. No matter which marketing strategy a business organization used for getting more and more customers, what all matters is the efficiency of that particular strategy. Now, in this technological era, we do not want to rush here and there and hence the public is more dependent on the online companies or stores, therefore, more effort is putting in by the companies to enhance their online trafficking so that their customer base becomes strong. 

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Creating your own website for your business is very beneficial as it can help you in growing your business to incomparable heights. You may hire a website development companies in Bangalore for the same. There are as such no different types of website from which you can choose which one would be better rather, the focus should be on the creation of a high-quality website. Let us look at some of the essential reasons for the question of why it is necessary to create a professional website to run an online business which are mentioned below:

1. Enhance your Identification and Sustain the Homogeneity 

The face value and identity of any particular brand is a very vital aspect in terms of giving a competition to your parallels. In case you want to become influential to your customers as well as other visitors on your website, the design of your website must be quite impressive and should be of high quality, only then you could maintain a certain level of regularity of the customers. You may hire web development services in Bangalore for the same purpose. In today’s world of technological advancements where every little thing creates an impact, website and people’s perception of it are no exception. A minor change in your website can change the whole idea of the customer’s thinking regarding any product or brand or services.

2. Strengthening the Credibility of your Business

A website is really useful when it comes to dealing with the concerns of your customers regarding anything. Usually, the professional business sites have an option inside column of their website about “Frequently Asked Questions” which makes it more convenient for the customers to get the answers to the most often asked questions. Also, the issue of spending some money on the customer services gets lowered to a substantial degree. 

3. It enhances the Effectiveness of Interaction

A website is a convenient means to interact with your business partners, customers, visitors and you. If a website has been made professionally with a proper design, then you will observe that the effectiveness of interacting with your customers regarding their concerns will get enhanced, also, you may take feedback from the customers regarding your product as well as services.

4. Attracts More Customers

The overall sales of your products and provision of services are very much influenced by the number of visitors and customers on your website i.e. the overall traffic on your website. Those websites which have been poorly designed will be generating very less traffic and their success rates become low. On the other hand, if a website has a high-quality design, then this will attract a large number of people, thereby increasing online traffic on the website along with leading to a high rate of conversions.

5. Linking to Other Means

When you are doing online marketing or a business, linking to other people is very crucial. The more the other websites have links to your website, greater are the chances of your website getting recognized by more people and customers. Your business can gain a wide publicity by creating a good website which contains quality content and efficient services along with reliable products. This also helps in convincing people to link their website with yours. Hence, the value of your website will get enhanced.


Therefore, the bottom line is that creating a website is a much cost-effective option, which enhances the advertisement of your products and services along with improving the accessibility of information and satisfaction among customers and visitors. It allows you to remain updated with the demands of the customers. It also enhances the likelihood of bringing in long-term clients to your business. Thus, creating a professional website is very much required nowadays.

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Are you losing out visitors to your website? Your business site is not getting enough attention? You are very upset because you had an excellent ranking and you were receiving a lot of relevant traffic that was even generating leads, emails, phone calls, emails, and sales. But suddenly your website is not getting attention and you are alarmed. Now you check your ranking to see that it has seriously gone down. You don’t need to panic because a web development company in Bangalore can definitely do something about it.

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The reasons why your website could lose attention?

A lot of people contemplate that website creation is simply a design but a genuine design has a specific discipline and a lot of perfection. Apart from design, catchy and proper content placement also plays a very important role. Take a look into the details of why your website is losing attention and how you can get rid of it:

1. Outdated design 

Every book is judged by its cover, its true for even for websites. Visitors do not tend to visit a website that has old design format because they find the design uneasy. As a solution, you can opt for a face-lift from a professional website design company. These days there is no space for basic HTML designs, you need to implement the best knowledge to design an appealing and technically strong website. 

2. Content is improper 

Content is king and the kingdom depends on the ruler. Web design is not only about pixels, images, colors, and high definition graphics. Content, the kind of text also plays a major role. Too much or too little content is not acceptable, try to fit optimum content and it should have a quality. Content that would be placed must not have typos and grammar errors. Use professional and larger fonts so that people find it easy to read.

3. The navigation structure is not clear

Visitors have to land on a website and keep looking for a piece of information. There are websites that are so complicated and the navigation options are not user-friendly at all. Bad navigation repels visitors and is also harmful to SEO. The best thing to sort out this issue is to hire the best team of designers who have knowledge about it. The designer must keep himself in the visitor’s shoe and then create a user-friendly navigation. Consider the user needs and restructure the navigation.  

