How to Improve Your Website Security

07 November 2016
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How to Improve Your Website Security

In recent years there has been introduction of so many great tools & services in the web development space. The high efficient Content management system (CMS) like WordPress, joomla, Drupal etc. allows the business professional to build their online presence easily and quickly.

This is undoubtedly a great achievement however there is an unfortunate side effects that many webmasters don’t know how to make sure that their website is secure. All of the Website Development Company in India is also make sure that the security of website always consider as a high priority to make sure no one apply any bad tactics or make some unacceptable change. In this post I will share you some tips that all webmasters or owner of the business should follow to make their website secure

Updates, Updates!

This is something that we won’t able to stress more enough at security. Countless website are compromised and go in scratch due to the outdated and insecure software used to run them. So it is important that you should use all update plugin and software or CMS version which is available and update it with their introduction of new updation. It is not good enough to update once a month or even once a week because bots are very likely to find a vulnerability before you patch it. Unless you are running a website firewall like Cloud Proxy, you need to update as soon as updates are released.

One Site = One Container

We know the temptation of a web hosting plans and why not to host more sites on a single server because this is one of the worst security practice to do and mistake which is commonly seen. Hosting too many sites in the same location creates a very large attack surface. So you should be careful and try to reduce of hosting numerous site on single server.

Change the Default CMS Settings!

In today’s time usage of CMS application is more and easy to use but then also it is horrible from a security perspective for the end users. The most common attacks on websites are automated and many of them are depend on the default setting which being used in CMS. So to get out from this problem you should change the default settings of CMS application at time of installation of CMS of your many of Web Design Company in India perform this strategy for maintaining security of website. It is usually easiest to change these default details when installing your CMS, but they can be changed later.


As like in the digital world you can lost all in a catastrophic event. We often made back-up enough but you will be saying thankful to yourself if you take some time to plan and find the best website back-up solutions for your website. Having back-up of your website is very important but storing them on the web server is a major security risk. These back-up contain unpatched version of CMS extension which are available publicly and give easy access to hacker for accessing your server. That’s why you need to plan best website back-up solution.


These are some of the common mistakes which can affect your website parameters. So you should try to avoid this mistake as much as you can and made your website safer and secure. So no one can harm it.

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