4. Your website depends on old plugins

Visitors do not have the time to install outdated plugins to read the sales content. It’s best to use HTML 5 for all animations and videos so that users get an all new and better experience. There would be users who would not watch the videos, for them add a transcript, a summary, and notes. 

5. Auto-play videos in your website

Visitors generally tend to click the ‘Back’ button when they come across an auto-play video. Then this is definitely something that repels visitors. In today’s time, people enjoy freedom and flexibility, they would like to choose what kind of content they would access and consume. 

6. Obtrusive registration requirements

Gated content definitely helps to drive sales but restricting the registration requirements directly affects, lowering the conversion rate. While creating the registration, judge whether the fields you add are necessary or not. 

7. A slow loading website is unacceptable 

The world is fast and it’s getting faster day by day, therefore a slow loading website would lose out relevant traffic. Most of the consumers wait for 2 seconds for the website to load and they abandon a site that takes more time. If your site is facing the issue, work on and optimize the page loading time. 

8. Call-to-action missing

According to a research it has been seen, almost 80% of normal B2B websites miss the call-to-action button. This is all about not mentioning about the sale and it definitely repels visitors. It is important to prompt your customers to take an action and this can be done with a compelling call-to-action button. 

Final words

Some of the other reasons are not using the 'exit intent' technology, the website is not responsive, your content fails to live up to the landing page promise and product benefits are not clear. Now that you know the reasons why your website is not getting enough populated, you need experts to work on if your site is facing any of the issues. There are so many reputed web design companies in Bangalore that offer all types of the solution including redesigning. Make sure your website is in expert hands. 

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We are all very much aware of the fact that the people are running their business with the help of their websites. In the current scenario, most of the websites that support business people help to increase the sales of products as well.

As everything turns into digital, customers and clients are always seeking for the things to handle in a smarter way. This could be the main reason that most of the business owners are started to focusing on the business which is highly handling with the usage of the website.

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Nowadays, every business requires a website that supports your sales in a better way without any difficulties.

On the other side, most of the business owners are struggling to maintain their websites and started losing the site which helps to improve the sales of products or business.

In case, if it is not mobile friendly, then there will be a chance of reduction of traffic to your website and started experiencing the earnings in a quick time. So, make to handle your website that largely supports mobile devices as many shifts to mobile to gather each and every detail available on the website.


Find the best SEO Service Company 

If you are the one who is struggling to run your business without the proper support of the website, then you are in the right place where you can make use of it.

As we mentioned earlier, the website is considered to be one of the important things that every businessman should utilize it. In case, if any proper website is available for your business, then make sure to develop a website for your business in order to increase the sales.

Once it is followed properly, then there is a chance of improvement when it comes to sales.

In case, if any businessman missed focusing properly on the website without any further updates, then there is a chance of losing customers or clients.

In order to avoid this kind of issues, then you can search for the best SEO service company Bangalore at any time.

You can find a lot of service companies which are working hard for the customers and clients to develop their business through maintaining the business. By using these companies, you can expect the contents for your site which are actually lacking.

Once it is followed properly, then there is a chance of getting back your business on the right track.

Recover from loads too slowly

Loading speed of the website is always playing a crucial role among the businessmen. Based on the speed of loading on your website, the customers will visit your site.

The main thing one should keep it in mind is if your site lacks the speed when it comes to loading, and then there will be a chance of losing viewers for sure.

There are several websites available across the internet; if they missed visiting your site, there would be a chance of jumping into the other sites. Yes, the competition between the businessmen is pretty heavier in recent years.

To avoid this kind of issue, you can contact website design & development service in Bangalore. Apart from offering the best services to develop your business, they are also helping to recover back your business on track.

So, whenever you are seeking for the website to recover back, then make sure to visit the best SEO companies available.

Once followed properly, then there will be a chance of getting back your old customers to your site and improve your business in a short span of time without any difficulties.

Avoid guiding viewers to go to other sites

We have mentioned earlier, in case, if any viewers feel too slow loading while entering your website to check about your business, then he/she may feel disappointed for sure. Also, they don’t feel or experience loses when it comes to missing your site but you will start to lose your revenue due to fewer viewers.

This could be the main reason where most of the people who are running their business are seeking for the best SEO companies to target and expect the better outcome from them.

Hope the given stuff will be helpful for all the businessmen who are facing issues running the website.


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